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Troubleshooting Guides for DVD Not Playing on Computer

By Tony Moton

May 10, 2018

Annoyed by DVD not playing on Computer? Frankly speaking, DVD playback failure is a common accident that has dogged many people. However, do not leave the DVD disc as the single guilty party. It is just part of the accident. But the DVD drive and the laptop media player may be also on the cards to get a spot of bother. That is, more clearly to say, the problem of DVD not playing on computer comes down to a trio of attributes: original disc source, the DVD player hardware, and software.


Part 1. DVD Disc Not Playing on Computer

When you face DVD not playing on computer, the first and basic thing is to check the DVD disc. You can check it mainly from the following perspectives:

1. The disc is covered by dust or some tiny matters.

2. The disc is scratched, damaged and defective.

Of course, the dust coverage should be cleared out for a smooth DVD playback on computer. But it is not just simply wiping the dust with a slice of tissue. There are also some precautions to take care.

1. Use a damp and soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the playing side of the DVD disc. Wipe from the inside ring out to the edge in straight wipes instead of a circular motion.

2. Use a dry and soft cloth or paper to dry out the disc following the same actions earlier.

DVD Disc

For the DVD failure caused by scratches to the top plastic layer, you can go to the electronic stores for disc repair products to make up for the trace. But there is no other way but to change for a new DVD disc if it suffers serious or irreparable damage.

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Part 2. DVD Player Hardware Causes Playback Failure on Computer

Then it comes to the matter of the DVD Player hardware. Here we generally take computer drive and external DVD player into the category. For the built-in computer drive, you might consider the following matters into account.

1. The dusty or defective objective lens.

2. The DVD optical pickup head is broken or perished, or cannot match well with the current DVD disc.

The dust pollution can be solved by purchasing a DVD laser lens cleaner disc which is available online and at electronic stores. Insert the cleaner disc into the computer drive and press play until the product instructions occur as the sign of clear task complement. Then use a can of air duster to blow out accumulated dust in the vent areas. However, if that doesn't work, turn to an external DVD player.

DVD Player

Some computers adopt the old DVD technology that may get aging and fail to match the current DVD disc. Some computers may lack computer drive for a light design. These are all in need of the external DVD player. But pay attention to the connection to RCA jacks, neither mixed nor too loose.

Part 3. omputer Media Player Fails to Read the DVD File

DVD not playing on computer partly kicks in the DVD compatibility of the media player. A common solution equal to the situation is just to pick up one type of media player able to serve as a DVD player. Quite right, in terms of a few failure cases. There is a doubt that it's knotty to find every DVD formats with a certain media player. In this sense, a bold method is to rip the DVD file to common video formats so as to get rid of frequent media player replacement.

Then, please see TuneFab DVD Ripper to make it. This DVD processor software can hold strong ripping capacity to rip DVD to other common video and audio formats. Better still, it is delicately designed user-friendly with a clear interface, concise operations, and superior performance. Even more, you can do some editorial work to add some special effect to the original DVD content. Now both Windows and Mac operating system can get access to the DVD ripper.

Tips: Simple Guidance to Rip DVD to MP4

Step 1. Load DVD Disc

After a successful installation, launch and register TuneFab DVD Ripper. Click "Load Disc", and then select the DVD file.

Note: If you want to experience the free trial version first, skip the register step and go to "Load Disc" directly.

Load DVD Disc

Step 2. Adapt Output Settings

First, click "Profile" bar and select the preferred formats, like the commonly used MP4. Click "Settings", and adapt the parameters and video effects according to your need. It's nice that you can determine the "Destination" where the converted file is saved.

Profile Settings

Step 3. Rip DVD to MP4

Click on the "Convert" button at the right corner. Then the software will convert DVD to MP4 at a 6X faster speed.

Converted DVD Successfully

The simple three-step operation leads to the end of the troubleshooting guidance for DVD not playing on computer. Yet there may be some exceptional cases not included, it's great that this guidance does help your DVD playback problems removed.

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