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Guide: Record Vimeo Video with Two Simple Ways

By Zoe Clarke

May 04, 2018

"Some quite interesting or distinctive videos shared by others on I want to download or record Vimeo video. Is it possible? If Yes, what shall I do?"

As the video sharing platform, Vimeo is similar to YouTube which limits you to get the video or video downloading is not allowed. If you like to collect interesting videos from Vimeo, you may feel disappointed at the time you fail to download or capture Vimeo videos to your laptops, iPad, iPhone, iPod and more without internet connections anytime and anywhere you like. So, in this article, we're going to explore the strategies to capture and record Vimeo videos for comfortably enjoying anytime.


Part 1. Record Vimeo Video on Windows

TuneFab Screen Recorder is the most amazing capture software that helps you effectively and efficiently record videos easily from Vimeo on Windows. With it, you can record online video from Vimeo and YouTube, etc. without any difficulty. So, if you're finding a way to save a video from Vimeo to your PC, after that, you can transfer recorded Vimeo videos to any portable devices freely and share them on the social network. To learn more about this powerful video recorder, here come several features of it:

▪ Record or download Vimeo, YouTube, Metacafe in MP4, WMV format;

Record PowerPoint presentation with audio included;

▪ Capture music tracks and save in MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC format;

▪ Support using hotkeys to control;

▪ DRM-ed contents like iTunes M4V purchased and rented videos, as well as music, can be recorded.

Steps to Capture/Record/Download Vimeo Videos

Step 1. Select Recording Area

After successfully installed TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer, launch it and the main interface will pop up immediately. From the main interface, you can click select the option named “Video Recorder". After that, click on the first option (A Screen Icon) and then choose the recording area, such as "Full screen", "Fix region" or "Custom" to adjust the recording area directly. 

Record Video and Audio

Step 2. Select Recording Inputs

As you need to record Vimeo online video, I'm sure you must hope that no noise is added to your video. So, it is necessary for you to enable "System Sound" and turn off "Microphone". To turn off "Microphone", simply switch the "ON" button to "OFF". 

Record Video and Audio

Step 3. Select A Folder to Save Vimeo Video

Click the setting button to enter into the window of "Preferences", go to "Output" > "Location of output files" and you can select the output folder for the video and screenshots.

General Output Settings

Step 4. Hotkeys Resetting

To control the recording process, setting hotkeys to match your habits will be more efficient. Just go to "Hotkeys" to complete these settings.

Change Shortcuts

Step 5. Output Format Option

For the output format of recording video, you can select MP4 or WMV to be the format of your video as you like. No matter which one you select, the quality is high and no watermark.

Choose Output Video Format

Step 6. Start Recording Vimeo

Go to Vimeo and open a video to play, then click "REC" to record video. Note that you can choose duration before starting recording.

Preview Recorded Video

Remember to save the files by clicking on "Save" on the lower right corner. What's next? Enjoy your Vimeo video after recording with the best screen recorder for Windows.

Part 2. Download Vimeo Videos on Mac with Safari

Mac users may not be strange with QuickTime which is not only a media player but also the recording application. When you need no more software to be installed on your Mac, QuickTime is the first choice. However, to your surprise, Safari is capable of downloading online streaming videos. By well-making use of it, you can receive the better results. The process is simple and quick, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Launch the Safari on your Mac.

Step 2. Press "Command+Option+A", or go to "Windows > Activity" in Safari.

Step 3. Find the activity for "Video Name". If you'd like to download the original video file, just choose the largest file size.

Step 4. Finally, double-click to download the video from Vimeo, YouTube, etc to Mac.

Note: The video that downloaded through Safari is in the format of FLV which is incompatible with QuickTime, so you need to convert the downloaded video to MP4, MOV or M4V with VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate.

Until now, you've known about the most quickly and the simplest ways to record or download Vimeo videos. If you require no software to help you, online Vimeo downloaders and recording programs are worthy of consideration. Most of them are free, but the result may not be as good as software. Think carefully and choose the best one that suits you. Enjoy and share your videos!

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