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Guide: Record Skype Calls on Windows 10

By Tony Moton

February 22, 2018

"I often use Skype, and there are some conversations that I want to listen to again. It is interesting and touching to talk to my relatives, friends, and my boyfriends, and these moments are very important. I'm in urgent need of a software that helps me record important moments. But I don't know which one I should choose. The system of my computer is Windows 10. Please recommend one to me."

Video Calling on Internet

There are many applications to record Skype calls on Windows 10, but some of them are too complicated. TuneFab Screen Recorder is to record audios due to some special and simple options that are very easy to deal with. Follow this tutorial to get the software set up and your important conversations saved on Windows 10.


Part 1. Know More About TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is designed specifically for Windows(10/8.1/8/7) and Mac, from recording audio to recording videos, or screenshots. This software can help you capture anything that happens on your computer screen. TuneFab Screen Recorder offers a number of useful and amazing features for easy audio recording on Windows 10:

* Provides an option for recording video, recording audio or snapshot only;

* Provides a variety of output formats for selection;

* Customize the video by choosing the recording area;

* Change hotkeys as you like.

* Edit video while recording.

Part 2. Steps to Record Skype Calls on Windows 10

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Run the TuneFab Screen Recorder and click the "Audio Recorder" from the interface. Then you need open System Audio & Microphone, make sure that you can record audio only. You can record Skype calls of up to two minutes in length with the free trial. If you want to record longer audios, you need to purchase the full version.

Record Audio

Step 2. Select Location of Output Files

Click on the More Settings button, select a folder and file format for your audio files in "Output".

General Output Setting

Step 3. Hotkeys Settings

In the "Hotkeys" section, you can change the shortcuts by pressing the keyboard as you like. The hotkeys help you to record it more easily.

Change Shortcuts

Step 4. Start Recording Audio

Once these settings are made, you can go to Skype and start the online calling. Then you can click on the "REC" button to start recording audio.

Record Toolbar

These are the entire process of using the TuneFab Screen Recorder to record the Skype calls on Windows 10. Now, you can record the important moments of your Skype calls with this powerful software. Why not have a try?

Part 3. FAQs about Skype

1. I've forgotten my Skype Name. How do I find out what it is?

Ask someone who has you in his Skype contact list and let him tell you what is your name. This is the easiest way to find out your Skype name.

Otherwise, click on the "Forgotten your Skype name" in "Sign in" page. Enter your primary email address and click Get Skype Name. Then Skype will send an email to you. Open the email and click the temporary code link that you will get your Skype name.

2. I can't receive the contact request? What can I do?

Skype base on the P2P mechanism that you are not able to receive contact request unless your contacts and yourself are both online.

3. Why is a contact who is online shown as offline?

When someone logs in to Skype, their state shows that they are online. First of all, you and your friends need to check whether the Skype status is set to "online". But they may not be seen immediately, or they may set their state to be invisible.

You can call them or send messages to the contact, which can effectively reduce the delay caused by the unobstructed network connection of your contact. If you call them or instant messages, their state is usually updated immediately, unless they have chosen invisible.

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