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Best Screen Recorder No Lag: How to Record Screen without Lag

By Claire Wilson

August 14, 2019

Have you ever come across a lag issue when recording screen activity on computer?

Since you are here, you must want to find out an efficient method for recording screen without lag. Some screen recorders might crash or lag during recording, so in order to  record screen activity without interruption owing to lagging, you need a professional no lag screen recorder, like TuneFab Screen Recorder which enables you to record screen free of the lag issue.

Next up, let's walk through how to record screen smoothly.


Part 1. Preparation for Recording Screen without Lag

Before getting started on recording screen without lag, you are supposed to prepare below things:

#1. A computer running Windows or macOS;

#2. An outline of tutorials or a video website containing the video that you want to record;

#3. The best no lag screen recorder - TuneFab Screen Recorder;

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a professional no lag screen recorder which is designed for recording, editing and sharing any screen activity with high quality. In addition, it comes with a real-time editing tool used for adding text, arrow and outline to the recorded video or screenshot.

Key Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder:

#1. Record screen in various common formats such as WMA, MP3, M4A, WMV, MP4, etc. with high quality.

#2. Customize recording area, that means you can record whatever part of the screen with ease.

#3. Take and save screenshot as JPG, PNG, BMP and more popular formats.

#4. Set a recording schedule, namely the screen recorder will automatically start and stop recording screen as long as you add a new task schedule.

#5. Extract audio from online videos.

There is no doubt that TuneFab Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder with no lag. Just click on below download button to download and install TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer.

Part 2. Step-by-step Guide for Recording Screen without Lag

Step 1. Select Recording Area

Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder, and then select "Video Recorder" on the main screen to go to Video Recorder screen.

Main Interface

On the Video Recorder screen, switch on DISPLAY1 section and then click on "Full" on the DISPLAY1 section to record full screen or click on "Custom" > "Select region/window" and draw a recording area.

Note: In case that you want to extract audio from video or record audio, select "Audio Recorder" to go to Audio Recorder screen.

Select Recording Area

Step 2. Adjust Audio Volume

Whether to switch on "System Sound" section and "Microphone" section depends on your actual demands. But please note that once you enable the "Microphone" section, your voice or environment voice will be recorded, so make sure you've switched off the "Microphone" section when you record online videos.

By moving the slider to the right or the left, you can easily adjust the audio volume.

Adjust Sound Volume

Step 3. Add a Task Schedule (Optional)

As mentioned before, TuneFab Screen Recorder enables users to record screen without manual operation. To realize automatic recording, you need to add a task schedule.

Click on "Task Schedule (OFF)" on the bottom to open the "Task schedule" window and then click on "Add new task", enter the task name and click on "OK". After that, set the "Start time", "Stop set" and "Recording set". When all parameters are set, click on "OK" to save the settings.

Add a New Task

Step 4. Click on "REC" to Record Screen without Lag

If you haven't add a task schedule, then you need to manually start and stop recording screen. Open the online video or software that you are going to record or prepare for online meetings, then click on "REC" on the "Video Recorder" screen.

Click on REC Button

Three seconds later, your screen activity will be recorded. On the recording panel, you can either edit the recorded video by adding text and highlighting content or pause, resume and stop recording screen.

When you stop recording, you can have a preview. If you are satisfied with your recorded files, then click on "Save" to save them to your output folder, if not, then click on "Re-Record" to record screen again.

In a word, if you want to record screen without lag, then you can choose TuneFab Screen Recorder. For those who intend to record many videos or make plenty of lectures, TuneFab Screen Recorderis your best choice as it provides a lot of powerful features.

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