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Pro Tips: How to Make A Slideshow Video on PC

By Claire Wilson

November 20, 2019

Now, people would like to make a slideshow video to show off their pictures rather than make a photo album. But how to make a perfect slideshow video on PC? Well, the most critical step might be to choose a professional slideshow video maker. Today, I'll introduce such two efficient tools for making a slideshow video on PC, Free Slideshow Maker and TuneFab Screen Recorder.


Part 1. How to make A Slideshow Video on PC with Free Slideshow Maker

As its name suggests, Free Slideshow Maker is designed to make an eye-catching slideshow used for presenting your idea to clients or superiors or share your recent trip with friends via a photographic representation. More Importantly, the software supports multiple video formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc. Next up, let's walk through how to make a slideshow video with Free Slideshow Maker.

Step 1: First of all, click on this link to download and install Free Slideshow Maker on your PC.

Step 2: Click on "New" button on the top right corner, then choose pictures that you want to add to the slideshow from the pop-up window and click on "Add".

Add Pictures

Step 3: Adjust brightness, contrast and effect of each picture and then choose a template and add decorations.

Choose A Template

Step 4: When all pictures are added, click on "Publish" button on the bottom and choose "Make a Video File" from the left menu.

Step 5: From the pop-up window, select the video format and click on "Publish", then wait patiently. After that, you can find the slideshow video in the output folder.

Save Slideshow Video

In conclusion, the interface of Free Slideshow Maker is simple and clear, even those who haven't make a slideshow video before can easily finish an excellent slideshow video. Thus it's one of the most efficient tools I introduce for you. Next, let's see how the other tool performs.

Part 2. How to Make A Slideshow Video on PC with TuneFab Screen Recorder

Actually TuneFab Screen Recorder is not a slideshow video maker, but it does work better than many slideshow video makers as this professional recorder can record your screen activity with or without sound.

Why Choose TuneFab Screen Recorder to Make A Slideshow Video on PC? Below are what this recorder can do.

#1. Record screen activity with or without sound from both system and microphone.

#2. Adjust sound volume and output parameters.

#3. Edit the slideshow video when recording.

#4. Save slideshow video as high-quality MP4, WMV, MOV, F4V, AVI and more popular formats.

Before getting started on recording a slideshow video, make sure you have downloaded TuneFab Screen Recorder, if not, click on below download buttons.

How Does TuneFab Screen Recorder Work?

Step 1. Adjust Recording Parameters

Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder and select "Video Recorder" option to go to "Video Recorder" interface. Open the slideshow and then follow below instructions to adjust recording parameters before recording the slideshow.

#1. Select Recording Area

Enable "DISPLAY1" section and then choose "Full" or "Custom" option depends on the slideshow screen. "Full" means full screen, while "Custom" means selectable region.

Select Recording Area

#2. Adjust Sound Volume

If you want to add background music to your slideshow video, you can enable "System Sound" section and then move the slide bar to adjust the sound volume. For those who want to add their own voice to the slideshow video, also enable "Microphone" section and then adjust the volume by moving the slide bar.

Adjust Sound Volume

#3. Select Output Parameters

Click on "setting" icon above the "Microphone" section to open the "Preferences" window. Go to "Output" and then click on "v" of "Video format" option and select one video format from the drop-down list. In addition, you can also change "Mouse", "Hotkeys" and "Recording" settings. At last, click on "OK" to save the output parameters.

Select Output Parameters

Step 2. Start to Record Slideshow

When you make sure you are ready for recording slideshow, click on "REC" button on the right side of "Video Recorder" interface. Three seconds later, play the slideshow and the background music.

Step 3. Edit Slideshow Video

During recording, click on "pencil" icon on the top right corner and select a tool to make drawings or add annotations in the slideshow.

Edit Slideshow Video

Step 4. Save Slideshow Video

When your slideshow is over, click on red square icon on the top left corner to stop recording. After that, click on "play" button to preview the recorded slideshow video. If you are satisfied with the slideshow video, then click on "Save".

Save Slideshow Video

Done! Now you can find the slideshow video in the output folder. Actually, TuneFab Screen Recorder can do more than that, for example record video with Webcam and make video tutorials.

Part 3. Comparison of Free Slideshow Maker and TuneFab Screen Recorder

As both Free Slideshow Maker and TuneFab Sreen Recorder are efficient tools for making slideshow videos, which one to choose? For your reference, here comes differences between these two tools.

#1. Numbers of Output Formats

Free Slideshow Maker can save slideshow as SWF/HTML, video, HTML5video files, while TuneFab Screen Recorder supports 8 common video formats.

#2. Add Background Music

Both of them can add background music to the slideshow video, but TuneFab Screen Recorder can also add voice from Microphone and adjust sound volume.

#3. Make Real-time Editing

TuneFab Screen Recorder enables users to edit the slideshow video during recording, while Free Slideshow Maker only allows users to add decorations to each picture.

In addition, it's easier to make slideshow video with TuneFab Screen Recorder than Free Slideshow Maker as TuneFab Screen Recorder supports automatic recording. In conclusion, TuneFab Screen Recorder is the best tool for making slideshow video on PC.

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