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How to Record Zoom Meetings on Windows/Mac [Without Permission]

By Iris Holmes

Updated on November 22, 2019

"How to record a Zoom meeting on Windows or on my Mac?"

Generally speaking, to record a Zoom meeting, you need to meet with the following two conditions:

#1 You are the host of the Zoom meetings.

#2 You need permission from the host to record Zoom meetings.

Thus, it is necessary to seek an alternative way to record a Zoom meeting without any permission from the host. In this post, we would like to share you with 2 ways to record Zoom meetings for both Windows or Mac systems. One is using the built-in function, and the other is using the third-party recording software like TuneFab Screen Recorder. If you are the host of the Zoom meetings, then you can take the first way into action. However, if you are the participator and also want to record Zoom meetings, then the second way will be the best options for you. So come with us and see how to make it.


Part 1. For Host: Record a Zoom Meeting by Using the Built-in Recording Functions

If you are the host of the Zoom meetings, you can record a Zoom meeting by using the built-in recording functions. Following is the whole tutorial of the way to record a Zoom meeting on your Zoom app.

Step 1. Download the Zoom App on your Windows/Mac

Go to Zoom and then choose the first Zoom Client for Meetings and then install it on your computer.

Step 2. Log in to Your Zoom account

When it is fully installed on your computer, run it on your computer. When it is running, enter the Zoom account and the password. If you haven't got a Zoom account, then you need to go to sign up and enter your E-mail then you to get a free or paid account from Zoom. When it is over, run the Zoom app and then run it.

Step 3. Arrange a Meeting and Record a Zoom Meetings

On the main interface of Zoom, choose "New Meeting" to get ready for recording. Please don't forget to turn on the Webcam and then make sure your voice is joined. When all the participators are all in, then you can click on Record to record your Zoom meetings.

Record Zoom Meetings on Mac

What if you are the participators on the Zoom meeting? Is it possible for you to record a Zoom meeting without any permission from the host? The answer is positive if you have got a third-party recording software for help. So let's see the next part and then see how to record Zoom meetings without permission.

Part 2. For Participator: How to Record Zoom Meetings on Windows/Mac without Permission

If you are the Zoom meetings participator, you can get some recording software for help to record Zoom meetings and TuneFab Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is one of the best Screen Recorder for recording the meetings, gameplay, video and more to various video formats, like MP4, MOV, M4V, WMV, GIF and more. Besides, it allows you to choose the recording quality, from lowest to lossless with the adjustable video parameters. What's more, you are allowed to edit the videos when recording Zoom meetings. Lots of highlight functions are available when using TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step By Step: Record Zoom Meetings by TuneFab Screen Recorder

Step 1. Choose Video Recorder as Your Recorder Mode

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer and then run it on your computer

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder from the link above and then install it on your computer. When it is fully installed, just run it on your computer. Then you can catch sight of the whole main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder. On the main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder,

Choose Video Recorder on Mac

Step 2. Select Recording Area for Recording Zoom Meetings

As you can see, there are 2 options for you to set the recording area, and they are Full and Custom. Here in order to record your Zoom meetings as original, we highly recommend recording your Zoom meetings by selecting the Custom recording area. After that, you can move onto the next step to choose the file format and folder at one click.

Custom Recording Area on Mac

Step 3. Pick Up the Output File Formats for Your Recording Zoom Meetings

Instead of recording Zoom Meetings as MP4, TuneFab Screen Recorder allows you to record Zoom meetings to various video formats like MP4, MOV, M4V and more. Hence, in this step, you can select output formats by clicking to the Gear Button on the main interface of the TuneFab Video Recorder. Then a Preference page will pop up and you can see that there are lots of recording features which allow choosing and they are Recording, Mouse, Hotkeys, Output and Others. Here, hit the "Output" button.

On the Output Sections, click on the down-arrow button to select video formats, like MOV, MP4, M4V and Gif. Here you can choose your favorite video format as your Zoom meetings recording. Besides, you can click on the three-dots button to choose the location of output files. When it is over, please make sure to click on OK to confirm preference settings.

Set Output Settings on Mac

Step 4. Start Recording Zoom Meetings

Now, just click on REC to begin recording Zoom Meetings without any permission. With 3 seconds count down, then you can just enjoy joining on your Zoom Meetings without any worry about missing any important point of your Zoom meetings.

Start Recording on Mac

When it is over, click on Red-Stop button and then click on Save Button to save your recorded Zoom Meetings. Now you just keep it on your computer now.

Save Recording Zoom Meetings

Up till now, you have got 2 methods for recording Zoom meetings as a host or without any permission from the host. How do you feel about these 2 methods? If you think it helpful, just share it with your friends. But anyway, just go and pick up the favorite way to record Zoom meetings according to your needs. Enjoy your recording Zoom meetings right here.

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