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Fixed: How to Make A GIF from A YouTube Video

By Iris Holmes

May 13, 2019

In this information age, the GIF image is popular and tend to be the mainstream for users to express their feelings in the animated image way. However, instead of directly downloading or copying others' GIF, making a GIF by yourself is fun and will express yourself better. With bulks of videos available on YouTube, you can pick the video you loved the most to make a GIF.

Then, here comes a question in this case: how to make a GIF from YouTube videos? If you feel puzzled about this, you certainly come to the right place. This post will teach you to make a GIF from a YouTube video with a powerful tool. Pick up the suitable video and make a GIF from the YouTube video now.

Tutorial: How to Make A GIF from A YouTube Video

To make a GIF from YouTube video, the common way to make is to download the video and then set the timer to make your own GIF. But now, we are going to share the most convenient way with you to make a GIF from YouTube videos, that is record the part of the videos as a GIF.

TuneFab Screen Recorder is the best YouTube to GIF recorder which highly recommended by us. Lots of highlighted functions of this Screen Recorder are available for you to enjoy.

Main Features of TuneFab Screen Recorder

#1 More than a screen recorder: It consists of 2 recorders and 1 tool for you to manage screen activities, and they are Audio Recorder, Video Recorder and Screen Capture.

#2 Various output file formats are available for recorded files: MP4, AVI, GIF, WMV and more.

#3 Multiple DIY functions are available: adding a comment, drawing an arrow, drawing a square and more. So, you can make a GIF with your personal opinions.

#4 Support hotkeys operation and the record speed maintain 1:1 without any delay.

#5 Self adjust recording area are available.

#6 Support setting timer to record the GIF if you prefer to use Timer.

#7 Try and dig out more.

Step 1. Download and run TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click the Download button above to get the compatible version to install the Screen Recorder on your computer. When it is fully downloaded, click to the icon to have the whole Screen Recorder fully installed on your PC. When the whole installation is finished, click to the "REC" icon to run TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Choose Video Recorder to Get Ready for Making A GIF

On the main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder, you can catch sight of 4 buttons, Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, Screen Capture, and more. Here to make a GIF, you need to click to Video Recorder.

Step 3. Customize the GIF Recording Area

Having successfully shifted to the main interface of Video Recorder, now you can move onto choosing your GIF recording area. As you can see, you have 2 options to adjust the recording area, the first one is full screen and the other is the custom screen. Here to have the best quality of GIF, we need to click to the Custom screen.

Warming Tips: If you want to make the best GIF, your GIF files should be less than 1 MB with less than 500px. Here, we high recommend setting your GIF as 440px x 220px. According to the best GIF should be less than 1 MB, your GIF is better within 5 to 6 seconds, then the whole file size will be within 1MB.

Select Video Recorder

Step 4. Click and Go to Preference Page

There are 2 ways that you can enter Preference Page, one is click to three-line button and then you will enter to the Preferences page, and the other is click to the Gear button to move onto the Preferences page.

Settings Page

Step 5. Set the Output Settings

When entering to the Preferences page, you can choose the output file format and output folder by clicking to the "Output" button.

For the output folder: On the first two lines of the output setting page, click to the down-arrow button, and then you can select the output file folder. Or you can just click to the folder-shaped button to set your GIF output folder.

For output file format: On the same page, you can see the settings of video format, now click to down-arrow button to select the GIF as your output file formats.

When you have set all the settings done, please don't forget to click OK to save all your settings. And now, you can move on to the next step: making your GIF now.

Set Output File Format

Step 6. Record and Make Your Own GIF now!

Now, let's take the most important step to click to "REC", the Green Button to record your GIF. When it is over, please don't forget to click the Red-square button to stop the whole making a GIF process.

Start Recording GIF

Step 7. View and Share the GIF with Your Friends Now

When you have viewed the GIF is the part of the YouTube Video you want, you can move to the last step to click the "Save" button to save your DIY GIF. Also, you can share the GIF with your friends. Enjoy! 

Save Recording GIF

Sounds interesting right? Now, don't hesitate and enjoy the GIF made by yourself and shares it with your friends by TuneFab Screen Recorder. If you have other problems with your screen activities, please contact us. We are all ears and can't wait to hear your voice now!

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