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How to Save Google Earth Video to Computer

By Zoe Clarke

October 01, 2018

Google Earth is a dramatic map service that provides you with a whole world on screen—from the outer space to a specific location on earth. Just imagine how surprised it would be if you can share such a wonderful video with your families and friends. But you are not able to record those 3D videos directly unless you pay to be a Google Earth Pro ($399/year). Are there any other methods to save Google Earth Video to computers? Of course, in this case, a convenient screen recorder does offer us a big help. Here comes to a useful tool - TuneFab Screen Recorder which allows you to record Google Earth video and save them as local video files on the computer. Are you ready to produce one? Just read more!

The following part of this article will tell you what to do specifically. After reading this guide, you are going to be an expert on recording Google Earth video and save those moments that you dive from the space to a detailed location on earth. What's more, if you want to know more tips and tricks about using Google Earth, you can directly go to Part 3 to get more details.


Part 1. What TuneFab Screen Recorder Can Do

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a screen recording software that can recording screen with or without sound. So it is really suitable for recording a Google Earth video. What's more, you can select what format to save your video. That is the reason why it is so easy to share, copy and play your file. If you want to make your recording video more impressive, you can add some background music to it or edit it in the process of recording. One more tip, this recorder can also take a snapshot for you while you are recording. Just download and have a try.

Part 2. How to Record Google Earth Video on Computer

Though the recorder integrates so many functions, it is really easy to handle. Let's take recording Google Earth Video as an example.

Step 1: Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

If you have downloaded the recorder just now, please install TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer. And then launch it. What you can see is the main interface of this recorder as follows.

Main Interface

Step 2: Click "Video Recorder" to Record Google Earth Video

Open the website of Google Earth and then go back to the main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder, click the "Video Recorder" button.

Step 3. Adjust the Recording Area

Click the first option and you can select the size of the recording area, a full screen or a customized one is both OK.

# 1. You can adjust the outer dotted box directly, either line of the rectangular is flexible enough for your adjustment.

# 2. Another tip is that hover your cursor until it coincides with the icon shown in the picture above with the tag "#2", and then you can drag the recording area freely.

Adjust Recording Area

Step 4. Adjust Audio Input

If you want a background music for your video, switch "System Sound" to "ON" and adjust the volume of it. Don't forget to launch the music player on your computer and play the songs you want.

System Sound

Step 5. Record Microphone

It is an optional step, if you want to record your sound with the video together, then switch the "Microphone" to "ON", otherwise, choose "OFF". Also, the volume is still adjustable.

Adjust Microphone

Step 6. Click "REC" to record Google Earth

On condition that you have finished all the necessary settings, then click the "REC" button to start recording. You can use hotkeys to control the recorder or change hotkeys according to your need.

Start to Record


#1. After you click "REC" button, a new interface will appear, which is hotkey settings. If you don't need it, just click "OK". If you want to change it, then tap "Change hotkey".

#2. Editing video is available during recording.

After 3 seconds' counting down, the recorder began to work. During the recording process, the usage of Google Earth is as usual and you can use marking tools to edit the video, such as frames, lines, pen marker and even numbers. When necessary, click the "Pause" icon and "Stop" icon when you finish recording.

Edit Google Earth Video

Step 7. Save the Video

And next you can preview the video clip and if you are pleased with it, click the "Save" button. If not, you can record once again by clicking the close button on the top right corner.

Save Google Earth Video

Step 8. Change the Output Folder (Optional)

If you click "Save" just now, then you'll see a new interface. Click three dots will allow you to change another folder to save your video. And then click the "Next" button and wait for seconds, you will see your recording file in a new page, in which you can rename the file and do other management.

Change the Location


# 1. Click the pen icon you can rename the video.

# 2. Click the dustbin icon you can delete the video.

Rename Google Earth Video

Until now, all works are done and you can enjoy your unique video. But one more thing, we have something interesting for you in the next part.

Part 3. Five Tricks on Google Earth

#1. Get the Bird's Eye View

By scrolling up or down your mouse you can zoom the earth but if you want to know the image of some place that a bird sees from its eye, you can press "U". If you want "north" maintains at the top of the picture, press "R".

#2. Move the Earth Without Dragging

Many people know that by dragging the map around, you are able to move the earth. But you can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the direction.

#3. Change the Map

Hit "O" on your keyboard can shift the map between 3D and 2D. Or you can click the button on the lower right side directly.

#4. Find Cool Photographers

Click the person icon on the lower right side of the web to highlight where there are "photospheres". And then you can enter and have a look as if you were there. Drag the people icon to a specific street or click the street directly in this mode, you can get access to the street.

#5. Some Cool Locations that you Need to Try.

Type these latitudes and longitudes into the search box one by one on the left side of the webpage, then Google will help you fly and dash to the specific interesting locations.

• Strange Symbol in Nevada, USA. (37.401573, -116.867808)

• Mattel Logo in El Segundo, California. (33.921277, -118.391674)

• Barringer Meteor Crater in Winslow, Arizona. (35.027185, -111.022388)

• Solar Field in Daggett, California. (34.871778, -116.834192)

To sum up, recording Google Earth and save the videos to the computer is like a piece of cake with the help of TuneFab Screen Recorder. Just have a try, recording any funny video and saving it in computers or other devices, so as to refresh yourself by playing it from time to time. It is also a nice choice to share your entertainment with your family and friends.

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