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How to Record Video on MacBook Air [2018]

By Claire Wilson

October 26, 2018

As we all know, MacBook Air is one of the most popular laptops released by Apple Inc, which attracts many customers by its portable weight, the well-designed external form, and the Retina display. In many cases, the users may need to record video on MacBook Air such as recording online movies, recording tutorials of some software, capturing games and sharing with friends, etc. To realize the function, you need a screen recorder which can professionally record Mac screen and provides a high-quality output video at the same time. Here TuneFab Screen Recorder is highly recommended because it can perfectly fulfil all the requirements.

MacBook Air 2018

This post will tell you in detail how to record video on MacBook Air and share with you some tips when using TuneFab Screen Recorder. Follow the steps below to recorder your own unique video. At the second part, other tips and advantages will be shared, you can learn more about if you are interested in it. Now, let's begin!


Part 1. Record Video on MacBook Air with Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder features as a recorder which can capture video on MacBook Air with sound for you. It is quite user-friendly so you don't have to worry about the complexity of the operation. The video you recorded from MacBook Air will be saved as MP4 so that you can enjoy it on any device as you like. Before we get started, you need to download TuneFab Screen Recorder first.


#1. This post applies to MacBook Air / MacBook / MacBook Pro, so it is also suitable for you if you have other Apple laptops.

#2. If you have other computers with Windows system, you can also download TuneFab Screen Recorder from the button above. You can read the tutorial below for reference: How to Record Computer Screen on Windows.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Follow the instruction of installation to have TuneFab Screen Recorder on your MacBook Air. After you launch it, you will see the note for registering. If you don't want to register, just click "Free Trial" - you can only record the first 3 minutes for each video but has no limitation of the number you recorded.

Register Mac

#2. If you have registered, you will see the main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder like this:

Main Interface Mac

Step 2. Select Recording Region on MacBook Air

Go to the third option with a screen icon, there are three categories of recording areas for you to choose from.

#1. If you want to capture the whole MacBook Air screen, then click "Full screen", after which select an appropriate size for your MacBook Air.

#2. If you want to record video in a fix region, then click "Fixed region" to pin the area.

#3. If you want draw the region by yourself, you can click "Custom region" to customize the recording area.

Select Recording Area Mac

Step 3. Select Audio Settings

If you want to record surrounding sound, then click the microphone-like icon. You can choose the sound source either from the built-in microphone or from the system.

Select Audio Input Mac

Step 4. Record Video on MacBook Air

In this step, you just need to click on "REC" button and then you can have your MacBook Air screen captured.

Record Video on MacBook Air

Step 5. Edit Videos

While you are recording video with TuneFab Screen Recorder on MacBook Air, you are able to make drawings and add text to it. Click the pencil-like icon from the recording panel and then the marking tools are available for you.

Edit Video Mac

Tip:Apart from editing video instantly, you can also take snapshots to capture the moment that you want from the video. Just tap on the camera-like icon and you can make it.

Take Snapshots Mac

Step 6. Preview the Video

After the recording, you can check the files you recorded just now by moving the cursor to the top right corner, and all the recordings and snapshots are lying there.

Record History Mac

Part 2. Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder

In this part, more tips about TuneFab Screen Recorder will be introduced to you so that you can capture more than you think.

What you can do with TuneFab Screen Recorder

• Record online video while you are fully occupied: How to Record HBO Go Video for Offline Streaming

• Convert video to audio: How to Record Vimeo to MP3

• Record game video: How to Become a YouTube Gamer

• Capture computer audio: How to Record Computer for Playback

How can TuneFab Screen Recorder do this

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a professional software that focuses on capturing screen of computer. All kinds of videos can be saved as local files so that the users can replay them at anytime as the wish. No limitation would be on your way any more and you can freely record whatever you want.

Key Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder

#1. Record screen and webcam

More than recording video on MacBook Air, TuneFab Screen Recorder can also help you record webcam video meanwhile. Just click the camera-like icon and then the built-in camera on MacBook Air will start working.

Record Webcam Video

#2. Make Real-Time Editing

It is a useful function if you are recording a tutorial video because you can leave your thinking process and idea on it.

#3. Select Recording Area

You can choose recording region freely according to you need.

#4. Convert Video/Audio

When you want to save the background music of a video but have no idea what it is, then TuneFab Screen Recorder will help you solve the problem. It can convert the video to audio with high output quality.

#5. Take Snapshots

No matter you are recording a video or not, you can take screenshots whenever you like and edit the screenshots.

#6. Upload and Share Videos

After you finish recording a video, you can share it to social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

In conclusion, TuneFab Screen Recorder meets your need to record video on MacBook Air exactly and provides more helpful features than you require so that you can choose what to do. Have you known how to record MacBook Air video? Just download TuneFab Screen Recorder and have a try!

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