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4 Step to Record and Share PS4 Gameplay with Capture Card

By Iris Holmes

Updated on September 05, 2019

You are likely to record PS4 gameplay and share it with your friends when playing PS4 Gameplay now and then. But when you are about to record Gameplay on PS4, you are probably puzzled about how you can make it. To help you better record PS4 gameplay on the computer, we would like to share the best way to record PS4 gameplay on your computer. And that is record the PS4 gameplay with capture card with the reason for references. But first, let's go and take a look at the whole tutorial below.

Full Tutorial: Record PS4 Gameplay on Computer with Capture Card

Get Started With:

#1 Your Computer/Laptop:

The basic and fundamental element for recording PS4 Gameplay. Please make sure your computer has at least 1GB RAM left for recording PS4 Gameplay and keeping the recorded videos.

#2 Your PS4 Gameplay

Absolutely, it is the necessary elements for recording PS4 Gameplay. But please make sure that you have charged the PS4 Game console before recording PS4 Gameplay.

#3 A Capture Card

Here we recommend the Elgato HD60 S for it will help us better to capture the video source from your PS4 game console and help us record the video on computer.

#4 A Record Software

Here, we recommend TuneFab Screen Recorder for recording Gameplay to a various video file format like MP4, WMV, MOV and more. Besides, it allows you to record PS4 Gameplay to the high quality with the permission of adjusting the video frame rate. Lots of functions like adjust video region, edit video, record audio and more.

4 Steps to Record PS4 Gameplay on Computer with Capture Card

Step 1. Connect Your PS4 Game Console to Capture Card and Computer

#1 Use 2 HDMI cables separately plug into PS4 and your computer to connect the HD60 S game capture. And please make sure that one HDMI cables should be plugged in your computer to the output port of HD60 S game capture.

#2 Use 1 USB to USB-C cable to connect your computer with the HD60 S. Please make sure that the USB-C cable is used for connecting the computer, nor the PS4 game console.

Connect PS4 and Computer with Capture Card

Step 2. Install and Run TuneFab Screen Recorder for PS4 Gameplay

Click to the download link below to fully download and install TuneFab Screen Recorder on your computer. When it is over, then you can click to run TuneFab Screen Recorder. When it is running, then you can catch sight of the main interface of screen recorder, like Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, and Screen Capture. Here, we need to enter the "Video Recorder" mode.

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder for Windows/ Mac Here

When you have entered the Video Recorder mode, then you can set about setting recording area, all you need to click to the 2 buttons of "Record Area". One is "Full Screen" and the other is "Custom". We here recommend setting your recording area to the customs area.

Select Video Recorder

Step 3. Set Recording Video File Format

Click to the "Gear" button on the main interface of TuneFab Video Recorder then you can enter the Preference Page, where you can set the video file format and file folder. Here you can click to "Output" for choosing the video file format, like MP4, WMV, MOV and more. 

Besides this, you can set the video quality from the lowest to the highest. Here we recommend setting the video file format like MP4 with the highest quality.

Set Video Settings

Step 4. Record PS4 Gameplay on Computer

When you have set all the parameter on your computer, now just click to "REC" and play the PS4 Gameplay and the TuneFab Screen Recorder will be automatically recorded the Gameplay.

Record GamePlay on Windows

When you finished the Gameplay, just click to the red-stop button and end up the whole recording and click to "Save" to save your recording down to your computer. Besides, you can take a screenshot or trim your PS4 Gameplay recording.

Save Record GamePlay on Windows

Reasons for Recording PS4 Gameplay with Capture Card

#1 It is stable for recording PS4 gameplay. Since it is cable to the cable connection, it is better to record the gameplay with capture card than record the gameplay in a remote way.

#2 It allows you to record the PS4 gameplay with powerful functions, like taking a screenshot, trimming your gameplay and real-time uploading video to the social network.

#3 Compared with the built-in recording way, it allows game players to record the video to unlimited video length in the full version and with various video file formats, like MP4, WMV, MOV and more.

To sum up, you can just follow the full tutorial above to record whatever PS4 gameplay and save or share your gameplay video to your social network for evaluating. If you have any question about recording gameplay or using TuneFab Screen Recorder, just let me know. See ya!

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