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Solutions to Record & Download Podcast to MP3 [Ultimate Guide]

By Zoe Clarke

August 13, 2018

There are many resources, websites, services, apps and softwares that provide you with podcasts on a different topic. Some of them are unique and you barely can find another copy on other platforms. That's a headache when we find something special on Spotify podcast while we don't have a Premium subscription to download the podcast. Today, this topic is about hot podcast streaming programs that can capture podcasts for us both on computers and mobile phones. Even though without a paid version, we can find a way to record and download the podcast to MP3 format. Check the post with following 4 parts:


Part 1. What is Podcast

Podcast, which is also known as netcast, is a compound word from "iPod" and "Broadcast". It's a series of digital audios or videos that people can download and listen to. To download and listen to the podcast, we need some special software on the computer or media player called podcatcher. When there are new episodes added to the podcast you subscribe, the new tracks will be automatically downloaded and synced to the computer, mobile app or web player.

Part 2. 3 Podcast Streaming Software on PC

There are many useful and powerful podcatcher enables you to stream Podcast: Such as iTunes, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.

1. iTunes

iTunes is one of the best choices for Apple enthusiasts because you can not only stream & play Podcasts, download Podcasts and sync the downloaded Podcasts to iCloud. So that you can enjoy podcasts on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac computer, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

iTunes Podcast

2. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio was first known as in April 2008, and in 2017, iHeartRadio functions as a music recommender system. It is another popular radio station aggregating over 850 local radio stations in the United States and now available on over 90 device platforms, including online, mobile phones, tablets, computer and some video game consoles. You can stream podcast on iHeartRadio as you wish, however, you need to upgrade your plan to buy songs and save songs to your device.

iHeartRadio Podcast

3. Spotify

Spotify is another podcast streaming service that has got a great number of users all over the world. Spotify is famous because it's versatile to offer podcasts, playlists and radios tracks that meet all of its users taste. It has playlists for focused studying, podcasts for entertainment and radios for sad moods, for tiredness or before sleep. Spotify should be the first choice if I want to stream podcasts and music. However, as you can see in the interface below, we can only play, follow or share the podcasts on social media accounts. There's no way for us to download the podcast and play them on other devices.

Spotify Radio Station

We need to either choose another podcast services or find other ways. However, most podcasts are quite unique and are difficult to find the same resource on other platforms. In the next part, I will show you how to use TuneFab Screen Recorder to record & download Podcast to MP3.

Part 3. 3 Podcast Streaming Apps for iOS/Android

Of course, there are podcast streaming apps for your Android phone and iOS device such as Pocket Cast Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, CastBox, Podcast Addict, Podcast Go, you name it.

Take Pocket Cast as an example, let's see how to play Podcast on Android.

Step 1. Setup Sync for Pocket Cast on Android

Hit on the three-line icon on the top-left. Then, find the "Setup Sync..." option and sign in your Pocket Cast account.

Setup Sync Pocket Cast

Step 2. Browse and Download Pocket Cast on Your Android Phone

In the "Discover" section, you can browse and find your favorite podcast. You are not only enabled to stream the podcast list, but also download it and sync them to different devices. Choose one of the podcast, hit on the "SUBSCRIBE" button and choose "OPEN". Now you can hit on the icon with the arrow down.

Download Podcast Pocket Cast

Step 3. Batch Download Podcast on Android Device

You can also hit on the 3 point icon in the top-right corner of the interface and choose "Download all" from the pop-up menu. Then, the app will calculate the total size of all episodes included in the podcast you chose and click "DOWNLOAD".

Download All Podcast Pocket Cast

Note: You can easily download the Podcast on your computer for the 14 free trial, however, you will be charged $3.99 to enjoy Podcasts from Pocket Cast.

Part 4. Solution to Record & Download Podcast to MP3

Since most of Podcast streaming software doesn't support us to freely download Podcast to MP3, we need to find other ways to record & download Podcast to MP3 audio files. What we need is TuneFab Screen Recorder.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is not only a screenshot taking software but also a video capturing software and audio recording program. It enables us to record online videos, video games, Webcam videos, video tutorials, and more. To make the recording smoothly, you are allowed to set a shortcut button to easily stop and start audio recording using the keyboard. More importantly, you can choose WMA, MP3, M4A, and AAC as audio output format. Download the program and follow the step now.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Screen Recorder

Hit on the button above to download TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer. After the installation, launch the program and you will see the interface as below.

Main Interface

Step 2. Open System Audio & Microphone

There are two features provided by TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can choose "Record Video and Audio" or "Record Audio" at the top of the interface. Choose "Record Audio" and enable "System Audio" and "Microphone" to record audios only. Either of the volumes is adjustable.

Record Audio

Step 3. Choose Output Format of Your Audios

Click on "More Settings" and you can see 4 different audio formats provided for the "Output" option. Choose MP3 as you want to record and download the podcast to MP3 files. Hit "OK" to move on.

Choose Output Audio Format

Step 4. Start Recording Podcast into MP3 Audio

Play the podcast you want on your computer and click on the "REC" button to start the recording and the square icon to stop when you finish recording. Then, the podcast will be saved on your computer in MP3 format.

Record Toolbar

Step 5. Preview Your Recording

You can preview the audio you recorded just now, and if you are satisfied with it, click "Next".

Preview Audio

Step 6. Rename Your Audio

In this interface you can click the pencil icon to rename the file. After this process, you have successfully recorded and saved the podcast as MP3.

Rename Recording

Note: If you would like to stream podcasts in other formats, you can also choose WMA, M4A or AAC as you wish.


With 4 simple steps, you've freely recorded and download the podcast on your device as the format you like. There's no more worry that you can't download or sync the podcast to your Android or Apple TV. It's just a piece of cake with the help of TuneFab Screen Recorder.

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