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How to Make Animated GIF from A DVD Scene

By Tony Moton

December 31, 2018

Do you like to watch animated GIF? Have you ever wondered how to make animated GIF from DVD scene by yourself? Actually it's very easy to make GIF if you have downloaded a professional DVD ripping and editing tool, like TuneFab DVD Ripper. Before making animated GIF, let's learn more about GIF.


Part 1. What Is GIF

GIF (short for Graphics Interchange) is a bitmap image format developed by a team at the bulletin board service (BBS) provider CompuServe on June 15th, 1987. It can support up to 8 bits per pixel for each image, allowing a single image to reference its own palette of up to 256 different colors from the 24-bit RGB color space. Because of these palette limitations, GIF is not suitable for reproducing color photographs and other images with color gradients, but it is appropriate for simpler images such as graphics or logos with solid areas of color. GIF images are compressed with the Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) lossless data compression technique, which means GIF images can reduce the file size without degrading the visual quality.

Animated GIF

Part 2. How to Make Animated GIF from A DVD Scene

When you want to introduce a movie to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, it's a good choice to post a animated GIF from the movie scene. But how to make it? To do that, a professional DVD clipper, I hereby show you a powerful DVD ripper, TuneFab DVD Ripper which can not only convert the DVD movies to common MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MP3 formats, but also edit the DVD by clipping the favorite parts of DVD videos. Therefore, before making animated GIF from a DVD scene, you need to click "Try It Free" button as below at first.

Step 1. Register the Program

Though TuneFab DVD Ripper provides the free trial version, it only enables you to convert no more than 5 minutes of the DVD files. Therefore in order to better experience the program, I highly suggest you to register it at the beginning.

To register, you should click the "Purchase" button on the pop-up window to pay for the Family License or Personal License. Then you will receive a registration code, enter it and your email address on the pop-up window. Finally, click "Register" button to get the full version. If you want to try the trial version, then you can click "order later" button.

Limitation of TuneFab DVD Ripper

Step 2. Load DVD Files

Load DVD Files

Step 3. Clip the parts of DVD Files

After that, you can get started to clip the parts of DVD files. Just click "Clips" option on the top menu bar next to the "Load Disc" option, then you will see a pop-up windows as below.

You can enter the starting and ending point-in-time into the time boxes at the bottom of the pop-up window or you can adjust the slide bar, then click "scissor" button. After that, you will find the segment you clipped just now, then click "OK" button at the right corner.

Clip DVD Files

Step 4. Adjust Output Settings

Click "Profile" option on the bottom of the main window to select GIF as the output format. Besides, you can click "Settings" for advanced output settings to choose the output format.

In addition to that, you can also change the output folder by clicking "Browse" button at the bottom.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 5. Make Animated GIF from A DVD Scene

After clipping, the last step is to convert the DVD clip to animated GIF. Just click the "Convert" button to get your animated GIF. The conversion will be finished within few minutes depending on the length of the DVD clip. Then you can easily find the animated GIF on the destination folder.

Convert the DVD Scene

Part 3. Recommended Online GIF Makers

As you can see, TuneFab DVD Ripper is one of your best choice of making animated GIF from a DVD scene, but if you are looking for an easier way for making animated GIF, then come here, I would like to recommend some recommended online GIF makers for you.

#1. is not only a simple online GIF maker, but also a professional online image editor. On the website, you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize and apply some effects to gifs, so that you can easily make animated GIF on

#2. Picasion

Picasion is a free GIF maker that enables you convert DVD to animated GIF with a few steps. You can create animated GIF for free by uploading your pictures or grabbing them from Picasa Web.

#3. Free GIF Maker

Free GIF Maker is another reliable online GIF maker. It is designed for creating animated GIF in a few easy steps. You can choose different predefined transitions between your frames and add appropriate delay times for the animation.

Though the above three online GIF makers can help you easily create animated GIF, it can't convert DVD scene to GIF. Therefore, if you want to make animated GIF from a DVD scene, then a DVD ripper and editor like TuneFab DVD Ripper should be necessary. To download it, just click here now.

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