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How to Convert DVD to Digital Copy [The Definitive Guide]

By Kelsi Gillan

Updated on November 26, 2020

Although digital streaming services have been changing the viewing habits of a generation, many people still go out of their way to collect and watch DVDs.

Apparently, DVDs are cheap. And some old movies or TV shows are not available on Blu-Ray. However, DVDs are not always easy to be stored. High temperature and humidity can be harmful to your DVD collections. Also, DVD boxes can take up much space. Therefore, for DVD collectors, one of the best solutions to keep your collection safe and organized should be converting DVD to digital. This article will show you some reliable ways to convert DVD into digital files.

No matter you are a serious collector or a casual buyer of DVDs, it is worth to convert your DVD to digital files. Simply ripping your movies off the disc and it will be convenient for you to watch your all-time favorite DVD movies on your smartphone, tablet, game console, and more.

We will also have a simple discussion on whether to collect physical DVDs or turn to digital purchases. Just keep reading on!


Part 1. Best Methods to Easily Convert DVD to Digital

There are so many tools and programs out there that can convert DVDs to digital videos. Before you choose a suitable tool, just always opt for the tools that are fast, stable, easy to operate, and cost-effective. So here we've compiled 3 best methods for people who are curious about how to convert DVD to digital.

Method 1. Try Out the Best DVD to Digital Converter Software

To completely convert a DVD to a digital copy, a professional DVD ripper program can always handle the task effortlessly. It can quickly convert a DVD to popular media formats such as MP4, MKV, or MOV and therefore helps you get to back up the converted digital file for safekeeping. Among all the DVD rippers available, the recommended one is TuneFab DVD Ripper. Let's quickly look at its key features.

* Convert DVD videos to digital files including MP4, MPEG, MKV, AVI, MOV, and 300+ formats

* Convert DVDs to preset output profile for playback on different media devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Play Station Game Console and etc.

* 6X faster conversion speed with support for GPU acceleration technology

* Advanced editing tools for postproduction of your DVD videos

* Versatile toolbox for editing metadata information, creating GIF pictures from DVD, and compressing DVD videos, and more

Then how to convert DVD to digital with TuneFab DVD Ripper? Below are the detailed steps. TuneFab DVD Ripper can work on both Mac and Windows. And here we will show you how it works on the Windows system. Besides, the layout of the program on Mac is slightly different from the Windows version. But the steps are almost identical. Mac users can also check out this guide to learn how to convert DVD digital on Mac with TuneFab DVD Ripper. >> How to Use TuneFab DVD Ripper – A Complete Guide

STEP 1. Download and Install TuneFab DVD Ripper

Download and install the proper version that works on your computer. Insert the DVD that you want to convert to digital files and then launch TuneFab DVD Ripper.

STEP 2. Load the DVD Disc

From the "Ripper" tab, click on the drop-down arrow button next to the "Load DVD" button, and then select "Load DVD Disc".

Click Load DVD Disc

STEP 3. Select Your Preferable DVD Digital Copy Format

When your DVD is successfully loaded, you can proceed to choose a suitable digital output format. Click on the "Profile" icon on the right side of the item, and you may select MKV as the output format for your DVD videos because this format enables you to preserve your DVD videos in lossless quality. But if you mostly want to watch the DVD on your smartphones such as Android phone or Apple iPhone, it is recommended to convert DVD to MP4 or M4V.

Convert DVD to MP4

If you want to personalize the output parameters such as video codec, audio codec, frame rate, sample rate and etc., just click on the Gear icon right next to each profile, and you can create a new profile as an output option.

Change Output Parameters

STEP 4. Change the Output Location for Your DVD Digital Files

From the main interface of TuneFab DVD Ripper, you can directly change the output folder to save your DVD videos. And click on the Gear icon from the bottom, you will be navigated to the "Preference" window adjust more settings including choosing "Subtitle Language" and "Audio Language". Here you can also decide to enable the GPU acceleration feature.

Change Output Folder in General Tab

STEP 5. Start to Convert DVD to Digital

When all the settings are well-adjusted, you can click on the "Rip All" button to start the conversion process. You may even rip protected DVDs with this convenient tool! TuneFab DVD Ripper can make the process 6X faster and you can get a digital version of your favorite DVD videos in just a few minutes. The processing time is closely related to the speed of your computer, the file size of your original DVD video, and the encoding method you choose.

Select from the Rip All to Menu

Note: The Free trial version allows you to convert 5 minutes of each DVD video. You can purchase the full version to break the limitation. After purchasing it, you can activate the software with a registration code received in your email.

Method 2. Convert DVD to Digital Copy with Vudu Disc to Digital

If you are a resident in the United States, another ideal method that helps you efficiently convert DVD to digital is to use Walmart-owned Vudu Disc to Digital service. It allows you to convert DVD movies and even Blu-ray you owned into digital versions for a small fee. Simply install Vudu's mobile app on your Android or iOS device, you'll get the option to effortlessly convert DVDs to digital.


Conveniently as it is, the service does not come for free. Pricing for the conversion varies differently based on the quality that you choose to convert. It costs you $2 to get a digital copy as SD and $5 for upgrading your DVD to HDX. Blu-rays are all HDX and cost $2 to digitize.

UltraViolet is a requisite

For those who are not inclined to spend time digitizing their DVDs or Blu-ray collections or just want to turn one or two of their DVD discs into digital, this service is quite tempting. Once you finished converting your DVDs, the resulting digital copy is an UltraViolet movie. In other words, you'll be also required an UltraViolet account as well as an UltraViolet-compatible device for the playback of your converted movies.

Listed below are some quick instructions to digitize your physical movies with Vudu Disc to Digital on iPhone and iPad.

How to Digitize Your Discs on iPhone and iPad Using Vudu Disc to Digital

STEP 1. Launch the Vudu app on your iOS devices and then tap the menu icon in the upper left corner. From the sidebar menu, select "Disc to Digital".

STEP 2. Tap "Scan Barcode" and then scan the barcode on your DVD or Blu-ray cover. Choose your desired quality format, such as SD or HDX. (For converting Blu-ray, you may select HDX).

STEP 3. To begin the digitizing process, just tap the "Submit List" button. After that, tap "Continue scanning" to digitize another DVD movie. Once the digitizing process is complete, you'll receive an email with the next steps to confirm and finish.

Vudu Disc to Digital Service

Its Limitations

Compared with ripping DVDs, the Disc to Digital service acts as a digital shelf that offers you licenses for movies to watch rather than giving you a backup copy for storing. Therefore, it should not be surprising that you find some movies that are not available in the service when you scan the bar code.

After all, the service makes it easy to access your movies on any device. Simply scan the disc you owned, it lets you get a clean digital copy of a DVD that has been scratched or damaged. Besides, if you scan the bar code of a region-locked DVD, Vudu can also deliver you a more compatible digital copy.

Method 3. Digitize Your DVD Collections with Handbrake (Free)

For those who are looking for a free yet powerful option, Handbrake is an optimal choice. Also, it's one of our favorites. As a popular open-source converter, Handbrake works on multiple platforms and supports a variety of digital formats. Its powerful encoder enables you to customize output profiles that can meet most of your needs. With just a few simple clicks, you can liberate your physical DVDs and convert them into digital videos that can be played on your portable devices, game console, or computer.

Convert DVD to Digital with Handbrake

A Comparison Among These Three Methods to Convert DVD Discs to Digital

After forming a general idea of the three useful tools and services, here is a comparison chart that should help you pick out the one that suits your preferences.

TuneFab DVD Ripper

Vudu Discs to Digital



$29.99 (Lifetime license)

DVD to SD for $2

DVD to HDX for $5

Blu-ray to HDX for $2


Output Formats

MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, and 300+ more

For viewing on the Vudu app

H.264 and H.265 codecs to prepared file containers including .MP4 (.M4V) and.MKV

Output Quality

Lossless or Lossy

SD or HDX (Vudu’s 1080p, high bitrate option)

Lossless or Lossy


6X faster

Just scan the UPC bar code, and you can digitize the movie and stream or download on your devices


Supported Platforms

Windows, Mac

App for Android and iOS devices

Windows, Mac, Linux


l  GPU acceleration

l  Support for ripping   protected DVDs

l  Useful editing features

l  Nicer than having to feed   the disks into a drive

l  Integrate with MoviesAnywhere

l  Support for upgrading picture   quality

Flexibly change codec settings


l  Cannot compatible with Blu-ray

l  Free trial can only convert the first 5 minutes of DVD videos

l  Not all physical media come up with an option for conversion

l  The service only available in the United States

Protected DVDs may be converted

Part 2. After Ripping: How to Better Manage and Consolidate Your DVD Library

As soon as you've backed up your physical DVD in digital, it is likely that you want to make it available for watching anytime and anywhere instead of just storing on the PC to house the files.

Perhaps Vudu's service mentioned above is convenient as it indexes the DVD movie that you've converted on your account, and you may stream it to mobile or other supported devices. But for people who don't have the access to Vudu, this doesn't mean you are out of luck. You still have a couple of options. For instance, you can upload your DVD digital copy to a remote-storage service such as Dropbox, and then stream movies on demand to whatever devices that support that cloud service.

However, a normal cloud service only nets you a few gigabytes of space, as a result, be prepared to pay a monthly subscription for storage if you need lots of space to back up your DVD collection.

For more information about uploading DVD to Cloud, you can read this article. >>How to Upload DVD to Cloud

Physical Media vs Digital Purchases

No doubt that technology has greatly changed our viewing habits. In the past, we might spend hours watching TV or purchase physical DVDs of our favorite movies or TV shows. Now the Internet plays a significant role in our ways of entertainment. Streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu provide numerous video content for viewing. For moviegoers, they've got iTunes or Disney Plus to purchase or stream movies.

With just a few clicks, you can directly download or stream whatever you want on video platforms without having to manually switch or flip the disc, (Some DVDs used to be doubled-sided.) which can more or less affect your viewing experience. Also, most video platforms offer high-quality movies that are less bulky and more dynamic than DVDs.

However, does it really mean that we don't have the necessity to purchase any physical media and completely ditch the planned obsolescence? Not exactly. Some people still consider that buying DVDs gives a sense of feeling of buying a "movie" instead of a format containing a movie. Also, some old TV shows may not be available in Blu-ray or show up on video-on-demand platforms. DVDs just give the opportunity for people who want to re-watch their favorites and provide better availability. More importantly, DVD deals can be impressively appealing.

After all, collecting physical DVDs and storing digital formats should not be two opposing sides. You still can mix between physical and digital. Of course, to better manage and consolidate your DVD library, converting them to digital should be an ideal method. And you don't have to worry that your collector's version gets scratched or damaged or concern that the DVDs will be no longer reissue in Blu-ray format.

Besides, some cloud service or media server can even smartly classify your DVD collections by genre or title, or add a thumbnail to a movie so that you can organize your DVDs more systematically.

Final Words

This is all of our picks for how to convert DVD to digital. For people who want to clear the clutter and free up more storage space, using a reliable DVD ripper can always get an ideal result. Do you have any other useful methods to digitize your DVD collections? Feel free to share with us!

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