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An Easy Way to Record Skype Audio and Video Calls

By Vicky Lewis

May 12, 2018

Skype, a telecommunication program which provides to people for doing some video or audio calls with each other. It supports many devices such as computers, tablets, mobile devices, smartwatches, etc. With Skype, people are free to make any calls with their friends, colleagues, or family members.


Sometimes when you are using Skype to do video or audio calls, you must want to keep some valuable or unforgettable moments. As for this reason, some people would want to record the Skype audio and video calls down to memory. Today, we would like to share you an easy way to fulfill this task. Just keep on reading.

Record Skype Audio and Video Calls with TuneFab Screen Recorder

For a good recording process and good recording quality, I highly recommend TuneFab Screen Recorder. TuneFab Screen Recorder can deal with both video and audio recording very professionally. This program is also easy to grasp. You would get the recordings done in just a few simple steps. The recordings which are produced by TuneFab Screen Recorder is also guaranteed. You can also amend the format, codec, quality, etc. of the target recordings in your preferences.

Then I'll show you how to use TuneFab Screen Recorder to record Skype video and audio calls.

Preparation of Using TuneFab Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click on the download site above to download TuneFab Screen Recorder. At present, TuneFab Screen Recorder is available only on Windows.

Step 2. Register TuneFab Screen Recorder

There are both free trial and paid version for TuneFab Screen Recorder. For free trial version, you can only record the videos for up to 3 minutes. But if you upgrade it to a paid version, you could break this barrier and enjoy no recording length limitation.

Register TuneFab Screen Recorder

When you purchase TuneFab Screen Recorder from our store, you would receive an email with an activation code. Click on "Register" and enter the code, and you can unlock the program.

How to Record Skype Video Calls

As for recording Skype video calls, you just need the following 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Go to "Video Recorder" Section

Firstly, open TuneFab Screen Recorder and go to "Video Recorder" section. If you want to record Skype video calls, you need to turn on both System Audio and Microphone. Then choose the Screen Device and Recording Area. You can select either Full Screen or Custom to customize by yourself.

Record Video and Audio Section

Step 2. Pre-settings of the Recording

Then click on the gear icon to go to "Preferences" interface. You can select a certain output folder to save your recordings in "Location of output files". 

Select Output Format

Then go to "Hotkeys", here you can set the hotkeys to start/stop the recording, pause/resume capture or take a screenshot.

Select Hotkeys

Lastly, in "Output" > "Video format", you are able to select the output format of your Skype video calls such as MP4, WMV, video codec, quality and set audio preference according to your need.

Select Output Format

Step 3. Start to Record the Skype Video Calls

When you have done all the settings above, you can begin to record the Skype video calls now. Turn on the video calls in Skype, and then click on "REC" in TuneFab Screen Record to start recording. When done, click on "Save" to preserve the recording. Then you could get the recording of your Skype video calls.

Skype Video Calls

How to Record Skype Audio Calls

Being similar to video recording, it is also simple to record Skype audio calls with TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Go to "Record Audio" Section

Open TuneFab Screen Recorder and go to Record Audio section. In this section, enable both System Sound and Microphone and you can just record the audio of Skype's audio calls.

Record Audio Section

Step 2. Customizable Settings

Click on "More Settings", and you can customize the output recording according to your need. For example, you can select the output audio format for the recording.

Note: The customizable settings is the same as above.

Step 3. Start Recording Skype Audio Calls

At last, click on "REC" to start recording the Skype audio calls.

Start Recording

Through these simple processes, you can successfully record Skype video and audio calls simply. With TuneFab Screen Recorder, it is totally possible for you to record any moments while you are making a video or audio call. Try it now to record the important Skype calls for yourself!

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