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Best Way to Capture Video from DVD to Computer

By Tony Moton

December 16, 2018

It's an enjoyable experience to watch the high quality DVD content on your computer. However, it comes to an annoying problem that you have to rely on the DVD playback device like DVD player and PC with DVD compatible drive. The DVD content cannot be directly dragged to a portable device to play, sadly. That's why some of you instead search for ways to capture video from DVD to computer and come to this paper. Actually, it is really an easily solvable matter.

In this post, we've prepared a general way to capture video from DVD to computer, and also an alternative way to convert video from DVD to other common video formats like MP4. Either way is truly effective and please see it for yourself.


Part 1. Capture Video From DVD to Computer

If you're interested in capturing video from DVD to computer, it's highly recommended to try the powerful TuneFab Screen Recorder. This software displays nice work on recording videos from the desktop activities, webcam videos, and game competition. So once you start playing the DVD, you just launch the recorder and it will naturally capture video from DVD to computer. In this way, you can easily get a universal video that can be transferred and played on any other portable devices. Another convenience is that the copy protection on some DVD will not burden you anymore.

Screen Recorder

It's easy to capture video from DVD to computer with this nice friend. Follow these steps to get the records of your DVD content.

Step 1. After installation well, first enter the "Screen Recorder" area.

Step 2. Click the "System Audio" to record the sound of DVD. (Note that the green dot means the function is open)

Step 3. It's better to choose "Full Screen" to record a full size picture.

Step 4. Set a regulated duration time and then the recoding movement will automatically stop.

Step 5. Click "REC" button, and you can start to capture video from DVD to your computer.

Record DVD Video

All done, click "Save" to maintain the whole capture work. Now you can go to the corresponding fine to get the favorable results. However, there is a great limitation that it only offers access to Windows. If you would like to capture video from DVD to your Mac, please see the following alternative way.

Part 2. [Alternative] Convert DVD to Available Videos

What makes DVD unavailable to a portable device is the format that allows the content saving only on the optical disc. In addition to capturing video from DVD to computer, another feasible approach is to convert DVD to available formats like MP4 so as to support portable playback. To save you much effort, you can have a try with the TuneFab DVD Ripper.

TuneFab DVD Ripper is dedicated to dealing with DVD format. With more than 300 output formats optional, you are able to choose a proper format based on the type of your portable device. Note that the diverse output formats involve video and audio ones, so you even can drag the audio file from DVD only for fun. Plus, it offers an easy-to-handle operation and superior performance on both Windows and Mac. Next, we will show you how to convert DVD to MP4 as an example.

Step 1. Insert DVD into the Computer Drive

First insert the DVD into your computer drive. If your computer doesn't have a drive, then an external DVD player helps out.

Step 2. Run TuneFab DVD Ripper

Install TuneFab DVD Ripper according to the guidance. Double click the software to launch it.

Step 3. Load DVD Disc

Click "Load Disc" > "Load DVD Disc", and then select the DVD disc file in the popup window.

TuneFab Load DVD Disc

Step 4. Select MP4 to Replace DVD

Click "Settings". Then click "Profile" bar on the top. You can directly go to "General Video" > "MP4". Or you can input the format into the search bar for it. It's ok that you would like to use other video / audio formats. Also, you can change other setting parameters in the Profile Settings as you like. Click "OK" to ensure your decisions.

Profile Settings

Step 5. Decide Output Folder

It would be better to decide the output folder. Click "Browse" behind the "Destination" bar. Then select the location. This step does well to afterward management and search.

Step 6. Start to Convert DVD to Common MP4

Click "Convert" and this DVD Ripper will start to rip DVD to MP4 at a fast ripping speed.

Convert DVD To MP4

6 steps over, you can get an MP4 video that shares nearly the same quality of the original DVD content. Compared to directly capturing video from DVD to computer, you don't have to worry that the recorded pictures will sometimes get vague which is the common problem in video recording. Now, you are available to get the converted DVD to a portable device for a convenient watching.

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