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Best YouTube Recorder: Record YouTube Video/Music on PC

By Tony Moton

June 05, 2019

We all love YouTube but you might feel disappointed that it's impossible to download content directly from YouTube. What if you want to watch a YouTube video in somewhere without Internet connection? Some subscribers would use online YouTube downloaders for such a purpose without considering that not all online downloaders are safe. It's possible to get infected by virus by simply visiting an unknown website.

Is there a safe way for saving YouTube videos and songs on PC without any harm to your PC? Of course, why not record YouTube video and music? Now, let me show you how to do that with a simple but powerful YouTube recorder.


Part 1. How to Record YouTube Video on PC

No matter you want to record YouTube video or music on PC, you need an efficient YouTube recorder that enables users to record your online screen activities. Referring to that, TuneFab Screen Recorder is what you need, as this professional recorder can not only record, edit and share all screen activities including gameplay, webcam, live streaming video and online meeting but also capture screen on computer.

What can TuneFab Screen Recorder do for YouTube subscribers?

#1. Record YouTube videos and songs without time limit.

#2. Adjust the recording parameters in your preference, which means you can set recording area, recording length and system sound according to your YouTube videos and songs.

#3. Save YouTube video in WMV, MP4, MOV, F4V, AVI, TS, GIF and save YouTube songs in WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC.

#4. Establish a task schedule, which means this YouTube recorder enables you to automatically record YouTube video and music.

Therefore, before recording YouTube videos or songs, you are supposed to click on the "Try It Free" download button as below to download and install this recorder for YouTube.

After that, let's start to record YouTube video with this YouTube recorder for PC.

Step 1. Start Video Recorder for YouTube

Open YouTube and go to the video that you want to record. After that, launch TuneFab Screen Recorder and choose "Video Recorder" as you want to record YouTube video now.

Main Interface

Step 2. Adjust YouTube Video Recording Settings

There are four sections in the Video Recorder interface including "DISPLAY1", "Webcam", "System Sound" and "Microphone". Make sure you have switched on the "DISPLAY1" and "System Sound" options and switched off "Webcam" and "Microphone" options.

#1. Select YouTube Window as Recording Area

Once you turned on "DISPLAY1" section, there will be a red dashed box on your PC screen. Next up, drag it to the YouTube playback screen and adjust the border to fit the screen perfectly by moving the red dots.

Select Recording Area

#2. Adjust System Sound

Then adjust the voice on "System Sound" section by moving the slider. Don't forget to turn off "Microphone" option, otherwise, your voice will be captured while recording YouTube videos.

#3. Set up Scheduled Recording (Optional)

By clicking on "task schedule", you can add a new task and set the start and stop time so that you don't need to start and stop recording YouTube video manually.

Tip: This wonderful feature is also available for recording YouTube music.
Add A New Task

#4. Customize Output  Parameters

More importantly, in order to save YouTube videos with better quality, you had better customize output parameters. Simply click on "Setting" icon on the Video Recorder interface and select "Output" from the pop-up window, then change the video format, codec, quality, frame rate, etc as you like.

Customize Output Parameters for YouTube Video

Step 3. Get Started on Recording YouTube Video

Now, you can click on "REC" button to let this YouTube recorder start to record YouTube videos. During recording process, you are able to use some advanced tools to edit the recording. When you want to stop recording, just click on stop button.

Step 4. Preview and save YouTube Video

At last, you can easily save YouTube video by clicking on "Save" button, but before that, you are allowed to click on "Playback" button to have a preview.

Preview Recorded YouTube Video

Part 2. How to Record YouTube Music on PC

As for recording YouTube songs, TuneFab Screen Recorder is also an indispensable tool. Only a few steps, you can save songs from YouTube for offline listening.

Step 1. Start Audio Recorder for YouTube

First of all, download and install TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer. Launch it and select "Audio Recorder" section to go to the Audio Recorder interface for recording YouTube music.

Step 2. Adjust Audio Settings

In order to prevent your voice being recorded into YouTube songs, you need to move the switch of "Microphone" to "OFF" position. At the same time, you are supposed to turn on "System Sound" so that you are allowed to adjust the sound.

Adjust Audio Settings

Step 3. Customize Output Parameters

Before getting started on recording YouTube songs, click on "Setting" button and go to "Output" option, then choose output format from the list and change the video quality according to your need.

Customize Output Parameters for YouTube Music

Step 4. Record and Save YouTube Music on PC

Go to YouTube and play the song that you want to download, then click on "REC" button to start to record YouTube songs. When the recording is end, click on "Stop" button on the top left corner. After that, preview the song by clicking on "Playback" button. But at last, don't forget to click on "Save" button to save the recording.

Preview Recorded YouTube Songs

In a word, for the purpose of saving YouTube video and songs on PC, you can totally record YouTube video and songs on PC with TuneFab Screen Recorder instead of download them with any online YouTube downloaders as this YouTube recorder will do no harm to your computer and allows you to edit the recording.

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