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Best Method to Rip DVD to MP3

By Tony Moton

April 29, 2018

More often it's not so convenient to play DVD at any time and anywhere. In this case, a powerful DVD to MP3 converter is equal to the occasion. Compared to DVD, MP3 files manage to shake off the restriction of playback devices and gain massive compatibility with almost all the media players. That's why many people are struggling for the best method to rip DVD to MP3. In this feature, we are intended to show you some reliable DVD to MP3 converters for your reference.

DVD to MP3


Part 1. Criteria for the Best DVD to MP3 Converter

1. DVD & MP3 Details

DVD, short for Digital Versatile Disc, actually works like the CD-ROM to store digital content on a piece of optical disc. Differently, DVD shares the capacity to store movies compressed in a MPEG-2 format with sound and graphics included. DVD disc is available to play on DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives.

The familiar MP3 indeed is merely an audio format. With a simplest storage technology, MP3 shows friendly affinity with nearly all the computer media players and portable devices.

As a result, you should have a clear mind that to rip DVD to MP3 is a work of extracting the sound track on DVD disc and then storing in MP3 format. Still, there must be certain standards for a good DVD to MP3 converter.

2. Criteria

Simply to say, a good DVD to MP3 converter should at least satisfy the following terms:

1. A proper and even fast conversion speed

2. Maintain the audio quality as soon as possible

3. User-friendly design and easy to handle operations

4. Able to process different types of DVD formats

5. After that, then you can try to find the best DVD to MP3 converter according to these basic terms. Then let's turn to the next part to have a detailed look.

Part 2. 3 Powerful Online DVD to MP3 Converters

Here, a trio of powerful online DVD to MP3 converters are offered generally.

1. Zamzar

First, Zamzar is a nice online tool to rip DVD to MP3 freely. Zamzar is honored with clear and direct conversion guidance as below. First, insert the DVD disc to the computer drive. Then choose the DVD files and select converted format as "Music formats > mp3". After that, carefully write down a valid e-mail address as Zamzar will directly send back the result in e-mail. Finally, click "Convert" and then the DVD would be soon converted to MP3.


2. Office Converter

Office Converter also provides free online DVD to MP3 converting service. You just need to select or drag the DVD file and start to convert to MP3. However, free service is offered with a ceiling no more than 10MB. While members can share converting work up to 1G. Note that registration is required before the formal DVD ripping job.

3. OnlineVideoConverter

It's also a feasible way to enter OnlineVideoConverter to rip DVD to MP3. This online video converter supports to convert video to many media formats including video and audio. It's also easy to do the conversion work. Select the "CONVERT A VIDEO OR AUDIO FILE", and then select the DVD file on your PC. After a few minutes' uploading time, select MP3 as the output format and start to convert.


Now you've told three useful online DVD to MP3 converters. Otherwise, there is another DVD to MP3 converter software available given in the third part.

Part 3. Tips: Click on This Reliable DVD to MP3 Converter Software

TuneFab DVD Ripper is what we bring to rip DVD to MP3 with satisfying converting results. Available on both Windows and Mac, this DVD to MP3 converter does its job at an admired 6X faster ripping speed to present an efficient and high-quality MP3 audio product. Before the formal work, some editorial actions could be taken on the original DVD resource, like clipping a certain DVD period. The whole operation is so easy that you will be familiar with it soon.

Here's where taking the steps listed:

Step 1. Install and register TuneFab DVD Ripper.

Step 2. Click "Load Disc" and select the DVD file or disc.

Step 3. Click the "Profile" bar. In the popup list, select "General Audio" > "MP3".

Step 4. Finally, click "Convert" button. A few minutes later, you can go to the output file to get the converted MP3.

Load DVD Disc

By now, we have prepared three useful online DVD to MP3 converters and a reliable TuneFab DVD Ripper to rip DVD to MP3. Now you can try them by yourself and get an available MP3 audio for a convenient enjoyment. I am sure that you can find the most suitable program for yourself to get DVD contents in MP3 format.

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