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How to Record Minecraft Gameplay on PC

By Tony Moton

July 24, 2018

When playing Minecraft video games, you may want to keep a record of your personal achievement or share your experience with other players to give them advice. Thus, read the article and you'll get a better idea of how to record Minecraft videos on PC.


Part 1. Brief Introduction of Minecraft

Minecraft is a prevailing video game which is favored by game players around the world. Developed by Mojang, it is a three-dimensional sandbox game which allows players to build a variety of different cubes in a 3D procedurally generated world. Multiple gameplay modes are available, for example, Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore. The survival one is much more adventurous and exciting.

It is worth noting that by early 2018, over 144 million copies had been sold across all platforms, making it the second best-selling video game of all time. Indeed, Minecraft, as a successful gameplay, gives players pleasure, excitement as well as entertainment.

Minecraft Gameplay

Part 2. Four Ways to Record Minecraft Gameplay on PC

To record Minecraft gameplay on your PC, a powerful screen capturing and video recording program is needed. Thus, the following will recommend four approaches for you to better record Minecraft videos on PC.

1. TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a professional and maneuverable video recording program for Windows and Mac, which helps you record not only screen activity and online videos but also audios and gameplays easily with high quality. With it, you'll find it easy to record any Minecraft videos on PC as you like.

Several Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder:

* Online video recording & gameplay recording for sharing without any limitations;

* Customize video tutorials or audios in your references;

* Take a screenshot of special information or moments;

* Advanced video setting functions like output formats and frame rate settings;

* Screencast webcam video on Skype.

* Edit video when recording.

Now, download this program first by clicking on the above "Try it Free" button. Then follow the tutorial below step by step to learn how to record Minecraft gameplay on PC.

Step 1. Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Make sure you've downloaded and installed TuneFab Screen Recorder on your PC. Then launch and run it on your computer. You can see the main interface with "Video Recorder", "Audio Recorder" and "Snapshot". Choose "Video Recorder" to record Minecraft videos. Of course, if you only need to record the audio track from Minecraft, "Audio Recorder" option can easily meet your requirement.

Note: With the free-trial version, you'll be only allowed to record a video for no more than 3 minutes. For longer video recording, please go to its official website to purchase it.

Launch Screen Recorder

Step 2. Select Audio & Recording Area

To record Minecraft gameplay on PC with higher quality, you need to turn on "System sound" and turn off "Microphone" which is to avoid noise around you that'll lower the recording quality. If necessary, you are able to customize the recording area during recording.

Select Video Recorder

Step 3. Adjust Video Recording Settings

Go to "More Settings" to customize settings for your recording Minecraft gameplay. In "Output", you can specify the destination folder to save your recorded Minecraft videos or taken screenshots. Press "MP4", you are free to select the output format like MP4, WMV, video codec, frame rate or set audio preferences for your Minecraft gameplay recording.

Note: TuneFab Screen Recorder also provides several hotkeys for users to easily and conveniently record videos using keyboards like start/stop record, pause/resume record and snapshot.

Output Settings

Step 4. Start Recording Minecraft Gameplay

After all the above settings are completed, you need to open Minecraft to play the game and then click on "REC" to start recording. You can take a preview of the recording Minecraft videos and then hit on "Save" to save them.

Record Minecraft Gameplay

After recording it through the above steps, you'll get the Minecraft gameplay on your PC. Then you can share it with others as freely as you want.

Except for TuneFab Screen Recorder, there is also 3 other free Minecraft Gameplay Recording software for your references. You can choose what is preferred towards you, but after the comparison, you'll notice which one is the best choice to record Minecraft videos.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a video recording software which is widely used as a screen recorder or a gameplay recorder. When record Minecraft gameplay on PC, it allows users to capture video sequences during the gameplay. It's worth mentioning that all sounds from the game can be recorded without loss if you choose it to record Minecraft videos. Moreover, it helps you capture videos to AVI, MP4 formats. There is also an option for taking a screenshot, which allows you to record the moments during your gameplay.

It's a comparatively good choice if you want to record Minecraft gameplay on your PC. However, while starting recording the gameplay, there will be lags in the video which will influence the quality of the video.

Minecraft Recording 

3. HyperCam

Hypercam is a video capture software which can also be used as a gameplay recording tool to record Minecraft gameplay on the computer during Minecraft playing. Besides, it also supports text annotations, sound and screen notes. You can consider using Hypercam to record your Minecraft gameplay on your PC. During the recording, you are free to select frame rate and compression quality prior to video capture.

However, users may raise concerns towards it on the grounds that it indeed has some drawbacks. For example, Hypercam can record videos including Minecraft videos with only one limited output format - AVI. AVI, as we all know,  always needs more memory capacity which lags the computer. Thus, for individuals who want to record webcam on Skype, Hypercam is unrealistic. Moreover, what makes users furious is the bundled adware which brings malware crap.

Minecraft Recorder 

4. CamStudio

Another program which serves as a Minecraft Screen Recorder is CamStudio. CamStudio is a free desktop video recording and streaming software, which helps record all screen and audio activities on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files. Moreover, you are able to use it to create videos like demonstration videos, video tutorials for schools or college class and so forth. Using its built-in SWF, the recorded AVI videos can be turned into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). Thus, it's a choice for you to record and stream Minecraft gameplay on your personal computer.

However, similar to Hypercam, CamStudio can only record Minecraft videos to AVI output format, which may lag your computer. Besides, it might lack some editing capabilities of other software.

Minecraft Recording 

Now, after reading the above tutorial, I believe you've already known how to record Minecraft gameplay on PC. But you may be confused about which screen recorder is better. As you can see, TuneFab Screen Recorder may be the best alternative compared to other ones. It not only allows you to record video & audio, take screenshots, but also brings you advanced video recording functions like video codec and frame rate, which can enhance video output quality. Download it and enjoy your Minecraft gameplay!

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