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DVD Won't Play on MacBook Air? Here's the Solutions!

By Tony Moton

March 24, 2018

Until recently, DVD is still widely used because people can collect their favourite movie serials without occupying the storage of devices. If you're using a MacBook Air and hope to enjoy your favourite DVD movies on it, you may wonder how to do so.

How to play DVD on your MacBook Air which isn't accompanied with a built-in DVD Drive? Find the solutions below.


Part 1. Play DVD on MacBook Air without DVD Drive

MacBook Air Has No DVD Drive

It couldn't be easier to play DVD on Mac with internal DVD Drive. You just need to simply insert your DVD disc into the internal DVD Drive, then the Mac equipped DVD Player would open automatically and start running the DVD Disc instantly.

Play DVD on MacBook Air with DVD Drive

However, if you wish to play DVD on MacBook Air, it'll be a little bit difficult since most new Macs (not including MacBook Pro without Retina Display) are no longer featuring DVD SuperDrives (Apple's optical disc reading and writing technology). That means no built-in DVD Drive will be equipped for you to play DVDs or CDs on MacBook Air.

However, there're still several options available for playing DVD on MacBook Air without DVD Drive.

Play DVD on MacBook Air with External DVD Drive

You can use external DVD Drive to help you play DVD on MacBook Air successfully. But you need to purchase it first. There are lots of external DVD Drive in the market, such as LG Slim Drive, Dell Drive, Apple SuperDrive, LG Super Multi etc.. However, Apple SuperDrive is comparatively recommended since it's more compatible with MacBook Air.

Apple USB SuperDrive is an external DVD Drive which can connect to MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Retina display, iMac or Mac mini equipped with a built-in USB cable.

To play DVD on MacBook Air through this approach, you need to purchase an Apple USB SuperDrive first. Then you just need to insert DVD into this USB SuperDrive. In a word, it works as an internal DVD Drive.

MacBook Air SuperDrive

Part 2. Play DVD in Video Formats Freely

Although using Apple USB SuperDrive to play DVD on MacBook Air is also an easy way, some users would consider that it is expensive to purchase a good external DVD Drive. As a result, they wonder whether converting the contents in DVD into video formats is available. By changing DVD videos into other digital formats supported by MacBook Air, the videos can be played freely. Luckily, you can use TuneFab DVD Ripper to help you convert DVD videos with simple steps.

Play DVD in Video Formats on MacBook Air

TuneFab DVD Ripper is a powerful software for DVD Ripping. With up to 6X ripping speed, it enables you to quickly convert DVD to 300+ video formats. Also, it can rip DVD with DRM protection easily. When using this converter, you are also able to use its powerful video-editing functions to keep the high-quality videos for better playing on MacBook Air, including 3D effects adding, brightness & contrast, crop & rotation and so forth.

Now free download TuneFab DVD Ripper first and then follow the steps-guide below to easily rip your DVD videos to MacBook Air's compatible format and play it freely.

Step 1. Load Your Source DVD

After the installation, open and run TuneFab DVD Ripper. Then on the main interface, click "Load Disc" on the top left to load your DVD.

Note: You can also drop down the list to load videos from DVD folder or IFO files if necessary.

Load Source DVD

Step 2. Choose Mac Compatible Format

After loading DVD, move your cursor to the "Profile" and drop down the list to choose the output video format which is supported on MacBook Air.

Choose Mac Compatible Format

Step 3. Choose the Output Folder

Go to "Preferences" > "General" > "Browse" to choose an output folder for saving your ripped DVD videos.

Set the Output Folder for Storation

Step 4. Convert Your DVD

After all the settings above, back to the main interface to start converting your DVD videos to digital format by pressing "Convert". After the conversion is complete, you'll be able to play and watch your DVD videos on MacBook Air freely!

Convert Your DVD

Part 3. [TIPS] Guidance on Using DVD Player on MacBook Air

You can choose another DVD Player to play your DVD on MacBook Air, but the default DVD Player on Apple is maneuverable which supports playing DVDs authored by DVD studio Pro and iDVD.

Here is a simple guide on how to play DVD on MacBook Air with its DVD Player:

When Apple DVD Player on Mac opened, you can see two windows: Viewer for you to watch DVD videos & Controller for you to control the DVD playing on Mac. You can use the controller to play/stop the movie, skip chapters, set volume and so on.

Apple DVD Player on Mac

It's effortless to play DVD on Mac when there is a built-in DVD Drive. Nonetheless, it's inconvenient if you want to play it on MacBook Air and other Apple notebook without DVD Drive because you have to bring the external DVD Drive anywhere you go. Also, it's not free. Thus, TuneFab DVD Ripper could be the best choice. Not only can it help you to play DVD on MacBook Air by ripping DVD contents to Mac compatible format freely, but also keep DVD with high quality. In short, try the way you preferred and enjoy DVD on MacBook Air!

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