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Best Streaming Audio Recorder: How to Record Audio from Internet

By Jennifer Mario

July 09, 2020

Previously we have shared the tutorials on how to record audio from Chrome, but it doesn't cover other browsers, such as Firefox, Edge, Opera and some such. Thus, this post will place emphasis on how to record audio from Internet. Generally, you may want to record audio from the Internet with QuickTime Player on Mac or with Voice Recorder on Windows. But there are various limitations when recording audio in this way, such as single output formats, low quality and more.

Hence, we are going to share you with the best streaming audio recorder for you, along with the full tutorials on recording Audio from Internet or other browsers. With the help of streaming audio capture, you can record audio from various formats on multiple devices. See what it is.

Tool Required: TuneFab Screen Recorder

The best streaming audio recorder we are going to introduce is called TuneFab Screen Recorder. TuneFab Screen Recorder is a three-in-one screen recorder, covering video recorder, audio recorder and screen capture with all-sided recording functions.

With TuneFab Screen Recorder, users can directly capture audio from system sound or microphone with 1:1 output quality, and save it to MP3, M4A, CAF, WMA, AAC and more popular audio formats. In addition, audio quality can be chosen from the lowest to Lossless. Besides this, it owns a user-friendly interface. Dig out more when recording with TuneFab Screen Recorder.


Compatible Broswer & Devices:
Broswer: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Apple Safari, Brave, Tor, etc.
Windows: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (32 bit or 64 bit)
Mac: macOS 10.9 to 10.15

Output formats and quality:
Formats: WMA, MP3, M4A, AAC, CAF
Quality: Lowest, Low, Middle, High, Highest, Lossless

Download TuneFab Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac Here

Full Tutorials: How to Record Audio from Internet

Following we are going to introduce how to record streaming audio with TuneFab Screen Recorder. We will take macOS as an example and Windows can still follow the tutorials below since the operation is the same.

Step 1. Free Download TuneFab Screen Recorder

Pick up the right version and then hit the Try It Free button to download it on your computer. Click to EXE file or DMG file to install TuneFab Screen Recorder on your devices. Open TuneFab Screen Recorder and choose "Audio Recorder" to start.

Audio Recorder Main

Step 2. Select Audio Input Source

You will find "System Sound" and "Microphone" on the interface. To record audio with original quality, turn on "System sound" such that the recorder will directly capture sound from the system. If you want to include your voice in the audio, you can turn on "Microphone". To achieve the best result for recording, please choose a reliable audio track to record.

Audio Recorder

Step 3. Customize Output File Format and Folder

Click on the Gear button to enter Preferences then select "Output". Here, you can set the output file location and choose the desired output format from the audio formats, such as MP3, M4A, CAF, WMA, AAC and more. Audio quality can be adjusted to lowest, low, middle, high, highest and lossless, choose the one that best suits your need. Once you have selected, then hit "Ok" to store your settings.

Tips: To get a clear output and save as a small size file, you can choose WMA on Windows or M4A on Mac with the lossless quality.

Audio Recorder Setting

Step 4. One-Click to Record Audio from Internet

Once you are ready, hit the green "REC" button to start recording. In the meanwhile, open the broswer that you want to save and play the streaming audio. Once it is over, click on the red square button to stop recording. You can clip the recorded audio if you have the full version for the recorder. Don't forget to save or share your recorded audio!

Saving Audio

That's all for how to record audio from the Internet. It is advisable to choose a reliable audio source to record and make sure that your Internet connection is good before you start recording so that you can record the online audio with best quality. Sounds easy right? With this browser recorder, you can always record any Internet audio in high quality with TuneFab Screen Recorder and your computer. Try it today and let us know about your thoughts!

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