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Top 5 Tools to Record Screen as GIF on Windows 10

By Vicky Lewis

August 06, 2018

In your daily life, you may encounter with some situation that you need to share a GIF making by a screencast, therefore, a GIF recorder is all you need for recording screen as GIF. There are many screencast tools for Windows to record screencasts, hereby 5 easy-to-use and professional GIF recorders would be introduced to record the screen as the GIF on Window 10.


Part 1. Top 5 Tools to Record Screen as the GIF on Window 10

1. TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is equipped with the most powerful function for screen capturing, which can help you record screen activity, online videos, streaming audios, etc. with high output quality.

(1) The most obvious advantage is that you can record any videos freely without limitation with the help of TuneFab Screen Recorder.

(2) While for game amateur, this program could record the whole playing processes of the game so that you can share with your friends.

(3) Furthermore, with TuneFab Screen Recorder, you are able to record and save the webcam videos of your Skype or TeamViewer to your computer for you.

(4) You can create your own video tutorials by this recorder, which can help you catch the screen and customize the size and color of the mouse cursor.

(5) With the Shortcut Button, you are able to stop and start screen recording, and also you can choose the output format, quality before recording.

(6) You can edit your video or leave a comment along with recording video.

Screen Recorder Interface

2. ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif is a handy, free and free-installation tool designed for recording screen. It is a portable app with the following features:

·Select the window you want to record;

·Frame by frame edition;

·Add subtitles, text etc.;

·Crop and clip


3. Recordit

Recordit is an app with paid and free version. You can record screen within 5 minutes for free, and it's quite enough for making a GIF. You can capture a screen and upload it to the server, then you can review the output in the browser.


4. LICEcap

LICEcap is a free tool not only supporting GIF but also native lossless. With this program, you can control the frame rate, title frame as well as showing mouse button clicks. However, the GIF may have low quality if you record the screen as GIF with LICEcap, and it has no editor.


5. ShareX

ShareX is another recorder with rich features that can create GIF screencasts. In addition to capture screenshots, it can scroll web page and record video screencasts. However, this program has no editor so you cannot edit the GIF.


Part 2. Tutorial on Record Screen as GIF with TuneFab Screen Recorder

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Download the program on our official website and install it on your computer.

Step 2. Choose the Recording Area

Please click "Video Recorder" before recording screen and adjust the recording area. Click on the "V" button, you can select "Full Screen" or "Custom" to create the recording area you want.

Screen Display Settings

Step 3. Change Location of the Output Files and Screenshots

Click "More Settings" button to reset the output destination to save the recording files or screenshots under "Output".

 Change Location of Output Files

Step 4. Reset Hotkeys

You are available to set the hotkeys to start/stop recording, pause/resume recording and take a screenshot in "Hotkeys".

Shortcuts to Set Hotkeys

Step 5. Choose Output Format

Click on "More Settings" > "Output" to select the output formats like WMV or MP4, video codec, video quality or set audio preferences as you like.

Choose Output Video Format

Step 6. Record the Desktop Screen

After finishing the above settings, you need to open a window you want to record then click the "REC" button to start recording. Make sure to save the files once the recording pauses by clicking the "Save" button.

Preview Recorded Video

The above 5 GIF recorders are the most useful tools to record the screen as GIF. We don't mean to play favorites but TuneFab Screen Recorder is the excellent app on our recommendation. It is free and is with powerful functions including editing the GIF. You can choose the one you like and can help you the most. On the other side, TuneFab Screen Recorder is also our first selection if you want to record screen with sound. Figure out what you need and choose the most useful tools to solve your problem.

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