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DVD to iPad: How to Play DVD Movie on iPad

By Tony Moton

June 15, 2018

iPad is more and more popular among people now, as it provides a platform for audio-visual media including films, music, electronic books, computer games, etc. Now many people are not satisfied with only watching DVD movies on DVD players, they want to play DVD movies on iPad so that they can enjoy watching DVD movies no matter when and where they are. But how to do that? Is it difficult to do that? Actually, it's so easy to convert DVD movies to iPad, what you need is a DVD movie to iPad converter such as TuneFab DVD Ripper.


Part 1. Three Ways to Play DVD Movie on iPad

As you may not know how to play DVD movie on iPad, so followings are three methods to put DVD movies on iPad for your reference.

1. DVD Decrypter. To play DVD movies on iPad, you need to rip DVD to a big VOB file, convert this big VOB file to your computer and then transfer it to your iPad. It may be a little complex and difficult for novices.

2. Handbrake. It's free but hard to handle. You need to rip your DVD disc to your computer with Handbrake and then copy movies to iPad with iTunes. Handbrake is a free software but it just work for homemade movies but not commercial DVDs.

3. TuneFab DVD Ripper. You can directly convert DVD movies to your computer with a few easy steps, then you can transfer movies to iPad. With up to 6X faster ripping speed, it enables you to convert the DVD movies to over 300 formats and edit DVD videos quickly and easily.

As you can see, using the TuneFab DVD Ripper should be the best choice regarding playing DVD movie on iPad. But considering that you may not know this software well, so I will make a brief introduction for TuneFab DVD Ripper.

Part 2. Brief Introduction for TuneFab DVD Ripper

As one of the best DVD to iPad converter, TuneFab DVD Ripper could be the best entertainment choice for ripping and watching DVD movies. Here are some main features of the software.

1. It can rip all DVD movies to more than 300 formats including MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. and you can play them on almost all devices.

2. With the program, you can get the converted contents in DVD with up to 6X faster speed than other rippers but with high output quality.

3. You can edit DVD movie with some special effects such as 3D effects, brightness and so on.

4. Before ripping, it allows you to preview the source and target file.

5. It can help you preserve the original audio tracks and subtitles in your preferences when ripping videos from DVDs.

6. It is able to update to the latest version if there is any update available.

Just click the download button below, you can download TuneFab DVD Ripper easily.

Part 3. How to Rip DVD Movie to iPad

It's so easy to put DVD movies to iPad, see the guide as below.

Step 1. Install and Register the Program

Install and launch it, you will see a straightforward window pops up. In the pop-up window, you will find the difference between trial version and full version including you can't get the completed converted movies if you use the trial version. In order to see completed DVD movies on iPad, you had better click "Purchase" button on the pop-up window to purchase the software. Then you can enter the registration code you received and licensed e-mail address. At last click "Register" button to register. Then you can enjoy the full version.


Step 2. Add DVD Files

Insert DVD into your computer DVD driver, then click the "Load Disc" button to read your DVD contents. Or you can load DVD folders.

Add DVD Files

Step 3. Edit DVD Movies (Optional)

You are free to edit DVD movies to enhance your DVD movies with high output quality. You can clip, add 3D effect and edit choice including rotating, setting crop area size and adding watermark.

Adding Watermark

Step 4. Select Output Video Format

When you finish editing DVD files, you can select output video format. Click "Profile" on the bottom of the main interface and choose iPad MPEG4 video or iPad H.264 video formats from all profiles menu. Or you can click "Setting" button to choose output video format.

Select Output Video Format

Step 5. Change Output Folder

It is an optional choice for you to change output folder. If you want to change, then you need to click "General" on the "Preferences" interface, click "Browse" to change output file which will store all your converted files.

Change Output Folder

Step 6. Start to Convert

Before ripping, you are allowed to preview the source and targeted file. If you are satisfied with the converted file, then you can click the "Convert" button on the bottom right corner to convert. After finish converting, you find the converted file on the destination file. Then you can transfer it to your iPad to enjoy watching DVD movies on iPad.


As is shown above, you can convert DVD movies to iPad with TuneFab DVD Ripper easily. Actually, it can not only allow you to play DVD movies on iPad, but also rip DVD movies to iMovie. Therefore why not download this functional software right now?

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