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DVD Joiner: How to Merge Multiple DVDs into One File

By Tony Moton

March 30, 2018

DVD joiner is a useful tool that can rip DVD multiple titles into one file, which is simple and convenient for watching. Sometimes we may want to merge multiple DVDs into on single file in the situations like below:

* Keep a feature-length DVD movie and want to see the respectively multiple titles once.

* Have several small DVD movies and want to merge them into one to save disc.

* Want to make a DVD movie as a gift to your friends. But there are some titles you think they aren't interested. So you may need to merge the rest titles into one files and delete the unneeded.

If you are going to merge DVDs, the first thing you need to find may be a reliable tool, DVD ripper, to help you achieve what you want. But how to know which DVD ripper is the best? What is the key factors to choose?

Key Factors of An Excellent DVD Joiner

To get an excellent DVD joiner, we should mainly think about four factors below:

#1. Quality:

The output file quality of the DVD ripper is so important that it will decide how clear pictures we can see. Higher quality DVD movies can make better visual enjoyment. On the contrary, low output quality will blunt our desire to see the DVD movies. Therefore we have to consider this essential factors.

#2. Speed:

With a fast ripping DVD Ripper, you are able to save much time instead of waiting until you lose your patience. Especially when you have a lots of DVDs to rip, you may need a fast speed DVD ripper to help you perfectly finish the ripping process. So we should consider the speed of ripping just behind the first.

#3. Price:

The price we mentioned here is not only about the quantity of more or less, but also about the value of worthy and unworthy. We pay for a DVD ripper, and certainly want that it is reliable, professional, and free-updated forever even better. If you have high requirement of the DVDs quality, you'd better buy a better one, which of course the price is higher. But if you happen to need to rip DVD once or twice, you just need to buy a cheap one or a free one.

#4. Edit Function:

Edit the DVD movie with some special effects such as the 3D settings, brightness, or edit out any unwanted part, merge movie titles, add language subtitles, extract images, etc. These functions can make your DVD movies interesting and attractive, specially in the situation 3 we mentioned above.

How to Merge Multiple DVDs into One File

TuneFab DVD Ripper is such a professional and reliable DVD ripper. With high output DVD files quality, up to 6x faster speed than general rippers, and editing functions like 3D settings, brightness, saturation, etc. you can merge several DVD files into one. Let's see how to merge DVDs in the following contents.

Step 1. Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Please download and install TuneFab DVD Ripper on your Windows or Mac. Launch it. You will see a notification, register or try the trial version.


Step 2. Import DVD Files

Click on "Load Disc" to import DVD files. You can also import DVD folder and DVD IFO files. The files will be loaded in a quick speed.

Add DVD Files

Step 3. Select Output Format

After loading DVD files, click "Profile" to select your output format. You can change the video/audio parameter, too.

Profile Settings

Step 4. Editing (Optional)

Click "Clip" on the main menu bar to start editing. You can set rotate, 3D Settings, crop, effect and watermark. The video-editing functions also allows you to enhance your DVD videos.

3D Settings

Step 5. Join DVD Files/Titles Into One

Go to the main interface, you will see a big button "Convert", and there is a checkbox with "Merge into one file" before. Mark the checkbox, and click on the "Convert" button. The multiple DVD files is merging into one now.

Converted DVD Successfully

Now, we have learned how to merge multiple DVDs into one single DVD file. Next, you can burn it into one new DVD disc, or just save it to other formats that can be played on other devices, which you can make this decision on step 3.Download and try TuneFab DVD Ripper and then just enjoy your DVD movies!

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