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How to Record Video to USB Flash Drive

By Tony Moton

November 23, 2018

Sometimes, you may want to record and save online videos to USB flash drive so that you can share these videos with others and play them on other devices like TV or multimedia equipment conveniently. Then how to do that? As YouTube is one of the best and most popular video-sharing websites, I am going to take YouTube videos as an example to show you how to record YouTube video to USB flash drive.


Part 1. Brief Introduction for YouTube

First of all, let me make a brief introduction of YouTube for you. YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. YouTube, developed by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos including video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short and documentary films, live streams, etc.

If you want to record YouTube videos for entertainment and save them to USB flash drive, then you may need a powerful and reliable program like TuneFab Screen Recorder which is designed for recording any video and audio.

Part 2. How to Record YouTube to USB Flash Drive

Actually TuneFab Screen Recorder is not only a professional video and audio recorder, but also good at editing the recording videos and screenshots. Therefore, if you want to record YouTube, then don't miss this multifunctional software, just click the "Try It Free" button below to easily download it on your computer right now. Then follow the step-by-step guide to record YouTube to USB flash drive.

Step 1. Register the Program

When you open TuneFab Screen Recorder, you will see a pop-up window. TuneFab Screen Recorder do provide free trial version which allows users to snapshot without watermark and upgrade, but trial version users can only save up to 3 minutes for every record length.

If the YouTube videos you want to record are more than 3 minutes, then you need to unlock the limitation. To do that, you are supposed to click the link or "Purchase" button to go to the official website for paying for the program, then enter the email address and registration code you received. At last click on "Register" button to get the full version.

Register the Program

Step 2. Select Recording Area

After that, you will see four options in the main interface including video recorder, audio recorder, snapshot and more. As you need to record YouTube videos, so just select video recorder.

Then you need to choose the recording area by clicking on "∨" button in the display section and then choosing Full screen, Custom, Fix region, Around the mouse, Follow the mouse or Lock window as you like.

Select Record area

Step 3. Set Inputs and Output Parameters

Before clicking the "REC" button to start the conversion, you are supposed to set input and output parameters.

To record YouTube videos, you need to switch the button of system sound from "OFF" to "ON", and keep the the button of Micphone in the "OFF" position to avoid record the environment voice.

Select Input Settings

As for the output settings, you need to click on the gear button above the Micphone icon and then select Output option to change the location of output files as USB folder. In addition to that, you are free to change video format, video codec, video quality, etc.

Select Output Folder

Step 4. Start Recording YouTube Videos

After all is settled, you can open YouTube on your PC and prepare to play the video. Then click on "REC" button or press the hotkeys to start the recording proess. When you want to stop the recording, click on "End" button or press the hotkeys, then you are allowed to preview the recorded video. If you find the recorded YouTube videos perfect, then just click on "Save" button to save it on the output file, but if not, click on the close button and then click "No" on the pop-up window. Now you can restart to record YouTube videos.

Start Recording Videos

Part 3. Tips About TuneFab Screen Recorder

In case some of you may not use TuneFab Screen Recorder before, here are some tips for you so that you can record any audio and video more smoothly.

Tip 1: You had better register the program before recording as most of the video and audio files are more than 3 minutes.

Tip 2: Sometimes, you may want to make drawings and add text to your recorded videos, then you can use some advanced tools to do that during the recording process.

Tip 3: If you choose the full screen as the recording area, then you may need to use the hotkeys to start and stop recording. You can find hotkeys on the "Preferences" list.

Guys, if you want to record video to USB flash drive, why not download TuneFab Screen Recorder and give it a try? Believe or not, it won't let you down. Actually, TuneFab Screen Recorder can also record and download Internet radio, and record screen as GIF. Wow, don't you think TuneFab Screen Recorder is such a powerful software? Just download it right now.

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