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A Useful Alternative to Microsoft Screen Recorder

By Tony Moton

April 12, 2018

In the latest Windows 10, the Microsoft Screen Recorder changed its name to Windows Xbox Game Bar. But in fact, this screen recorder which is built-in the Windows 10 operating system is still not working well on recording gameplay. So, some users are searching for an alternative to Microsoft screen recorder.

But things are not so easy as you think. Normally, the free program always has some disadvantages like the low-quality image, frame lags and even crashes sometimes. And, people don't have time to try all the programs in the current market one by one. As a result, we are going to recommend a useful alternative to you in the post.


Part 1. Limitations that Windows Xbox Game Bar Has

Windows Xbox Game Bar is invented to help PC users to take screenshots and record their Xbox game playing process. The interface is simple, which contains only six buttons. Among these functions, the most frequently-used one is "Screenshots", "Record" and "Save the last 30 seconds". The greatest advantage of this recorder is that users do not need to download a third party recorder, which has saved the storage of their PC.

Main Interface of Game Bar

However, this recorder can also bring you some drawbacks. Here are just parts of them.


1. Single MP4 output format;

2. Screenshots can be blank or dark;

3. Only full-screen recording allowed;

4. Not all Xbox games can be recorded;

5. Cannot preview the video before saving;

6. If you have insufficient RAM, it may crash and cause system instability;

7. Some games disable Windows keys to prevent accidental startup menus from opening;


Although Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar can easily record a gameplay video or take screenshots, we cannot ignore those disadvantages brought by it. Due to those weaknesses, users may want to find a better and multifunctional alternative to this recorder, helping to break these limitations. And the most appreciated one is recommended to you below.

Part 2. A Useful and Stable Microsoft Screen Recorder Alternative

TuneFab Screen Recorder is a program which allows you to record not only gameplay videos but also online shows, webcam videos and tutorial videos. Screenshots are also supported, too. Here are its major advantages comparing to the Microsoft Screen Recorder on Windows 10.

Advantages of TuneFab Screen Recorder

1. A trial version of 30 days is provided;

2. A reasonable price for a complete version;

3. Customized recording area is supported;

4. One more output format, WMV is available;

5. Video and audio can be recorded separately;

6. Stable enough to record long videos;

7. The output quality can be adjusted;

8. Allow edit video when recording;

9. Not only for Windows but for Mac;


Obviously, we can tell that TuneFab Screen Recorder is stable enough to support you in recording all kinds of videos within the customized area, and offers you more than one output format. Isn't it more useful and user-friendly than Microsoft Screen Recorder? Let's get how it works actually.

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

For new users, it is able to download a free trial version of TuneFab Screen Recorder. Once you have installed it, you will see the main interface as follows when launching the program.

Main Interface

Step 2. Record with Sound

Click on "Video Recorder" first. To get a good gameplay video, you need to record either system sound or your voice. You can do it by turning on on both "System Audio" and "Microphone". If you do not want your voice being recorded, just shut off "Microphone". This can improve your video quality.

Select Video Recorder

Step 3. Customize Recording Area

Click the "V" button to select your recording area, like "Full screen" to capture the whole desktop interface. If you just want to record a certain area, just click "Custom" to choose a set screen size to record an area that you want.

Screen Display Settings

Step 4. Change Output Location and Set Output Settings

Click the "More Settings" button on the right corner of the interface. Go to "Output" to change the location of the output files or screenshots as well as the file format.

Output Settings

Step 5. Adjust Hotkeys

Click "Hotkeys" to adjust the hotkeys. Of course, you can remain them unchanged.

Change Shortcuts

Step 6. Record and Save the Video

Click on the "REC" button to start recording. You can control the whole process with this general controller. When you finish recording, you can preview the video before saving it. Last but not least, remember to click "Save" to preserve the video.

Preview Recorded Video

Note: If you just want to record audios, you can click "Audio Recorder" when you launch it. Then adjust audio settings. The operation is almost the same as recording video stated above. When all pre-settings are done, tap "REC" to start recording the audio.

In a nutshell, both Microsoft Screen Recorder on Windows 10 (Xbox Game Bar) and TuneFab Screen Recorder can record videos in guaranteed quality. However, Windows Xbox Game Bar cannot record videos and audios respectively, cannot support customized recording area, cannot provide users with more than one output format, cannot adjust quality compared to TuneFab Screen Recorder. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to use TuneFab Screen Recorder to replace Windows Xbox Game Bar.

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