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How to Record and Save Instagram Video with 2 Solutions

By Zoe Clarke

September 04, 2018

When it comes to video sharing apps, Instagram would always be the top option. As more and more people share their videos on Instagram, sometimes you may consider how to download all these lovely and funny videos. Today, with these 2 solutions, you can easily record and save Instagram video to any device you like.


How to Record and Save Instagram Video with 2 Solutions

1.1 Record and Save Instagram Video by iOS 11 New Feature

Apple iOS 11 comes out with one of the amazing features — screen recording, a pretty cool feature. It allows you to record activity on your screen for iPhone/iPad with a press of a button, which is very convenient and useful.

Preparation: Make sure your iPhone or your iPad is updated to iOS 11, the latest version. Well, if you still in the old version, there is a link for you to get updated:

Get the Latest iOS System Version Faster

Step 1. Add the Screen Recording Shortcut to Control Center

Tap Settings on your iPhone, and then click "customize controls" > "Screen Recording" and then tap on the green "Plus" icon to add the control you want to the Control Center.

Step 2. Before Recording the Screen

If you want to record your own voice also, operate a long press or 3D touch on the control tile, and then tap on the Mic icon on the bottom. There will always 3-second countdown before you do the recording.

Adjust Recording Settings

Step 3. Launch Instagram and Start Record

Find one Instagram video which you want to do the recording and then tap "Start Recording" then it gets started. When you want to stop the recording, just pull out the Control Center again and click on the Screen Recording icon and tap "Stop Recording".

Launch Instagram and Get Recorded


A video provided for direct manipulation:

How to Record Instagram Video by iOS 11 New Feature

1.2 Record and Save Instagram Video by TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is released to capture the video and audio on both PC and Mac. When you play an Instagram video on computers and long for downloading it for playback, then this tool meets all your demands exactly. Furthermore, several output formats are provided so that you can share the recordings as you like. Just follow the steps and record an Instagram video.

Step 1. Tap the Link to Get Free Download

You can choose either version for Windows or Mac to download. And follow the instruction to install it.

Step 2. Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

After the installation, double click to activate the recorder and you will see its main interface as follows:

Main Interface

Step 3. Do Some Necessary Settings

Firstly, don't forget opening the Instagram video. Then click "Video Recorder" to get into recording mode. Next you can choose the recording region by clicking the first screen-like icon. And switch the "System Sound" "ON" and the "Microphone" "OFF".

Display Settings

Step 4. Select Output Formats

Click "More Settings" to get into a new interface. Then click "Output" on the left side, followed by choosing an output format for your recording.

Choose Output Format

Step 5. Start Recording

Tap the "REC" icon to start recording the video.

Start Recording

Step 6. Editing your Recording

During the process of recording, you can edit the video by marking some lines, frames or adding some texts on it. All these marking tools will appear after you clicking the pencil-like icon on the panel.

Editing Recording

Step 7. Preview and Save the Recording on PC

By clicking the stop icon, you can finish the recording and then you are allowed to enjoy your recording before you save it.

Preview Recording

Part 2. More Tips about Sharing Instagram Video

2.1 How to Edit and Post Instagram Video?

#1 How to Edit Instagram Video?

After you stop the video recording, go to the photos app, just click "Edit" then can start editing. Edit it as you like, when it is done, tap "Done" in the bottom right and select "Save as New Clip".

Edit Instagram Video

#2 How to Post Instagram Video?

Only 4 steps:

a. Launch the Instagram APP and go to Post button;

b. Select the video you want to post on Instagram;

c. Add any favorite filters before you post;

d. Post the Instagram video.

2.2 Top 3 Video Sharing Apps


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook Inc. This app allows people to post videos and photos to the service, altogether with several filters before posting.


Snapchat is a multimedia massaging app which is famous in North America and Europe. Its pictures and messages are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible.


Montaj, a fun video sharing app, enables you to shake your phone to shuffle through and discover some other new videos.

TWO simple solutions: iOS 11 New Feature and TuneFab Screen Recorder, which one is your choice? Whatever, I think these two methods are stated concisely and thoroughly. As for how to record and save your Instagram videos, if you are using the iPhone, then iOS 11 New Feature will suit you. Otherwise, TuneFab Screen Recorder would be the best choice.

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