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DVD Audio Extractor - How to Rip Audio from DVD

By Tony Moton

March 30, 2018

Is it possible to rip audio only from DVD files? That's why many DVD owners wonder and struggle for a nice DVD audio extractor. There are occasions that you prefer to get the audio content instead of the whole video + audio DVD file. For example, you don't have enough space on the portable devices, or you are working to enhance your self-made product with the selected DVD audio. Simply in this post, we would share you a reliable DVD audio extractor, TuneFab DVD Ripper to do the work.


Part 1. TuneFab DVD Ripper: Your First Choice to Rip Audio from DVD

TuneFab DVD Ripper performs a nice job in extracting audio (MP3 and AAC) from DVD file. More often we will rip DVD to multiple video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, and so on. Actually, audio format selection is presented in this ripping software. You just need to set the audio format as the output format, then extracting audio from DVD is achieved.

TuneFab DVD Ripper: A Superior DVD Audio Extractor

• Rip DVD to various audio formats

• Losslessly extract audio from DVD

• Chance for a 30-day free trial

• Work on Windows and Mac operating system

Part 2. Detailed Guidance to Extract Audio from DVD

Step 1. Insert DVD into the Computer Drive

First, insert the DVD into your computer drive. If your computer doesn't have a drive, then an external DVD player helps out.

Step 2. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper

Install TuneFab DVD Ripper according to the guidance. Double click the software to launch it.

Step 3. Load DVD Disc

Click "Load Disc" and then select the DVD disc in the popup window.

DVD Ripper Add File

Step 4. Select MP3 / AAC as the Output Format

This is an essential step if you want to extract audio from DVD. Click "Settings". Then click "Profile" bar on the top. You can directly go to "General Audio" > "MP3 / AAC". Or you can input the format into the search bar for it. It's ok that you would like to use other audio formats. Also, you can change other setting parameters in the Profile Settings as you like. Click "OK" to ensure your decisions.

DVD Ripper Add File

Step 5. Decide Output Folder

It would be better to decide the output folder. Click "Browse" behind the "Destination" bar. Then select the location. This step does well to afterward management and search.

Step 6. Start to Extract Audio from DVD

Click "Convert" and this DVD audio extractor will start to rip DVD to audio at a fast ripping speed.


6 steps over, now you can return to the output file to see the results. As TuneFab DVD Ripper holds the audio extracting in a lossless manner, you don't need to care about the quality at all. Moreover, you can try to enhance the audio quality in the "Settings" step at your request. Now we've told you a nice DVD audio extractor to seize audio from DVD. If you have something unclear about it, please turn to the Q&A part.

Part 3. Q&A: Know More About The DVD Audio Extractor

Q: Is there any limit on conversion time?

A: No conversion time limits if you purchase the software. For free users, you have at most 5 minutes' conversion time.

Q: Please send me more details about the OS.

A: All right. TuneFab DVD Ripper works on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (SP2 or later) and Mac OS X 10.5 or above (Mac OS High Sierra).

Q: Can this DVD Audio Ripper work for homemade and commercial DVD?

A: Yes. TuneFab DVD Ripper is a powerful tool to extract audio from either homemade or commercial DVD.

Q: I saw the operation is about ripping DVD disc to audio. What if I get DVD Folders and IFO files?

A: Actually it is the same. Click "Load Disc" and in the dropdown list, you will find three options to divide them.

So far we have come to the end of today's tutorial. The DVD audio extractor, TuneFab DVD Ripper, makes it possible to rip and extract audio from DVD with the least loss and harm. With it, it's great that you eventually have a nice time share the audio content away from device limits. Why not have a try?

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