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How to Record HBO Go Videos for Offline Streaming

By Zoe Clarke

August 17, 2018

Noted for its various online live streaming programs, HBO Go offers extensive TV shows, movies, comedies, sports and other kinds of shows. It is warmly welcomed by a considerable number of subscribers but also annoys people a lot for its limitation of watching programs offline, let alone downloading the episodes. If only the screen can remember what it has played! But how? In order to get a better experience while enjoying HBO Go programs, we need a tool which can help us record HBO Go videos for offline streaming in case we are not able to watch the programs we like on time. Does it really exist?

Of course! A screen recorder can help a lot! That is to say, with such a method we can save HBO Go programs and replay them. We highly recommend a recording tool named TuneFab Screen Recorder, which frees your time by automatically recording HBO Go. So let's have a look at this fancy application and learn how to record the programs we are interested in.


Part 1. The Reason Why a Screen Recorder is Needed

The subscription of HBO Go in some way equals to "renting" programs from HBO Go which serves as a show library. The subscribers can access freely to any program in it but fail to own any one of them. Besides, watching HBO Go programs offline or downloading them are not permitted. However, many users may be occupied by other issues in daily life at the time when the programs are on. In this case, the lack of time will disappoint them and the privilege of HBO Go subscription is not that satisfactory. To solve the problem, TuneFab Screen Recorder will capture the programs itself and saves the video it recorded as a local file to the computer.

Therefore, the restriction on HBO Go's offline streaming is easily removed and users can meet their needs indeed. What's more, nothing could be easier than using this recorder. The following tips will guide you step by step on recording HBO Go video via TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Part 2. How to Record HBO Go Video for Offline Streaming

In this part, we are going to show you in detailed how to capture the whole program on HBO Go by TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Go to HBO Go's Website and Select a Program

Go to HBO Go's webpage and select one program that you are going to record, open the webpage of the program.

Step 2. Install and Launch the Screen Recorder

After you have finished the installation of TuneFab Screen Recorder, launch it and you'll see the following main interface. Click "Video Recorder" to get into recording mode.

Main Interface

Step 3. Adjust Recording Area

Now a dotted rectangular frame will appear on screen, in which everything will be captured. Click the first left settings to select an appropriate recording area. A full screen is good or you can customize one yourself.

Recording Area

Tip: You can also: Adjust the region by dragging the lines of the dotted frame. And remember, make sure that the frame covers all images that you want.

Step 4. Select the Output Format

#1. Click "More Setting" button to do some necessary settings

More Settings

#2. Click "Output" and choose a format for video

The "Output" option is on the left column, just click it. Then choose a format for your video. Up to now, seven formats are available. Tap on "OK" when you finish.

Output Format

Step 5. Set the Sounds of the Video

HBO Go programs can't be interesting and impressive enough without a sound so you need to make sure that the "System Sound" is "ON". Also, the volume of the program can be adjusted flexibly. Next, if you long for a perfect "copy" of the HBO Go program that has no other interference like noisy sounds from surroundings, please turn the "Microphone" to "OFF".

System Sound

Step 6. Record HBO Go Programs

Having those settings done, then click the "REC" button to record the program. Once you do that, the recorder will work automatically and capture every second of the fancy HBO Go program for you.

Click REC

Tip: Editing the Video While Recording (Optional)

Click the editing icon and some tools will appear. You can use them to mark your video, even adding some words to it.

Edit the Video

Step 7. Stop Recording

Click "Stop" icon when the recording is completed. And you can also tap the "Pause" button to stop temporarily.

Stop Recording

Step 8. Preview HBO Go Video

Now you can play the recorded video in the preview window, followed by tapping "Save" button if you feel satisfied with the effect.

Preview the Video

Step 9. Select a Path to Save Your HBO Video

Click the three-dots icon to choose a path to save your video file, and click "Next".

Select Path

Step 10. Rename the Video

In this interface, you can rename the video by tapping the pencil icon, followed by the dustbin icon, which is used for deleting the recorded video.

Rename the Video


Once you have successfully recorded an HBO Go video, you are free to enjoy the show at any time via any devices. This recorder help removing the limitation of offline playing of programs in HBO Go. You can download this useful tool below. Why not have a try by recording an HBO Go video yourself?

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