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Top 4 Useful Recorders for Recording Gameplays for YouTube

By Tony Moton

March 10, 2018

Are you a good game player? Do you want to show off your game stories? Do you want to hear how others comment on your game skills? There must be people who love playing games, such as "Call of Duty", "Medal of Honor" or "Return to Castle Wolfenstein", to name a few. Some of them might be interested in recording their victory moments and uploading them to YouTube. Therefore, under these circumstances, a software that can be used to record their fighting moments with high-quality output will be of great significance. And today, I am going to recommend top 4 useful recorders for recording gameplays for uploading to YouTube.


No 1. NVIDIA GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience with NVIDIA is a software to optimize game setting, record gameplay videos and capture game frames. It can record greatest moments of over 144 games, providing you with excellent PC game experience.

Pros: You can use GeForce Experience to record the whole game process. Besides, with the help of its adding feature ShadowPlay technology, you are able to easily intercept part of the recorded video and take screenshots. What's more, it enables you to share directly with your social network such as Weibo. So that you will never miss any exciting moment.

Cons: GeForce Experience requires high PC computer configuration to support its operation. You need to keep itself, display driver and your game to their latest version.

Interface of GeForce Experience


WINDOWS 10 GAME BAR is a screen-capturing software built-in Windows 10 operating system. It's convenient to use and provides good quality of recorded videos.

Pros: Since it is built-in the operating system which means that users do not have to install any third party screen-recording program. The whole interface is clean. It is easy to operate because you just need to press Windows key+G to launch it.

Cons: It can only capture the whole screen so users cannot draw the area that they want to capture. Besides, its output format is limited to MP4, no more other formats are available.

Interface of Game Bar


WM CAPTURE is a program used to record activities that take place on your PC screen including gameplay.

Pros: WM Capture works with any PC running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, or a Mac with Parallels or Bootcamp and Windows installed.

Cons: On XP computers WM Capture disables the video acceleration for Windows Media Player when installing so that some XP computers users are not able to play dvds anymore.

Interface of WMCapture

No 4. TuneFab Screen Recorder

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a program developed by TuneFab. It is a multifunctional software for capturing screen activities and recording audio. If you are good at playing games and adore recoding gameplays to share with your friends, this recorder can be your best choice because it produces high output videos. Compared to the other recorders above, the following are distinctive advantages.


1. It is stable and it will not crash suddenly.

2. It is able to record the movements of the mouse cursor.

3. It allows you to record videos and audios respectively.

4. It offers you a 30-day trial version to experience first.

5. It provides you with several output formats, including MP4, WMV, M4A, etc.

6. It allows you to edit when recording video.

7. It provides 2 versions to have a try, Windows, and Mac.



1. For the free trial, you just allow 3 minutes long for the recorded file.

Don't you want to have a try? User guide of this recorder is as follows.

Step 1. Install and launch TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Choose the recording area on your computer.

Step 3. Set output format and folder.

Step 4. Start recording and save the video when recording finishing.

Preview Recorded Video

Except for only recording gameplay videos, TuneFab Screen Recorder can also record online videos, webcam videos and tutorial videos.

In a nutshell, those four recorders above are all able to record gameplay videos. However, problems will happen to the first three recorders occasionally when you are using them. Comparatively speaking, TuneFab Screen Recorder will make a better performance. Not only does it cover all basic features of the former three recorders but also carries its own unique functions. Of course, you are free to choose any one of them according to your actual situations but I recommend you to try this one first.

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