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Ultimate Guidance: Record Streaming Video on Computer

By Iris Holmes

March 26, 2018

Have you dreamed of saving some videos from a website? Have you have found some videos on the website are objected to being saved? It seems that there is no way out of this problem. However, thanks to the advanced technology born, you can download the forbidden-downloaded streaming videos by recording it from the website right after reading this article with the ultimate guidance. So stay with me you will learn the way roundly.


As for those forbidden-downloaded streaming videos, we can use 2 tricks to save streaming videos. One is the recording method, and the other is using online tool. I will illustrate the two methods with details in the following two parts.

Part 1. How to Record Streaming Videos on PC

Prerequisite tools: A recorder, the videos

Here I would like to recommend the TuneFab Screen Recorder. The reason why I recommend this recorder are varied, but the significant reasons are as follow.

Point 1. Omnidirectional video service. Such an all-around recorder that will assist you in many aspects, like recording audio, taking a screenshot, saving the webcam videos and recording game for sharing. But most importantly, you are absolutely saving the videos from the Internet and even edit when recording video.

Point 2. Multiple choices for video. You can choose the saving format, quality, frame rate and video codec for saving your video files.

Point 3. Simple operating interface. This recorder will value your times so that it is designed to be simple and easy-to-operated. Thus you can easy to record with such an easy-to-use recorder.

Knowing tanto common knowledge of this recorder, here are the step by step instruction.

Step 1. Launch the software

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 2. Visit the website for getting ready to Record

This way I am going to visit the YouTube to find the video I am willing to record.

Step 3. Click the Video Recorder and resize the videos recording marquee

When finding out the video, you can click the video recorder on the main interface, and then it will shift to the setting of the whole video. At this moment, you can resize and set the preferred video marquee by clicking to "V" button.

Screen Display Settings

Step 4. Set your output files quality and factors and click on REC

Before recording, don't forget to click the More Setting for your output files quality and other factors. When setting them all, you can click REC to record.

Output Settings

Note: Pay heed to the marquee will record some others contents to your output files. Please don't do anything, when recording the videos.

Step 5. Click the Stop Button and save your record videos

When your video is over, you can click the Stop button to finish your recording tasks. When checking your videos whether it is recorded the whole videos or not, you can click save to save your output files.

Preview Recorded Video

Video Tutorial: Recording Streaming Videos on Computer

Note: Your whole videos can just be recorded into 3 minutes in Free Version. You can check this 3 minutes videos for quality and then you will back here to get your recorded registered.

Part 2. How to Save Online Videos with Online Video Downloader

Also, you can choose to save your video by using some online tool. That is, analyzing the video and then converting into the format you may want to save as. Here I am going to introduce the tool named VidPaw.

It is an online free downloader which you can just copy and paste your YouTube URL and convert to MP4 file format.

Step 1. Visit VidPaw


Step 2. Copy the URL to standby the conversion

At this point, I will use the same content to get your video converted. This way, you can copy the URL by pressing Ctrl + C.

Copy URL to Convert

Step 3. Placed the URL and get ready to download

Back to VidPaw to copy your video placed in the URL frame by Ctrl+V and after that click "Start" button.

Copy URL to VidPaw

Step 4. Download your streaming videos

Select the one you want to download and click "Download" to download this videos.

Download Video From VidPaw

Part 3. Streaming Video Recorder VS Online Video Downloader

Since you have already had these 2 videos saving software, you may confuse that how to choose a perfected tool for saving your streaming videos? Compared with these 2 tools, some differences will be easy to distinguish. However, how to choose the appropriate one is depending on your usage of your video.

For keeping streaming videos, both two ways are available for record streaming video on Computer. But the later one will be better for you free from downloading.

For multiple uses of your videos and other usages, like the screenshot, editing, recording a meeting, recording games, then a video/screen recorder is the winner. If you want a multifunctional tool for video capturing and recording, TuneFab Screen Recorder is your best option.

With the two tool, a brand new streaming video experience is right here waiting for you. Enjoy your freely streaming video experience right here!

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