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By Tony Moton

May 05, 2019

So far, self- learning website has become a convenient entrance to grasp new knowledge or techniques. For example, if you are eager to learn Photoshop skills on your own, a good choice is to enter one reliable self-learning website like, then find the Photoshop teaching videos and begin your learning course. Most people visit for its superior service. Somehow there are also other excellent websites that may cater to your needs. In this feature, we are going to see some alternatives to have a clear idea which one fits you better.


Part 1. What's on the comes into the favor of the public mainly for its rich educational resources and credible teaching staff. By now, this education website prepares users for high-quality teaching videos under the guidance of expert instructors on 6 distinctive modules including developer, business, design, photography, and marketing.


Yet, pay attention that the registration procedure is required for a friendly visit with a valid credit card linked and a 30-day free trial. also puts forward a modest membership request charging for $25 per month to share the unlimited access to over 80,000 teaching videos. This is quite a reasonable deal as you can save much effort to receive reliable education sources at an affordable price.

However, you may wonder whether some other alternatives would bring a more satisfying result. Then, please have a closer look at the following discussion of Lynda alternatives.

Part 2. Some Recommended Alternatives

1. Coursera

Coursera is esteemed with the largest MOOC platform in the world and maintains a good partnership with world-leading universities and institutions to ensure the issued courses. Plus, this alternative highlights that most online open courses are free or cheap to afford with the high aim of making education accessible to everyone. By the way, only a minority of official certification is at a higher cost. The content also covers a broad range including Data Science, Python, MySQL, Machine Learning, Big Data and several business foundations.


2. Udemy

Here users get a chance to become more than a mere learner. Udemy holds a perfect combination of teaching and learning that one can get kind entrance to Udemy library as well as make himself into an imparter of knowledge and skill. Furthermore, it strikes out the course interaction that enhances communication and acceptability between instructors and learners.

3. Codecademy

Instead of a self-learning encyclopedia, Codecademy specifically sheds lights on codec education. Moreover, fresh codec learners would find they are welcome to the codec operations as Codecademy resorts to simplify the codec teaching with step by step guidance and promote score incentive mechanism to lead the visitors to feel the amusement of codec process.

4. Treehouse

Treehouse concentrates on availing visitors in exercise skills of web design, coding, and others which play out in the big company in the practical action. The education content is provided by expert teaching staff and will closely follow with the latest industry dynamics. Better still, it will launch a series of puzzles, quizzes and even code challenges to explore and improve learners' progress. Like, its registration asks for binding credit card and then offers a 7-day free trial.

5. Pluralsight

As for people desire to set foot in IT, come to this IT self-learning website, Pluralsight. First of all, it recommends a skill IQ test within 5 minutes to check your IT skill competence. Generally, the website will do intermediate and advanced learner a good favor. Consequently, the corresponding learning path is introduced to you according to your skill level to help you better get involved. For somewhere complicated, you even can seek help from 24 hours' mentor who is always ready to give a helping hand. Moreover, you can take notes there for the sake of the later review and consolidation work. This website also offers a mobile application for iOS and Android.


Now that you are led to five useful alternatives to perfume the online self-learning work. However, as sometimes you might not in a good network connection, it might be better to save the self-learning videos in advance. In case of being trapped by download methods, next, you will turn to an ultimate way to save all the online videos.

Part 3. Tips: How to Permanently Use Self-learning Videos

To get a permanent use of self-learning videos, TuneFab Screen Recorder is a thoughtful partner to get all the things done. This software works pleasantly to capture screen activity at the same time the online video is playing for both Windows and Mac users. Besides, the whole operation is also very easy to handle. What's more, users can enjoy editing functions when recording.

Step 1. Install and launch TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Step 2. Click "Video Recorder" and then set the recording area according to your video screen.

Step 3. Press the button to turn on "System sound" and turn off "Microphone" for better sound quality.

Step 4. Click on the button "REC" to start recording. After the counting, play the online video.

Step 5. Then click the second "Finish" button and then select "save" at the bottom right of the popup window.

Preview Recorded Video

Now you've successfully got the online self-learning videos saved. It is really easy to run and you're expected to have a try by yourself and explore more functions and amusement.

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