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Best Ways to Record Online Video Lectures on Laptop

By Iris Holmes

Updated on April 20, 2020

"Is there any best way to record lectures for students?"

Having online lessons or watching online video lectures, you may intend to keep the online video lectures down for making notes after class even if you have no WiFi. But under some digital right protections like DRM, it is hard for you to get the online video lectures downloaded. And that's why we write this post for you to record online video lectures with the best Video Lectures Recorders. Now keep reading and see how to make it.

Best Way to Record Online Video Lectures on Laptop with High Quality

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a widely compatible video recorder for Windows and Mac users to record screen activities, like streaming video, gameplay, webcam and more and saves as commonly-used formats such as MP4, MOV, M4V and more. Besides, it is equipped with simple but powerful edit functions, such as adding annotations, drawing an arrow and more so that you can mark where you should take notes after class. What's more, the output of the recorded video will be kept as original quality, 1:1 recording output without no lag. Just download it and give it a shot to get more.

Following we will take the macOS system as an example. If you are Windows, you can still keep reading and follow the guide below to record online video lectures.

Step 1. Free Download TuneFab Screen Recorder

Hit to the Download button above to get TuneFab Screen Recorder fully downloaded. When it is over, you will see the whole main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder. On the main interface, hit Video Recorder as your recording mode.

Choose Video Recorder

Step 2. Customize Recording Area of Your Online Video Lectures

Now it is your turn to customize the recording Area for online video lectures. Here you can customize the recording area in 2 ways, the first one is Full screen and the second one is Custom.

For your real-time online video lectures, we highly recommend recording your online video lectures by choosing Full screen so that you can review the reaction between you and the professor so as to better replay of your online video lectures. However, for your online video lectures such as MOCC, we recommend to record online video lectures by choosing Custom button. After that, you can move onto the next step.

Custom Recording Area

Step 3. Set Your Output Format and Folder

Now, click on the Gear button to enter the Preferences page, where you can choose your output format and folder and more settings. Here hit Output and then you can adjust all the output settings.

Hit Video format, then you can choose output formats among various output formats such as MP4, MOV, M4V and more. If you are Windows, more video formats are available, such as TS, AVI, F4V and more. After that, you can choose the location of output files as your needs. After that, you can hit Ok to complete the whole output settings.

Set Output Settings

Step 4. Record Online Video Lectures by Choosing REC

Here is the last step for you. Just hit REC and then you can record the online video lectures as MP4 at ease. Just wait for the 3-second countdown, you can open online video lectures and record online video lectures. When the whole recording has done, click to the Red-stop button and Save button to save recorded online video lectures.

Record Online Video Lectures

Step 5. [Optional] Edit Your Recorded Video Lectures

During the recording, you are allowed to edit the recorded video lectures. Just hit the pencil-like button to launch the edit panel. With the edit panel, then you can edit your recorded video lectures at ease. There are lots of edit functions available, such as adding notes, drawing an arrow and more. Besides this, you can use the camera-shape button to take a screenshot.

Edit Recorded Video Lectures

What TuneFab Screen Recorder Do For You?

#1 Cover lots of recording issues, such as recording streaming video, screen activities and more.

#2 Lots of commonly-used formats are available, like MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, TS, and more.

#3 Customize your video quality from lowest to lossless with the adjustable frame rate, reach up to 60fps.

#4 Allows to record with Hotkeys if you are a hotkey fan.

#5 Output your recording with no lag when you replay your recorded videos.

#6 Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and macOS 10.9 to 10.15.

#7 Lots of recording features are available when you give it a shot.

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac Here

Now, you are able to record your video lectures at ease and it is your turns to record your video lectures. How do you think of this method to record online video lectures? Share it with us by leaving a comment below. Let me know if you have any problems with recording. Thank you for your reading.

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