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DVD to MP4: How to Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac

By Tony Moton

January 26, 2018

Though rewritable media like external hard drives, flash drives and DVD are still the first option to store video files for many people, we still cannot ignore the fact that they are inconvenient for many situations. For instance, DVD has built-in copy protection and regional lockout. It uses poorly digital compression, leading to reduced video quality and audio quality. Videos may be blocky, fuzzy, harsh, or vague. And current players cannot play videos in reverse at normal speed.

To avoid the above mentioned inconvenience and disadvantages, you can rip the DVD files to other formats of higher quality, higher compatible ability and smaller in size, MP4 for example. To rip DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac, TuneFab DVD Ripper is a good choice.

Why Choose TuneFab DVD Ripper?

TuneFab DVD Ripper is a ripper that is skilled in ripping DVD contents to approximately up to 300 formats. Our developer team had spent several years developing this program and improving it. Based on advanced algorithm and latest technology, TuneFab DVD Ripper behaves professionally in terms of ripping DVD to a specific format, making it outstanding amongst most similar products.

When ripping, TuneFab DVD Ripper tells the DVD drive's firmware to read the data. Then it will copy and parse out every DVD frame. After that, the software then dumps the duplicate clips into other formats, or feeds them to another codec to produce an MP4 format, etc. This step can avoid damaging the raw video. For most rippers, this step is not always successfully depending on the capabilities of the ripping software. TuneFab DVD Ripper, however, has successful rate up to 99% according to a large number of testing cases, statistics and user feedbacks. It is so smart that it can also detect and correct errors during or after the rip, ensuring the ripped contents will NOT be damaged or defective.

To deliver better use experience, our designers designed a clean interface for TuneFab DVD Ripper, displaying most functional keys and prompts in an intuitive way. Because of that, you can rip or convert DVD files with ease.

Part 1. Preparation Jobs For DVD-to-MP4 Conversion

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click the download button below to install the right version of TuneFab DVD Ripper according to the computer system. When download is proceeding, do not disconnect the Internet.

Step 2. Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

After downloading the installation package of TuneFab DVD Ripper, install the program in your computer.

Step 3. Prepare DVD Files For Ripping

Get DVD contents in your computer by inserting the disc into the computer or copying the DVD contents into a specific folder.

Part 2. Steps to Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac

Step 1. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper

Click to launch TuneFab DVD Ripper in your computer. You are advised to register before conversion as benefits of a registered version includes but not limit to the below items:

• No conversion time limitation.

• Free technical support.

• Free upgrades.

After entering the email address and registration code, you can enjoy complete features of the software.

Step 2. Import DVD Files to Ripper Program

In the main interface, click the "Load Disc" icon to import disc files from your computer, or click the arrow icon next to "Load Disc" > "Load DVD Folder" to add the whole folder including DVD contents for ripping later.

Import DVD Files

Step 3. Adjust Output Settings for Output Files

After DVD files are imported, you need to select output format for ripped files. Click to drag down the Profile list. To convert DVD to MP4 on your Windows/Mac computer, you need to select an MP4 format suitable for your specific device.

Additionally, you can define the output folder to store the converted MP4 files. You can directly define the path or browse the computer to select a folder.

If you want to merge the original file and the converted version into one file, you can check the option "Merge into one file".

Adjust Output Settings

Step 4. Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows/Mac Computer

After adjustment, click the "Convert" button at the lower right corner. DVD files will be ripped into MP4 formats. This can take some time, depending on the total file size selected for ripping. During conversion, just wait. After conversion, you can load the MP4 clips at the output path.

Convert Progress

MP4 is available on most platforms and devices, so you can directly play the MP4 video in your Windows/Mac computer after rip. In fact, TuneFab DVD Ripper is more than a video ripper. You can also clip the video and cut the unwanted parts of the video with this program. For better visual experience, you can also convert the 2D MP4 into 3D file. Better yet, you can add customized elements like opening and ending to the video with the Edit feature.

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