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Best New Way to Record Xbox One Gameplay 2019

By Iris Holmes

Updated on August 15, 2019

Xbox One(Xbox 360) in gaming is one of the best game consoles for gameplayers gathering together to play a game in a simple and easy way. When playing Xbox one gameplay, there are some best moments that you may want to record and keep it down or share it on your YouTube channel. But the matter is how? How to record Xbox one(Xbox 360) gameplay at ease? That is what we going to share with you all on this post. Let's go and take a look at the best way to record Xbox one gameplay with the Xbox one Gameplay recorder.

What'll You Need for Record Xbox one GamePlay

Before you learn about the whole tutorials on recording Xbox one gameplay, you shall prepare the following tools.

#1 Xbox One/Xbox 360: This is the most basic parts of recording Xbox one or Xbox 360 gameplay. Get your Xbox One or Xbox 360 fully charged before you recording gameplay. So bear in mind that double-check your battery is full or not.

#2 Your TV: As we all know that playing a game on your TV will be better than playing the game on the laptop. Please make sure that your TV is in built-in HDMI functions. It is the key for recording Xbox Gameplay.

#3 HDMI cables and HDMI Splitter: Make sure to get the three good quality HDMI cables with one HDMI Splitter ready before you want to record XBOX gameplay. The HDMI cables and HDMI Splitter is just like the bridge between your Xbox one gameplay on TV to your computer.

#4 An HD: Prepare an HD from the Epiphan company for recording Xbox one gameplay. It is a portable video grabber for capturing the video from HDMI, DVI, and more video sources. In other words, you don't need to install any drivers but just with it and some video recorder software on your Windows, Mac and more systems, then you can record the video from your HDMI to lossless video with 1920 X 1200 resolution ratio at 60fps video frame rate.

#5 Screen Recorder & Computer: It is the last but no least parts on recording Xbox one Gameplay. To record Xbox one gameplay on Windows or Mac, not only can you need to get your computer and your gameplay stayed at good network connections, but also you are supposed to get the best Screen Recorder for help first.

Here, a Screen Recorder fully compatible with Windows and Mac are recommended and the name is TuneFab Screen Recorder. It is designed for recording the screen activities like gameplay or webcam, recording video from streaming video websites, capturing the screenshot of your videos and more with various edit functions for Windows and Mac users. Besides this, it can save your recorded Xbox one gameplay to various video file formats like MP4, WMV, MOV and more. Lots of functions are supported when you download it and try it on your pc.

Having prepared all these important elements to record Xbox one Gameplay, you can move onto the next part, the full tutorial of recording Xbox one Gameplay. We will choose the Windows system as an example of the whole tutorials. Mac users can keep going for the operation similar when you recording Xbox one gameplay with it on Mac. Now keep reading and learn how to make it.

Full Tutorial: Record Xbox one Gameplay on Windows/Mac [Xbox 360 Included]

Step 1. Use HDMI Cable to Connect TV Display with Xbox one(Xbox 360)

Find out the HDMI input on both your Xbox one and TV display and then use the HDMI cables to connect the Xbox one and TV display with HDMI Slitter.

Connect HDMI Splitter

Step 2. Connect HD with Your Computer

Having connected the Xbox One with a TV display, you need to use the last on HDMI cable to connect the HD with your computer. 

Now use the HDMI cable connect the HD with HDMI Splitter and after that, use the USB cable 3.0(included when you purchasing the HD) to connect the HD with the computer.

Connect Av io HD

Step 3. Download and Run TuneFab Screen Recorder

Download and follow the whole instructions to get TuneFab Screen Recorder fully installed on your computer. When it is over, click to run it and get ready for recording Xbox one gameplay.

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder for Windows/ Mac Here

Step 4. Customize Recording Area

When you launch the TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can see there are 4 buttons for you to enjoy the recording. Here, we recommend clicking to Video Recorder for getting ready to record gameplay.

When you have entered the Video Recorder, now you can customize the recording Area. You can determine your Xbox one Gameplay screen is full or customize by clicking the button Full or Custom for adjusting.

Select Video Recorder

Step 5. Select Output File Format & File Folder

Now click on to the Gear button on the main interface of Video Recorder, then you can enter the preference page, where you can choose the output file formats, file folder and more.

On the preference page, click to Output button and then you will enter lots of files settings like output files, video formats and more. Here on the video format options, click to Down-arrow button to choose the video file formats from WMV, MP4, MOV, AVI, TS, GIF and more. Besides, you can choose the video quality from the lowest to the highest. When it is over, make sure to click to OK to save all the settings.

Set Video Settings

Step 6. Record Xbox one Gameplay By Clicking to REC

Now, just click to REC and then go to play your Xbox one(Xbox 360) Game on TV with your friends for recording the whole video of gameplay.

Record GamePlay on Windows

When it is over, just click to Red-Stop button and then Save to keep your recorded Xbox one video at ease. After that, you can just send it to your friends or upload to your YouTube channel for sharing.

Save Record GamePlay on Windows

YES! You Made It! However, in order to better to make up your mind of choosing what kinds of way is the better, we would like to give you briefly reviews of the traditional way to record Xbox one gameplay with the built-in functions.

Traditional Way to Record Xbox One Gameplay

Step 1. Just Play your Xbox one Game as usual.

Step 2. Press the Xbox button when you want to record Xbox one Gameplay.

Press Xbox > Y: Take a screenshot of GamePlay

Press Xbox > X: Save recording video to the default file folder with 30 seconds video grabbed

Press Xbox > X > Guide > Broadcast & Capture > Advanced settings: Set your recording parameters like resolution and the file location.

Press Xbox > Views > Record from now: Record video to different space. If you record the Xbox One to internal storage, the maximum video can be 10 minutes, but if to external, 1 hour.

Press Xbox > Views > Manage captures: Go and share the game clips with your friends.


As we can see that there is no file format option when recording Xbox Gameplay with the built-in functions. Besides, the maximum video length just 1 hour, which is limited the whole video recording of Xbox one gameplay. It is not enough when you playing for a game exceed 1 hour. Hence, if you just playing a game within 1 hour, then you can use the traditional way. But if you want to play a game for more than 1 hours, then the best and brand new way will be best for you to take into consideration.

Now go and record your Xbox one Gameplay with Xbox one now. Hope you will enjoy your Xbox one gameplay here with the easy to use Screen Recorder now. Don't forget to share it with your friends if you think it helpful too. That's all for today. See you next time.

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