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2 Ways to Record & Save Skype Calls on Windows 10 [Updated]

By Iris Holmes

Updated on July 26, 2019

Don't know how to record the calls on Skype when having a video chat with your friends? Now, it is easy to record Skype calls on Windows with 2 methods. One is using the built-in tools on Skype to record calls on Windows, and the other is recording Skype calls with the advanced Screen Recorder Software. Curious about how to make it? Let's begin with the first parts, the method of the built-in tools on Skype.

You will learn from this post:

#1 Record Skype Calls on Windows with Skype Built-in Recording Tools

#2 Record Skype Calls on Windows with the Advanced Screen Recorder Software

Method 1. Record Skype Calls on Windows 10 with Skype Built-in Recording Tools

Updated on September 4 on 2018, Skype has added the built-in recording services on Windows app. In other words, users can use the built-in recording tools on Skype to record the video and audio calls when chatting with your friends or others on video calls or audio calls. Now, let's see how to make it.

4 Steps to Record Skype Calls on Windows 10 with Skype Built-in Recording Tools

Step 1. Open and dial calls on Skype. During your Skype calls, on the main interface of Skype calls, hit the "+" button.

Step 2. On the drop-down lists, there are 2 options. One is Hold call, and the other is Start Recording.

Step 3. Click to Start recording and then you can record the calls on Skype.

Record Video Calls on Skype

Note: To end up the recording of the call, you need to click to the "+" button again to stop recording. Go back to the main interface of Skype, choose the video and then click to Three-point button > "Save As" > Select your folder and then Save to MP4.

However, this method has limitations. For example, the recorded Skype calls are just available for 30 days merely on your chat list. And if you are chatting with others, you will fail to record a single screen from others for the recorded Skype calls stream will be combined. Is there any other solution to record Skype calls and save permanently? That is what we are going to share with an in-depth tutorial below. Keep reading.

Method 2. Record Skype Calls on Windows 10 with the Advanced Screen Recorder Software

When it comes to record calls, a Screen Recorder with Webcam supported will be better. And TuneFab Screen Recorder is such a tool. It is designed to record the screen activities like video calls on Windows to various file formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV and more. Besides this, there are lots of highlight functions like edit functions, screen capture, setting the video parameters and the like. You can get the more via downloading and following the guide below.

Full Tutorial: Record Skype Calls on Windows 10 for Saving Permanently

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click to the button above to download TuneFab Screen Recorder. With several minutes, then you can get the installation package on your download folder. Open the download folder and then click to EXE files to install TuneFab Screen Recorder on Windows 10. Run it when the downloading is over.

Step 2. Adjust the Recording Area to Get Ready

On the main interface, click to "Video Recorder" and then you will shift to the main interface of Video Recorder. Here, you can adjust your recording area, turn on your Webcam and set the audio settings.

At this step, you need to click to the first button to adjust the recording area. See, unlike the Skype Built-in recording tools, you are allowed to set the recording area as full screen or custom screen. Here, we highly recommend setting the Custom screen > Select Windows for getting rid of the recording screen will be changed by mistake.

Select Video Recorder

Step 3. Turn on Your Webcam for Recording

To record the video calls, the most important step is to turn on your Webcam. Now, press the button next to the Webcam to turn on the Webcam to get ready to record yourself.

Turn on Webcam

Step 4. Select the Output File Formats

Unlike Skype recording tools, TuneFab allows you to set the recorded videos on its Preference Page. To enter the preference pages, you need to click to "Gear" button or click to three-line button to enter the preference Pages.

After successfully entering to the Preference Page, click to Output button and then you can select your file folder and file format on it. As you can notice that on the line of Video format, there is a down-arrow button which you can choose the file formats from the drop-down lists, like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV and even GIF.

Besides, you can select the video quality, video frame rate and more on below the video format. 

Set Video Settings

Step 5. Click to REC to Record Skype Calls on Windows 10

When all the settings are done, you can click to the Green REC button to record the Skype Calls on Windows 10. For a free trial version, you are just allowed to record a video with 3 minutes long. So if you want to enjoy the full version, please go and purchase the full version.

Record Skype Calls on Windows

When the recording is over, please click to the Red-Stop button to stop the recording of Skype Calls. And then you can save your recording to your destination folder.

Stop Skype Video Calls on Windows

Step 6. Edit Skype Video Calls when Recording [Options]

If you want to edit the video calls for business, you can click to the Pencil-like button to edit your Skype Calls. There are lots of edit functions for editing your Skype calls, like adding an arrow, inputting your note and more.

Edit Skype Video Calls on Windows


So far, you have got 2 ways to record the Skype calls on Windows 10. Compared with these 2 ways, the second one will be better for not only can you record the Skype Calls to high quality with powerful edit functions and various file formats, but also it is fully feasible when recording Skype calls on Windows 7, Windows 8 and even recording Skype audio calls. TuneFab Screen Recorder is the one-stop solution for recording Skype calls. 

Now, it is your turns to choose your best software to record your Skype calls. Free to leave any comment below if you have any question. Enjoy your easy recording Skype calls right here. Cheers! 

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