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YouTube Ringtone Maker: Make Ringtone from YouTube Video

By Iris Holmes

May 20, 2019

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever watched YouTube videos and want to set the background music as your ringtone? But when you searching on the whole main interface of YouTube, there is no download button available for downloading the YouTube videos. In other words, it is hard for you to make ringtone from YouTube video. Missing such suitable videos or music to set as your ringtone is really a pity.

But now, you can free from this problem for the best YouTube to Ringtone Maker will be introduced in this post. And you can use the tool to make ringtone from whatever YouTube videos. Let's see how to make it.


Part 1. Rip Audio from YouTube Before Making Ringtone

As it is mentioned above, there is no direct download button for downloading YouTube videos as audio file formats. In this particular case to make a ringtone from YouTube video, you need to rip audio from YouTube and then use the audio to make the ringtone on your iPhone or Android devices. In order words, you need a tool to help you rip audio from YouTube video.

Here, we recommend the TuneFab Screen Recorder as the best YouTube audio extractor, which consists of powerful Audio Recorder, that can extract the audio from YouTube to multiple file formats, like WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC. Besides, it allows you to customize the audio quality, from lowest to high. So you can get rid of the loss quality of music.

Let's see how it works to rip audio from YouTube before making ringtone.

Step 1. Download and Run TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click to the Download button below to download the TuneFab Screen Recorder. After downloading, click to the installation package and then get your TuneFab Screen Recorder fully installed on your computer. When it is over, run it.

Step 2. Select Audio Recorder to Get Ready for Ripping Audio from YouTube

On the main interface, there are 4 buttons are available for you. And they are Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Screen Capture, and More. Here, we need to click to Audio Recorder.

Recorder Main Interface

Step 3. Go to Preferences Page

When you have shifted to Audio Recorder, you can see the main interface of Audio Recorder. Here you have 2 ways to go to the Preferences page to select the audio file format and folder for the extracted audio files.

#1 Click to Menu button, next to the Mini button at the top right corner of TuneFab Audio Recorder. On the drop-down lists, click to "Preferences" then you can enter the Preferences Page.

#2 Click to the Gear button, then you can enter to the Preferences page.

Note: Please shut down the microphone sound to get the audio extracted from YouTube without noises.

Enter Preferences Page

Step 4. Select the Audio Format and File Folder

At the Preferences page, lots of settings are available for you to customize. At this time, please click to Output buttons and then you can set lots of output settings.

On the Audio format, there is a drop-down box. Click to the down-arrow button, you can select your output audio format. As you can see, there are WMA, MP3, M4A and AAC for option. If you are iPhone users, we recommend setting the file format like M4A, while if you are Android users, set as MP3.

Having selected your audio format, now you can move onto the Local of output files. Click to the down-arrow, you can select your output folder at ease. If you want to customize the output folder, click to the folder-shaped button, then you can choose your output folder as you will.

When the whole settings are done, please click to OK and to complete the whole Preferences settings.

Select Audio Format and Folder

Step 5. Click to REC and Go to YouTube for Ripping Audio from YouTube

Having completed the whole settings of ripping audio, you can click to REC and then go to YouTube websites and then rip the audio from YouTube.

Record Audio

When it is over, please don't forget to click to Red-Square button to end up with the recording.

Record Audio

Step 6. Save Your Record Audio and Get Ready to Make the Ringtone

Last but not least, don't forget to click to "Save" button to save your recorded music for making the ringtone.

Save Recorded Audio

Now, you can use the downloaded YouTube audio to make your own ringtone, let's see how to can make a ringtone from YouTube on iPhone and Android devices.

Part 2. Make A Ringtone from YouTube on iPhone/ Android

For iPhone users:

To make a ringtone from YouTube on the iPhone, you need a professional ringtone maker. TuneFab WeTrans has a professional and free tool for making a ringtone from the audio on both your iPhone devices and your PC. You can follow the guide below and have a full trial of WeTrans to make a ringtone by yourself.

Download WeTrans Here:

For Android Users:

Step 1. Connect your Android devices with the USB cable.

Step 2. Open your file folder that stores the audio rip from YouTube. Copy the whole audio files and paste to your Android external driver.

Step 3. Eject the Android devices from the computer when the whole adding music progress finished.

Step 4. Go to Settings > Sound > "Phone Ringtone".

Step 5. Select the file folder that you stored the audio files, and then choose the audio and click to "Save".

Now, you have the full tutorial of making the ringtone from YouTube videos. Magic? Feel free to leave any comment below if you have any problem. Enjoy your ringtone with the best ringtone maker above.

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