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Best Ways to Record Gameplay on Windows 10

By Iris Holmes

April 20, 2018

Have you wanted to record your games playing progress and send it to your friends? Or recording the progress of playing games and then upload to streaming videos program like YouTube? Here are the different ways for you to record game playing on a computer.


There are 2 ways you can record your gameplay on Windows 10 to the best quality, one way is to employ a recorder, the other is to use some tools. Hence I am going to sharing you with these 2 ways one by one in the following 2 parts. Don't get your mind absent and let's started.

Part 1. Record Gameplay on Windows 10 via Recorder

For those who play a game online or play single games, it is most simple ways to record your games with A recorder. However, for what kinds of the recorder can be the best option? Here are I am going to recommend the TuneFab Screen Recorder.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is the professional recorder to record not simply audio and video but also your games. It allows you to record your games in full screen as well as the self-adjusted screen. You can record the games in different output quality, like codec, quality, and frame rate so that you can produce your recorder in the high quality.

Step 1. Launch the Screen Recorder

Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder, then you will see the main interface as below. To record gameplay video, select "Video Recorder" from the main interface.

NOTE: For Free Trial Version, you just allow to record your games in just 3 minutes so that you can check the quality if it suits your favorite.

Screen Recorder Interface

Step 2. Setting Output Format

Go to "Preferences" interface, and click on "Output" tab, you can select the desired output video format for the recorded gameplay video. You can choose MP4, MOV, F4V or AVI as the output format. 

Select Output Format in Settings

Step 3. Adjust Your Recording Area

In the "Video Recorder" section, you are able to adjust your recording area manually. Go to the "DISPLAY1" section to select the screen mode as you like. You can choose "Full screen" or "Fix region" or you can manually customize the recording area for your game video. 

Adjust Recording Area

Step 4. Click the REC to record

Click on the "REC" button to start recording. You can also use the hot keys to start, pause and stop recording the video.

Click REC to Record

Don't forget to click stop and save your recording files.

Click Stop to End Recording

When you finish recording, click on the "Save" button to preview and save the video.

Click Save to Save Recording Files

Video Tutorial: Best Ways to Record Gameplay on Windows 10

Part 2. Record Gameplay on Windows 10 via Tools

With the above-stated recorder, you can record gameplay on Windows 10 by Game Bar. On your Windows 10, the developer of the Windows set the shortcut Window Key + G to help you record the games with ease. You can turn on your Games and press your keyboard: Window Key + G then you can start to record your games in easy ways.

Record Game in Game Bar

Pay heed to some shortcut you can use when recording.

Windows Key + Alt + R: Start and stop recording video.

Windows Key + Alt + T: Hide and show the timer when recording video.

Windows Key + Alt + Print Screen: Take a screenshot for your recording video.

Windows key + Alt + M: Turn on or turn off your microphone when recording.

If you want to view your games recording, go to your PC in the operating path: your user account's > Videos > Captures then you can view the screenshots and recording video.

From here, you have known 2 ways to record Gameplay when you playing games on Windows 10, you can adapt the way you may easy to operate follow your bent.


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