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A Simple Way to Deal with VLC Not Recording Video

By Tony Moton

March 17, 2018

Do you believe that VLC can record videos? Roughly VLC has that recording function. But most of us use it as a media player to watch videos rather than a recorder. In fact, it is quite easy to record videos actually. If you want to know how to record video with VLC, we have the detailed guide here. In case VLC not works well, since recording videos doesn't its major job, we also recommend another professional video/audio recorder. Let's check it out.


Part 1. How to Record Videos with VLC

Follow the guide below to record videos with VLC media player.

Step 1. Open VLC media player, click "Media" on the top menu and then select "Open Capture Device".

Step 2. Choose "Desktop" as the capture mode. Mind that the default frame rate may be incorrect, so it should be adjusted. You can set it to 10-12fps for video recording.

Step 3. Click "Play" in the right down corner, then choose "Convert".

Step 4. In the new pop-up window, create the file's name. Set the extension as mp4.

Step 5. Find the setting icon on the new window, click on "Video Codec". You can change the Bit-rate to 2000kb/s and save.

Step 6. Comes to the last step. Click button "Start" to record. Minimize the program during the record. When finished, just click the stop button and close the VLC.

VLC Interface

VLC can record video but all in all, it is designed for playing movies and videos and known as the media player, not the recorder. When using it to record, issues may occur from time to time. For examples:

• Users complain that VLC doesn't record sound.

• Only for full-screen recording.

• Keep crashing all the time.

So when VLC record not working, you may need a professional recorder. We will introduce such a recorder in the next part.

Part 2. A Simple Way to Deal with VLC Not Recording Video

TuneFab Screen Recorder is the best video/audio recorder for both Windows and Mac users with lots of amazing features. It can use as an online video recorder to share games record, capture Webcam video, make video tutorials, take the screenshot and so on. What's new, the editing functions when recording your video are available now.

After download and install this program, you can find that TuneFab Screen Recorder can perfectly record audio and video at the same time, or you can just record one of them depending on your preference, which VLC cannot do that. That is the same as selecting a screen area, you can freely choose where you want to record. What's more, if you meet any problems when using, you can contact the support team for help. You don't need to worry about any technical issues. Just follow the user guide to know how to use it.

Step 1.Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Download and install this recorder by clicking on the "Try It Free" button below to your computer.

Step 2. Open the Program

Launch the program, a small, simple and pretty interface will turn up. There are two clear recording options, click "Video Recorder".

Main Interface

Step 3. Choose Recording Area on Your Computer

Click the "V" button to select your recording area. There are "Full screen" or "Custom" and others for choosing the area you want.

Screen Display Settings

Step 4. Record Video

When recording the video, to avoid recording the unnecessary noise, you can click to turn off the microphone if you record videos from online movies, music videos, etc. You can keep both system audio and microphone on if you are recording video conference or Skype chat.

Select Video Recorder

Step 5. Set Files Location and Output File Format

Set the location of the output files and screenshot or adjust interface language by clicking on the "More Setting" button > "Output". In this output page, you can also select the output file format.

General Output Settings

Step 6. Change Hotkeys

Then on the same face, click on "Hotkeys" to set the hotkeys to start/stop recording.

Change Shortcuts

Step 7. Record the Desktop Screen

Now you can open the window that you wanted to record. Click the "REC" button to start. When recording, the program will calculate the time and the file size. Finally, you can save your recorded files.

Preview Recorder Video

In the end, we should notice that if recording online videos from others for not for personal use, we should get the permission of the producer first. And if you want to make your own video tutorial, we highly recommend TuneFab Screen Recorder. Go to download and have a try now.

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