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How to Record Facebook Videos

By Tony Moton

March 31, 2018

Up to June 2017, an investigation shows that Facebook own more than 2 billion active users. People use Facebook to communicate with others, entertain themselves, and get to know the information around the world. And its extending service, the video call is also very popular in the world.

However, have you ever met this situation before? You've watched some funny videos on Facebook and you want to enjoy them offline. However, you find you can't. Moreover, you have a happy video call on Facebook with your friend. When you want to keep this wonderful memory, you fail. It's not surprising that many people suffer from this dissatisfied experience before, but most of them still can't figure out how to solve these problems. Don't worry! Here we highly recommend you a wonderful software which specializes in video recording, called TuneFab Screen Recorder


Part 1. How to Record Facebook Videos

TuneFab Screen Recorder, a third party software, is a professional and powerful solution tool to capture screen and record audio for Windows and Mac users. What's more, screenshot service is provided. The software supports recording online videos, gameplay videos, tutorials videos with any popular format suitable for media players, mobile phones and so on. Besides, you can edit your video when recording.

Download the software and read the operating process below so that you'll know how to record Facebook videos.

Step 1. Installment of TuneFab Screen Recorder

First, download the latest version of the software for free from, and install it.

Step 2. Open the Software

The successfully running will activate the interface like this below, showing "Video Recorder", "Audio Recorder", "Snapshot" and "More".

Main Interface

Step 3. Registration of the Software

Once you download TuneFab Screen Record, you will get the free version of the software, providing the free trial to allow users to record video up to 3 minutes.

Besides, users are able to buy the full version from the store and get the activation code in receiving email, which is the key to unlock the limitation.

Registration of the Software

Step 4. Decide the Recording Area

After installing and registering the software, you have to click on "Video Recorder" to prepare to record Facebook videos.

Next, you need to decide the recording area of the video by clicking to the "V" button, which is providing several choices, "Full screen", "Custom" and so forth.

Screen Display Settings

Step 5. Recording Inputs Setting

To record Facebook video calls, you should make sure you've checked "Microphone" and "System Audio" so that it can record your talks. However, you'd better uncheck the "Microphone" for a better quality when you just want to record an online video.

Select Video Recorder

Step 6. Settings for Locations

Activate "More Settings" by clicking on the gear button. And then, you have the ability to destine the location of output files, file formats, and screenshots. 

Settings for Locations

Step 7. Customizing Hotkeys (OPTIONAL)

Still in the "Preferences", and go to "Hotkeys" so that you are in a position to adjust the hotkeys to Start/Stop Capture, Pause/Resume Capture, and Take A Screenshot.

Customizing Hot Keys

Step 8. Capture the Facebook Video

In the final step, open website, and play the video you want to record or start your video call with your friends along with clicking "REC". Besides, please don't forget to click on "Save" button on the bottom right of the screen to save your recording file as the example shown below.

Recording Inputs Setting

Apparently, it is easy to record Facebook video without any limitation by the means of TuneFab Screen Recorder. If you are curious about the way to FaceBook video recordation and casting about for a solution, you can't miss TuneFab Screen Recorder, which is specialized in screen capturing and audio recording.

Part 2. How to Download Facebook Video for Free

After getting to know how to record the FaceBook video, you may wonder whether it has a better way to download the FaceBook video? Frankly speaking, there are multitudes of online services available for downloading FaceBook Video. However, I am going to share the one, free, easy-to-use, and professional online services for you, named VidPaw.


How does it work?

#1. Go and visit and then select the video you want to download. Next, copy the video URL via Ctrl + C.

#2. Visit "" and paste the URL by Ctrl + V.

#3. After that, you just select the one meet your needs and click to download then you can enjoy your FaceBook Video freely.

Copy Url to VidPaw

Now that you have owned 2 swords when recording or downloading FaceBook videos, you can choose whatever you want for enjoying untrammeled FaceBook video entertainment.

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