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How to Record Gameplay on Mac

By Tony Moton

January 11, 2019

If you are hooked on a newly-released game for Mac and want to record gameplay to guide newcomers how to play,  then the only thing you need is a professional screen recorder for Mac. Maybe many Mac users suggest that you record gameplay by using the QuickTime's recording function. But QuickTime does not have advanced functions for enhancing and sharing the recorded videos. It's better for playing video than recording. Luckily, there is a silver lining for you: have a try on another way to record a game efficiently.

In this guide, I will show you a simple yet powerful screen recording software for capturing gameplay video on Mac. It's definitely one of the best screen recorders to record gameplay video, video tutorial or online lecture.

How to Record Gameplay on Mac with TuneFab Sceen Recorder

Many professional Mac screen recording tools offer a trial version which allows you to fully evaluate the software before purchasing. TuneFab Screen Recorder could be the best one among them to record gameplay on Mac. Within this tool, users can record any screen activities including gameplay with or without sound. What's better, this program offers different capture modes that can help users record a certain region, full screen, locked window or fixed region.

Aside from recording, it is also capable of converting audio/video which can save video and audio recordings as high quality MP4 or M4A. It's also at your disposal to make real-time editing on your gameplay, add text, arrow and outline, etc. to create a unique gameplay video easily for sharing.

Here are the steps to record gameplay with TuneFab Screen Recorder on Mac.

Step 1. Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Get the program for Mac by clicking the download button above, install and run it on your MacBook Pro/Air/mini or iMac.

Main Mac

Step 2. Select Recording Area on Mac

Before you capture game videos on Mac, you need to select recording area first. Go to the third option, a computer display-alike icon in the main interface and click the menu button next to it. Here you can customize the video game footage by selecting different options like Full screen, Custom, Fix region.

Recording Region Mac

Step 3. Click on "REC" to Start Recording Gameplay

When you are all set, click on the "REC" button to begin recording game on your Mac. You can stop the screen capturing process at any time. This game recorder won't affect your Mac computer's performance during recording.

Start Recording

Tip 1: In this process, you are allowed to use some advanced tools to make drawings or add annotations in the video. Just select the "Pencil" icon from the recording panel, then you will see different kinds of drawing tools like lines, color, text, etc. Now you can customize your own gameplay freely.

Edit Recording Mac

Tip 2: Also you can easily take snapshot from your gameplay during the recording. What you need to do is clicking camera-alike icon. Then the snapshot will be captured and saved automatically in your output folder.

Screen Capture Mac

Step 4. Locate Recorded Gameplay on Mac

When recording finished, you are able to preview your recorded gameplay. Just go to the upper right corner and click on the second button next to "Settings" icon. If you are not satisfied with it, you can re-record it.

Recorded History Mac

Once you get the recorded gameplay on your Mac computer, you can import and play on media players, or upload to online video sites like YouTube for sharing.


Recording gameplay on Mac is commonly used by various gamers throughout the world for capturing a new gameplay achievement, creating a tutorial, or simply sharing a game trick.

For availing better quality of output recorded file, you need a professional recording tool that simply does it all perfectly. As you can see, TuneFab Screen Recorder offers far more features, flexibility, and performance better than QuickTime Player or other recording tools, while still being really easy to use. And it does not have any issues of crashing or incompatibility. Whatever it is you want to record, TuneFab Screen Recorder is a great tool to get it done.

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