How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive

By Tony Moton

Updated on March 7, 2021

When online streaming services are getting much more popular and convenient, DVD seems to go down to lower sales. Perhaps you are searching for information about DVD playback requirements and DVD storage ideas. However, smoothly playing a DVD seems more troublesome than streaming online content on the Internet directly. You can be thwarted by DVD region codes or any other copy protection. Still, you may get away to overcome such obstacles brought by DVDs.

If you are seeking a way to copy DVDs to an external hard drive or computers for both flexible playback and convenient DVD content management, all you need is just a reliable DVD ripper. Keep on reading, and you will get a nice recommendation that can bring you great assistance.


Part 1. Our Recommended Tool: TuneFab DVD Ripper

When it comes to copying DVDs to the external hard drive, as mentioned, you need to change the original data structure of the videos and convert them into common media files, only then you can duplicate the DVD content and transfer them to other devices like a hard drive. Thus, you need a tool to help rip and copy DVD to a computer at first. Here, TuneFab DVD Ripper is highly recommended.

TuneFab DVD Ripper is an all-featured DVD ripper, providing its users with all-in-one and maneuverable functions to convert DVD content to audio or video for saving on different devices, such as mobile phones, USB sticks, hard drive, and so on. By ripping DVDs to media files, the content can be played more flexibly and accessed at any time.

Benefits of Using TuneFab DVD Ripper:

* Provides fast ripping speed with an inner GPU acceleration technology

* Offers more than 300 output formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, MP3

* Available to digitalize both encryption-free and encrypted DVDs easily

* Keeps high quality of ripped files the same as the original DVD image

* Provides extra editing tools to edit the DVD content before ripping and copying the content.

With TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can conveniently convert the DVD content into transferable media files. All your DVD collections can be easily preserved in digital formats. This DVD ripper allows you to convert DVD to MKV and MP4 formats. Besides, if you want to keep a lossless copy, it also provides the option to rip DVD to AVI video. The DVD ripping program is pretty simple to use as the program has a clear and straightforward UI design. In the following part, you can learn the detailed procedures to copy DVD to hard drive via TuneFab DVD Ripper. Please keep on reading!

Part 2. How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive on Windows & Mac

To rip and copy the DVD to a hard drive via TuneFab DVD Ripper, you are required to download and install the program on your desktop at first. The program is now available on both Windows and Mac systems. You can directly click the download button below for installing TuneFab DVD Ripper on the appropriate system you are using currently.

Note: TuneFab DVD Ripper offers a free trial version for its dear users to try its features without paying a penny.

STEP 1. Import DVD to TuneFab DVD Ripper

Insert the DVD you want to copy from the hard drive to the desktop at first. Then, launch TuneFab DVD Ripper and click "Load DVD" > Load DVD Disc" for importing the DVD into the program. All the media content will be listed inside TuneFab DVD Ripper as you have imported the disc successfully.

Click on Load DVD Disc

STEP 2. Select Output Format

When the DVD content is loaded, you can adjust the output settings to copy the DVD content and rip it to the common media formats you prefer. You are available to select one format for all video content listed in the dashboard from the "Rip All to" format menu.

Select Output Format to Copy DVD

Note: By going to "Edit Profile", users can also adjust other parameters such as the quality, encoder, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, etc. and change the encoding method of DVD content.

Edit Profile for Output

(Optional) STEP 3. Edit DVD Content Before Copying

TuneFab DVD Ripper provides simple editing and cropping tools to adjust the DVD video/audio content before copying and ripping it. To edit or crop the content, just click the star-like and scissor icons located on the content list.

Edit DVD Before Copying

STEP 4. Select Output Folder for Copying DVD

Move down to the bottom of TuneFab DVD Ripper's interface, and here you are available to select an output folder for saving the DVD video/audio files that you'd like to copy to an external hard drive.

Choose a Folder to Save Copied DVD

STEP 5. Start Copying DVD

When all the pre-settings are completed, you just need to click the "Rip All" icon located in the lower-right corner to start ripping the DVD to the local folder on your desktop. The ripping process would be completed within a few minutes, just wait for it patiently.

Start Copying DVD

STEP 6. Copy DVD to External Hard Drive

When the ripping completes and all the media files are stored on your desktop, you can connect your external hard drive to the computer. Then, just simply transfer the ripped DVD content to the external hard drive by copying and pasting them.

Part 3. FAQs About Copying DVD to Hard Drive

The method to copy DVD to the hard drive has been introduced. Here in this part, you will find some extra tips that can improve a better DVD copying experience. And we will try our best to unravel your doubts.

Copy DVD to External Hard Drive

1. What output format should I choose?

The most commonly used formats to output DVD content contain 3 choices, which are MP4, MKV, and AVI. What are the exact differences among them? Let's go through the table below.




MP4 is the most widely-used video format, which is supported by all media players, web browsers, and also video streaming platforms. This encoder will compress the video files into smaller sizes but with decent quality. MP4 videos would apply AAC format for the audio soundtrack, and the compression method for audio is different from the video.   It's a good choice to convert DVD to MP4 format.


MKV uses lots of different codec types for encoding both video and audio. Besides, this format can harbor subtitles, chapters,   and even add-ons. But based on the codec applied by the format, the compatibility of MKV on devices may be different.


As the oldest video format, AVI holds the ability to support almost all sorts of codecs and applies them in one video file. This contributes to its high compatibility with most media players. Even for those classic ones, AVI can be supported to have a nice playback.

2. How many movies can a hard drive store?

You may consider if you are required to copy movies out of DVD and save them on one hard drive instead. For convenience access, saving movies on a hard drive can save your time in finding the exact DVD and play it back one-by-one. By comparison, a hard drive provides a larger capacity to save more content. Here are some details:

Hard   drive

The capacity of a hard drive can reach 1TB, which equals 1,000GB of storage space. With a larger capacity, your hard drive can save more files. For example, if the size of a movie video file reaches 2GB, then the maximum amount of movie files for a 1TB hard drive to save should be 500.


By comparison, a DVD has a much smaller capacity than a hard drive does. For a   single-layered single-sided disc, it only provides 4.7GB capacity for storing content. Besides, for a dual-layered, single-sided disc, the maximum capacity only has 8.5GB. As a result, most DVDs can only store several movies at maximum.

3. How can I copy DVD to hard drive more efficiently?

To enable faster speed to copy DVD to a hard drive, you can try the following three solutions to help yourself out!

* Improve the performance of your computer: This can be completed by enhancing your computer's hardware components. Additionally, maintaining your computer in good health (virus-free, shut down unnecessary files/programs) is ideal for enabling faster DVD copying speed.

* Optimize computer working process: You can optimize your computer's working process to ensure faster DVD copying speed. For example, you can try to restart your computer, clear the storage, speed up, etc. to improve the performance to a better state.

* Check the reading speed of your hard drive: Normally, hard drives with USB 3.0 will work faster than USB 2.0. To ensure a faster DVD copying speed to external hard drive, you can  directly turn to the 3.0 version .

Final Words

No matter you want to copy DRM-free or encrypted DVDs to an external hard drive, TuneFab DVD Ripper is always ready to help. With powerful functions and a user-friendly interface, the program will be your ideal choice to copy all the DVD content you need to an external hard drive. Why not give it a try?

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