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Vimeo Audio Downloader: How to Record Vimeo to MP3

By Zoe Clarke

August 24, 2018

Vimeo, serving as a top-notch online video website, enables video-making lovers to upload, watch and share videos freely. Those videos are equipped with high quality both in picture and background music. In many cases, people are fond of the BGM but have no idea of its information, or just want an audio version of the video, which goes beyond the service of Vimeo. So they need to find a way out to convert Vimeo to MP3 or other audible formats. And the MP3 format is widely used in most of the devices in daily life for its convenience to be copied and shared. Here is a tool meets all the demands—a screen recorder.

You may wonder: A screen recorder? How can a screen recorder convert an online video to MP3? It must be kidding! Seriously, a recorder named TuneFab Screen Recorder does well in it! Apart from recording the screen, this recorder can also record sound only and save it as an MP3 file. It's hard to explain how useful it is, so I'll show you step by step and record an MP3 from Vimeo. This article is divided into 3 parts: what this recorder can do, how to record, and other ways of recording a Vimeo video to an MP3.


Part 1. What TuneFab Screen Recorder Can Do

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a software which helps people record video and audio on computers. So recording the system sound is not a big deal for this recorder. You can simply play the video on Vimeo and at the same time this recorder will capture the soundtrack and convert it to an MP3. Or you can make the recorder work itself and you are free to your own business. No complicated process is needed, nor any energy is demanded. What you need to prepare is a TuneFab Screen Recorder and a computer that can access the Internet. You can click the button below to get a TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Part 2. How to Record a Vimeo to MP3 with TuneFab

Before we get to capture the soundtrack of Vimeo video, please download a TuneFab Screen Recorder first. Here we'll take the version for Windows as an example, but don't worry, things are similar in Mac so you can follow suit. Okay, let's begin.

Step 1. Open the Webpage of Vimeo

Open the website of Vimeo and select the video that the soundtrack belongs to.

Step 2. Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder offers a trial version, so you can take an experience first before registering. The trial version allows users to record videos or audios with a limit for 3 minutes each time. And the full version has no limitation on time nor numbers of recording files. After you open the software, you'll see its main interface like this:

Main Interface

Step 3. Click "Audio Recorder"

#1. Click "Audio Recorder" to get into a new interface.

Click Audio Recorder

#2. Make sure that the mode of "System Sound" is "ON" or nothing you can get in your MP3 but silence. Besides, the "Microphone" button must be "OFF", otherwise, you'll get the noise from the environment captured. Adjust the volume of the system sound.

Sound Input

#3. More settings (Optional)

Not only can TuneFab Screen Recorder convert a soundtrack to MP3, but also convert to other formats. Click "More settings" to choose one.

More Settings

And then click "Output" to select an audio format that you want. Up to now, 4 formats are available, including MP3, WMA, M4A, and AAC

Audio Format

Step 4. Click "REC" to Record Vimeo Soundtrack

Before you start to record, I would like to remind you that once you click "REC", there are three seconds' counting down. So you have to manage the time well before playing the video. And play the video you choose, open TuneFab Screen Recorder and click "REC".

Click REC

Step 5. Stop Recording

When you want to stop recording, just click the "Stop" icon. Also, "Pause" is available.

Pause Stop

Step 6. Preview the Audio

After you click the "Stop" button, the interface for previewing and saving will appear. You can play the audio you record from Vimeo, after which save it to your PC if you feel satisfied with it; if not, just follow the above steps and record again.

Preview Audio

Step 7. Save the Audio

Once you click "Save" you can see the saving page. The three dots allow you to select a folder to save the audio. And click the "Next" button.

Save Audio

Step 8. Edit the Audio

Waiting for a few seconds, the audio captured from Vimeo video is done. You can rename the audio by clicking the pen icon and delete the audio by clicking the dustbin icon.

Edit Audio

Part 3. Alternative Ways to Record Vimeo Video to an MP3

#1. OFFMP3

Step 1. View a video on Vimeo

Step 2. Copy the video URL from Vimeo

Step 3. Go to OFFMP3 of MP3 converter

Step 3. Paste the video URL into the search bar and click "DOWNLOAD"

Step 4. Edit audio tags or Cut the audio

#2. Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

Step 1. Go to Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

Step 2. View a Video on Vimeo

Step 3. Copy the URL of the video

Step 4. Paste the video URL into the search bar and click "Convert"

To sum up, to convert the soundtracks of videos from Vimeo, a recorder can provide you a big favor. It is so easy to use TuneFab Screen Recorder to keep what you like as MP3 files and you are free to play them or save in any devices. With its help, anyone can record Vimeo to MP3 with ease.

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