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How to Record Mac Screen with Audio Easily

By Claire Wilson

September 23, 2018

Most of the popular video websites only offer streaming service, which means that the users are not allowed to download the video to their own devices because of DRM. What if we have a recorder that could capture Mac screen and the sound! Imagine that while you are watching a video on Mac, the recorder is working simultaneously, how wonderful it will be! This article will introduce to you a powerful recording tool—TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac, helping you record Mac screen with sound easily.

TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac is a screen capturing software that can capture your Mac screen precisely and clearly. You can use it to record videos on Mac with sound, such as YouTube, Vimeo, HBO Go and others, or record games that you like. Apart from recording Mac screen with audio, TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac enables you to edit the video during the process of recording. And multiple output formats are available for you. What's more, we'll offer two more alternatives to solve this problem. Just get ready and follow the steps to record a video on Mac with sound.


Part 1. How to Record Mac Screen with Audio Using TuneFab

At the very beginning, you need to download TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac with one click of the links below. Choose the version for Mac. You can experience the software first for a 30-day trial version.

Step 1. Install and Launch the Software on Mac

Follow the instruction of the installation and activate the software, and its main interface will appear like this:

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 2. Adjust Recording Region

Click the screen icon to choose an appropriate recording area. The "Full screen" and the "Fixed region" provide you with some default sizes. If you want a more flexible recording area, just click "Custom region" and drag to draw your own one.

Select Recording Region


If you don't want to record a webcam video, please switch off the webcam-like icon on the interface.

Record Webcam

Step 3. Select Audio Options

Switch on the microphone by clicking the microphone-like icon from the main interface. You can choose the input of the sound—from the microphone or built-in input.

Record Audio

Step 4. Start Recording Mac Screen

Now you can simply click the "REC" button at the right side of the main interface to start recording the Mac screen. Both the Mac screen and the sound will be captured so you don't have to worry about anything.

Start Recording

Step 5. Edit the Video on Mac

If you think that the software seems not good enough, then you can do more thing with it. Click the pencil-like icon on the recording panel, you can see many kinds of editing tools waiting for you to mark the video even add some words in it.

Edit the Video


In addition, you can take snapshots while recording. Click the camera icon from the panel, and you are able to capture the moment.

Take Screenshot

Step 6. Stop Recording

If you want to stop the recording for a while, just click the "Pause" icon, and if you want to finish recording, click the "Stop" icon.


#1. You can customize the hotkeys by click the gear-like icon. And a new interface will pop up, then click the "General" option to adjust the shortcuts.

#2. After you have set up the hotkeys, you can also select the output folder for the recording videos below the hotkeys settings. Click "Select" to choose an appropriate folder on Mac.

Customize Hotkeys

Step 7. Find your Recording

Move the cursor to the top right corner of the main interface, and you can see the latest files recorded by TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac , including videos, audios, and snapshots that you took.

Locate Recorded Files


If you feel good about the Mac screen recordings, you can share them to other social media by clicking the share icon.

Share Recordings

Part 2. Other Solutions to Record Mac Screen with Sound

Here we'll provide the other alternative to record Mac screen with sound. You can have a try.

QuickTime Player

Released by Apple, QuickTime Player is not only a tool to record Mac screen but also serving as a player. Let's see how it works as a screen recorder.

Step 1. Open QuickTime Recorder

Use the finder to open this software.

Step 2. Select Options

Hit "File" on the menu bar to bring up a new list, and then click "New Movie Recording".

QuickTime Player New Screen Recording

Step 3. Select Audio Source

Click the down arrow icon next to the recording button to bring up a list, and choose the internal microphone or an external one.

Select Audio Input

Step 4. Starting Recording

Finally, click the record button to start recording the screen.


As the official tool to record Mac screen with sound, QuickTime Player is very easy to handle, but the point is, it is not that satisfactory because the built-in recorder can only record the sound from an external speaker or the built-in microphone. Therefore, TuneFab Screen Recorder for Mac is highly recommended for its multiple functions to record video on Mac with sound. With its help, either capturing a video or an audio becomes as easy as winking.

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