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How to Record Amazon Video on PC and iOS 11

By Tony Moton

April 07, 2018

Amazon videos are available online on devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. by paying a relatively low price, but not available offline. What if you want to watch Amazon movies offline on these devices?

The most effective method is recording these videos. For iOS users who want to do that here is a good news. Since Apple iOS 11 released and added one new feature - Screen Recording, the problem will no longer exist. It's such an interesting tool that you can record the Amazon videos and watch them offline. Then how to use it?

This article not only tells you the guide how to record Amazon videos on iOS 11 but also on PC, considering people who may not the iOS users.


Part 1. Record Amazon Video on iOS 11

Screen Recorder on iOS 11 allows you to record and save the Amazon videos. Read the following simple steps if you've never tried it before.

Step 1. Open Setting > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording, you can add the feature’s button to Control Center.

IPhone Control Setting

Step 2. Open Amazon Video App on your iOS11 iPhone and then enter your account. If you don't have this App you may need to download and install it. Tap the movie on the wish list you want to watch. The movie is going to play.

Download Amazon Video

Step 3. Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone device's screen and tap the screen recording button, the record will begin. But there will be 3 seconds for you to prepare. This moment you can back to the movie.

Note: You'll see an option beneath the Start Recording button to turn Microphone Audio on or not. Tap the button to turn audio on before you start recording.

Recording Video

Step 4. The status bar at the top of your iPhone's display will turn red when it's actively recording. Tap the red bar to stop recording and save the Amazon video.

Part 2. Record Amazon Video on PC

Recording Amazon videos on PC can be as necessary as on iOS 11 for some people because not everyone prefers iOS devices. Therefore get one more useful method to record Amazon videos.

TuneFab Screen Recorder the professional recording video technique for you while it is simple and easy to use for both Windows and Mac users. With the unique interface, outstanding recording function and customized settings, TuneFab Screen Recorder will be the best recorder you ever have.

Step 1. Download & Install

Go to the TuneFab website or click on the above button to download this program on your computer. Launch it to have a try.

Main Interface

Step 2. Choose Recording Area

Select "Video Recorder" as your recording mode. Then click to the "V" button to choose the recording area. "Full Screen" and "Custom" and others are designed to select recording area. Click one of them, and you can start adjusting the recording videos’ length and width.

Screen Display Settings

Step 3. Set File Location

According to your preference, you can freely set the location of output files or screenshot from "Output" section via clicking to "More Settings". Also, you can set hotkeys on "Hotkeys" section.

General Output Settings

Step 4. Start Recording

Click on the round "REC" button on the right, then you can record the videos now. When you stop, there is a notification to remind you to save the video files.

Preview Recorder Video

The way how to record Amazon videos on PC or iOS now is yours. Follow the guide and start recording. After the trial, if you think they are useful, welcome to share with your friends.

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