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How to Stream DVD to Roku 3

By Zoe Clarke

July 25, 2018

Roku is a kind of streaming media player that gets data through a wired or Wi-Fi hotpot and then output data via audio cable, video cable, or an HDMI connector. Roku 3, announced on March 5, 2013, is the third generation of Roku for easy access to streaming content. Roku 3 is able to make a dumb HDTV a smart TV. It allows users to get resource from more than 750 channels, including services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Pandora, and Spotify. Although it supports popular video formats like H.264 MKV, MP4 and MOV, DVD format is not included. In other words, if you want to play DVD movies via Roku 3, you need to convert the DVD video to its supported format first, such as MP4.

To convert DVD videos to Roku 3 supported format, you can turn to TuneFab DVD Ripper. TuneFab DVD Ripper is a solution to rip DVD contents to any format, including format that is compatible with Roku 3. The program is user-friendly which allows you to do many customizable settings. For example, you can choose output format, adjust ripping speed, and define output folder.


Part 1. Get Preparation for Streamingd

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

First of all, download TuneFab DVD Ripper by clicking the download button below. Download speed depends on network condition. When downloading, just wait.

Step 2. Put DVD Disc to PC

Put DVD disc containing the contents you want to stream into your computer. Make sure there is DVD ROM in your computer.

Part 2. DVD to Roku: Stream DVD Movies to Roku 3

Step 1. Open TuneFab DVD Ripper on PC/Mac

First of all, start up TuneFab DVD Ripper on your computer. Once click the icon of TuneFab DVD Ripper, the program will be activated in one or two seconds.

Step 2. Register to TuneFab DVD Ripper

When TuneFab DVD Ripper is activated, you will have a register window. You are required to register to TuneFab DVD Ripper so as to enjoy more benefits, such as infinite conversation time. To register, you need to enter your email address as well as the registration code. Make sure that you have entered the licensed code and licensed email correctly without empty space. If the registration code is lost, please contact us for support.


Step 3. Load DVD Movies to TuneFab DVD Ripper

Insert DVD into your computer DVD driver, then click the "Load Disc" button to read your DVD contents. Or you can load DVD folders.

Add DVD Files

Step 4. Select Output Format for DVD Movies

When DVD videos are completely imported, it is time to configure output settings. The most significant steps of configuration is to select output format for converted DVD movies. To stream DVD movies to Roku 3, you need to choose format that is supported by Roku. Generally, MP4 is supported by Roku device.

Select Output Video Format

Step 5. Define Output Folder

This step can be skipped if you want to output converted DVD movies to default folder. If not, you can define an output folder to store output folder. After conversion, you can find output DVD movies in that folder.

Step 6. Stream DVD Movies to Other Formats

Last, you can one-click convert DVD movies to other format that is compatible with Roku 3. See the "Convert" button at the lower-right corner and simply click on it,  then TuneFab DVD Ripper will help you convert imported DVD movies to Roku 3 supported format.

Conversion time primarily depends on file size. If you stream movies in big size at a time, just wait in patience after clicking the "Convert" button.

Stream DVD Movies to Other Formats

Step 7. Optional: Edit DVD Movies

TuneFab DVD Ripper has built-in editor that allows you to edit the DVD movies. You can clip the favorite parts of DVD videos, add 3D effect to DVD videos, set the rotate of DVD videos, set crop area size, and add watermark.

Edit DVD Movies

Part 3. See Movies on TV

Step 1. Set Up Roku 3

After streaming DVD videos to Roku 3, you can play DVD movies on your smart TV. Steps of Roku 3 set-up go as below:

#1. Power up your Roku 3 device and TV. Then plug the Roku device to your TV.

#2. Connect the Roku Device to the Internet as Roku streaming players and Roku TVs require Internet access to stream resource.

#3. You need a Roku account to activate your device and access entertainment across thousands of streaming channels. Before using Roku 3, please create a Roku account and activate your device.

Step 2. Transfer Movies to Roku 3

Transfer DVD movies to Roku via a USB drive. Then you can watch the DVD videos on your smart TV if the Roku 3 device and the smart TV are connected successfully.

#1. Import the Roku USB Media Player Channel.

#2. Plug the USB drive into the USB port on the Roku.

#3. Open the USB Media Player channel and select "Movies".

#4. Selectively play the one you want to watch.

That's it! With TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can turn your home into a fantastic cinema. Then collapse on the sofa and enjoy the vivid DVD movie via Roku 3.

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