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WebEx Recorder: How to Record WebEx Meeting with Audio

By Zoe Clarke

July 04, 2019

As WebEx is a popular online platform used for running professional meetings and conferences, so you probably often have a meeting with your colleagues and clients via WebEx. Sometimes you might need to record WebEx meeting in order to backup or share with others, since WebEx provides a built-in WebEx recorder, you can easily record WebEx meetings with audio without third-party software.

However, due to its limitations, some of you might want to find a better way to record WebEx meetings. Go ahead! This guide walks you through the steps to record WebEx meeting with built-in recorder and the best WebEx recorder, TuneFab Screen Recorder.


Part 1. Record WebEx Meeting with Built-in Recorder

As mentioned before, WebEx offers a built-in recorder, so when it comes to record WebEx meeting, you must want to record WebEx meeting with built-in recorder at first. The built-in recorder allows users to record WebEx sessions on computer or in cloud.

How to Record WebEx on Computer?

Step 1: Run a WebEx meeting as usual.

Step 2: If you use WBS32, go to "Meeting" > "Recorder Settings" > "Record on This Computer" to manage WebEx recording settings and then click on "Recorder" icon on the main WebEx meeting screen and choose "Record on this computer".

If  you use WBS33 and later, just click on "Record" icon, select "Record on my computer" option and "Record" button from the recording window.

Select Record on My Computer Option

Step 3: From the recorder panel, click on the "Record" icon to get started on recording WebEx meeting. When you meeting is finished, you can click on "Stop" button. Besides, you can also use the panel to pause and continue recording your WebEx meeting.

Stop Recording WebEx Meeting

Note: Only the host or the alternate host are allowed to record a WebEx meeting.

How to Record WebEx in Cloud?

Step 1: First, start a WebEx meeting and then click on "Recorder" icon.

Click On Recorder Icon

Step 2: Next, choose "Record in cloud" option and then click on "Record" button from the pop-up window. Please note that if you've chose the "Call Using Computer" option, you can only record meeting on your computer.


Step 3: Now select "Record" icon on the main screen to get started on recording WebEx meetings with audio.

Get Started on Recording

In order to download recordings, you can sign in and go to "My Webex" > "My Files" > "My Recordings" > "More" > "Download". Referring to playing recordings, host need to select "My Webex" > "My Files" > "My Recordings" > "Playback", while you are not the host, you will receive an email sent by the host, just select the link and paste it to play recordings.

Though it's so easy to record WebEx meetings on computer or in cloud with the built-in recorder, you should note that the recorded files are in WRF format so that a WRF WebEx recording editor is indispensable for playing these recorded files. In order to remove the limitation, you should use a third-party online meeting recorder, TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Part 2. Best WebEx Recorder to Record WebEx Sessions on Windows

TuneFab Screen Recorder is the best option for recording WebEx sessions on Windows, because this screen recording recorder enables users to record, edit and share online meetings. More importantly, users can save recorded WebEx sessions as MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc. with high quality.

Easy Guide of Recording WebEx Sessions

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

As you can see, TuneFab Screen Recorder is a useful tool for recording WebEx sessions. Before getting starting on recording, you need to click on either of download buttons as below to download and install this powerful recorder on your computer.

Step 2. Select Video Recorder

Before starting WebEx meetings, launch the recorder and then select "Video Recorder" option from the main screen to go to the video recorder screen.

Video Recorder Screen

Step 3. Adjust Recording Settings

The next step is to adjust recording settings for the purpose of getting recorded WebEx meetings with better quality. At first, make sure the switches on the DISPLAY section, System Sound section and Microphone section are turned on and the switch on the Webcam section is turned off.

#1. Select "Custom" on the DISPLAY section and then adjust the size of the dashed box to fit the WebEx meeting window size.

#2. Adjust the volume on the System Sound section and Microphone section by moving the slider.

#3. Click on the setting button above the Microphone section and go to "Output" option to change output settings such as video format, video codec, video quality, etc.

Adjust Output Settings

Step 4. Start Recording WebEx Meetings with Audio

When you want to start recording WebEx meetings with audio, simply click on "REC" button on the right of the video recorder screen. On the recording panel, you can adjust volume, capture screen, stop recording, etc.

Tip: Please note that the software will start recording 3 seconds later after clicking on "REC" button. As TuneFab Screen Recorder allows users to clip the recording, so I suggest you to click on "REC" button before starting your WebEx meetings. Also you can click on "Task Schedule" to enter the Start time and select "Stop recording manually".

Click on REC Button

Step 5. Stop Recording WebEx Meetings with Audio

When the WebEx meeting is over, you can either press Hotkeys or click on "Stop" icon on the recording panel to stop  recording. Don't forget to click on "Save" button on the bottom right corner.

Step 6. Share the Recorded WebEx Meetings with Audio

If you want to the recorded WebEx meetings with others, then directly go to the output folder, find the recording file and share it with others by e-mail or other ways.


The above two methods are effective for recording WebEx meetings with audio. It seems easier to record WebEx sessions on Windows with built-in recorder than TuneFab Screen Recorder, but obviously, TuneFab Screen Recorder offers more powerful features, for example, it enables users to save recorded WebEx meetings to common formats and allows meeting participants to record WebEx meetings with audio.

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