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Introduction of 2 Ways to Rip YouTube Videos to MP3/MP4

By Tony Moton

June 12, 2018

YouTube is a video-sharing website that can enrich your life. In this platform, you can enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world. Protected by commercial policies, however, YouTube videos are proprietary and charged, preventing you from downloading them. To get YouTube videos for free, you can rip them to MP3/MP4 with a screen recorder/online recorder.

In the below section, two ways are introduced to get YouTube videos in MP3/MP4 format, you can turn to TuneScreen Screen Recorder/Online Recorder/


Way 1. Rip YouTube Videos to MP3/MP4 with TuneFab Screen Recorder

The top 1 method to rip YouTube video to MP3/MP4 is TuneFab Screen Recorder, a powerful recorder. Advantages of this recorder include but not limited to the below items:

* Clean and easy-to-navigate interface.

* Simple and easy operation.

* Has no length limitation.

* Two recording modes to choose - Recording Video & Recording Audio.

* Various output formats to select.

* High successful rate.

* High conversion speed.

* Free regularly upgrades.

* Free technical support.

Following steps below, you can convert YouTube videos to MP3/MP4 with TuneFab Screen Recorder by recording the audio track and video.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click the download button below to get installation package of TuneFab Screen Recorder. 

Step 2. Register to TuneFab Screen Recorder

When download is finished, click the installation package to install TuneFab Screen Recorder in your computer. You are advised to register before ripping video with the program as the registered version has no recording length limitation. Without registering to the program, you can only save 3 minutes of the video.

Step 3. Select Recording Mode

Open the YouTube Video that you want to rip into MP3/MP4. Then in main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder, you need to choose a recording mode first. To rip YouTube Video to MP4, please "Video Recorder". To rip YouTube Video to MP3, please select "Audio Recorder".

Recorder Mode

Step 4. Start Ripping YouTube Video to MP3/MP4

If "Audio Recorder" mode is selected in the last step, you just need to click "REC" button to start recording audio track of the YouTube video,.

Record Audio

If "Video Recorder" mode is selected in the last step, you need to select recording area before recording MP4 from a YouTube video/movie. You can select to record full screen and custom recording area accordingly. Then click the "REC" button to start recording the YouTube video clip.

Record Video

Step 5. Make Drawings During Recording

When the software is recording the video/screen, you can click on the pencil icon to enable the "Editing Panel".  It allows you to add drawings, text, lines, arrows and more into the recording video. 

Finish Recording

Step 6. Stop Recording MP3/MP4

You can pause recording anytime by clicking the pause button. When recording is finished, click the stop button to cease recording. Then click "Save" in the right pane and select an output path. Ripped audio/video will be stored in the selected output folder.

Finish Recording

Way 2. Rip YouTube Videos to MP3/MP4 with Online Recorder

If you do not want to download a special program in your computer, you can try an online ripper. The first online ripper we would like to introduce is Online Video Converter. Steps to convert YouTube videos to MP3/MP4 with Online Recorder go as below:

Step 1. Enter the online recorder page.

Step 2. Paste a link of the YouTube video that you want to record in the blank field.

Step 3. Select the format. To rip YouTube video into MP3, you need to select ".mp3" under "Audio Formats". To rip YouTube video into MP4, you need to select ".mp4" under "Video Formats".

Step 4. Click the "Start" button.

Online Recorder

Another online ripper we will recommend is, an online recorder that allows you to download and convert any YouTube video to MP3 (audio only) or to MP4 format (video up to 4K resolution). You can follow steps below to convert YouTube videos with

Step 1. Enter page.

Step 2. Copy and paste the YouTube video URL in the blank field.

Step 3. Click the "Convert" button.

Step 4. Wait before conversion is finished.


Like most online ripper, operation is simple with Online Recorder and However, conversion speed and successful rate to great extent depends on the file size and network condition. When I rip video with this online ripper for testing, it takes me 15 minutes or so in average to convert a video. You can try to convert video in small size when network condition is poor.

Compared to special ripping software, online converter is less stable. When converting the same video, TuneFab Screen Recorder can finish conversion in shorter time and export MP3/MP4 of higher quality.

Additionally, TuneFab Screen Recorder has more customizable settings, such as location of output files, shortcuts buttons, automatic capture time options, various output formats for saving files. More importantly, to rip video to MP3/MP4, you can select recording area and preset when to stop capture.

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