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Record or Download Hulu Videos for Offline Watching

By Tony Moton

March 26, 2018

Hulu is an American online corporation offering streaming services for its users. Thousands of videos are available on the website, including reality shows, TV episodes, and movies, etc. It is good to watch a video on Hulu if you have connected to the internet. But what if you don't have a Wi-Fi connection or you want it downloaded for offline entertainment, you will find it rather frustrating since the videos are protected and have to be watched online. But there are still some ways to deal with it. Therefore, in this post, we offer you some tips to download Hulu video for offline watching.


Part 1. Save Hulu Videos via TuneFab Screen Recorder

Is it possible to record a playing Hulu video instead of downloading it? Yes, it is absolutely possible. In fact, that is exactly what you can do with TuneFab Screen Recorder.

TuneFab Screen Recorder, as its name suggests, is capable of recording playing video for next time offline-watching which means it can free you from the trouble of connecting to Wi-Fi every time you want to enjoy a video. Its user-friendly instruction and reliability of functions get it lots of fans. All you have to do is several clickings and then let TuneFab Screen Recorder do its job.

Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder

* Record video, audio, gameplay, screen activity freely;

* Editing video when recording, including comment;

* Screenshot is available when you recording video or not;

* Multiple file formats can be chosen, like MP4, WMA, AAC, MP3 and etc.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder to your computer and install it with the instruction given to you. Next, fire it up. You can see the interface of the program as below.

Main Interface

Step 2. Find the Hulu Video You Want

Go to the Hulu website, click on a video that you want to record and pause it to stop it from playing.

Hulu Main Interface

Step 3. Choose Recording Area on Your Computer.

Click on "Video Recorder" button. You can choose "Full Screen" or "Custom" and the others to customize the recording area to suit your need by clicking on the "V" button. Remember to turn on "System Audio" to enable the program to record the video sound and turn off "Microphone" to avoid recording unnecessary background noise.

Screen Display Settings

Step 4. Choose Output Folder of Video and Format for Video

Click on the "More Settings" button to open the "Preference" window. Go to the "Output" section, where you can designate an output path to save the recorded video and screenshot together with the file format.

Choose Destination of Output File

Step 5. Reset Hotkeys

In "Hotkeys", You can set hotkeys to start/stop recording, pause/resume recording as well as take a screenshot.

Change Hotkeys for Shortcuts

Step 6. Record the Desktop Screen

After all the previous settings are made, you can start recording the video with a simple click on the "REC" of TuneFab Screen Recorder and a click on the video website to let the video play. After the recording is finished, you can preview the recorded video. If everything is OK, save the video by clicking on "Save" on the lower right corner.

Hulu Playing Video

Part 2. Other Video Downloaders Available Online


This VidPaw allows users to download Hulu online video via copying URL and you can get what you want to watch without the Internet connection.



• It is a free online downloader.

• Multiple file format provided for downloading video, like WebM, 3GP, MP4 and etc.

• Not only can it download the video but also it can download the audio from your video.


• No further editing functions, like clipping video and so on.

2. Hulu Downloader

This Hulu downloader allows you to download Hulu online video and convert flash videos to different formats.

Hulu Downloader


• It has fast video downloading speed.

• It has a converter.


• It's not free.

• It works only on Windows.

3. StreamTransport

This program is a versatile downloader for videos on Hulu, Yahoo video, and Myspace.



• It can be used for downloading video on various video websites.


• It needs an assisting program for conversion and downloading.

4. Hulu Grabber

It is a simple downloader for Hulu and is solely limited to Hulu

Hulu Grabber


• It is free.

• It works on Windows and Mac OS.


• It doesn't include any other utilities like conversions.

• It works only for Hulu.

Now, do you have a general idea of how to watch Hulu video offline? Have you made up your mind which one interests you the most? If you haven't decided yet, get started by TuneFab Screen Recorder and maybe you won't need another try of other programs.

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