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LoiLo Game Recorder Review and Its Alternative

By Zoe Clarke

December 12, 2018

If you are looking for a solution to record footage of your favorite games and share your gaming skills with others who also like playing games, then you should know that the source material is an important factor to consider. LoiLo Game Recorder is one of the best screen recording software for Windows users to help them record all that happens on their computer screens. This post will make a LoiLo Game Recorder review and provide you with its alternative with richer functions.


Part 1. LoiLo Game Recorder Review

Thanks to this software, you can make videos tutorials and share your playing skills with your friends. It comes with everything you would expect from a recorder, and it's quite simple to use, so you won't have any trouble in setting it up. It can also record your voice, selected sections of your screen and fully customize your video. LoiLo Game Recorder features superb resolution, minimal performance loss, and easy-to-use recording settings. Now we are going to show you the features one by one.

Superb Resolution

The LoiLo Game Recorder supports for the Motion-JPEG format which enables you to reach the right balance between image quality and file size. This will also make you able to create amazing full HD videos in a best reasonable file size without taking up large space of your computer.

Superb Resolution

Minimal Performance Loss

At the benchmark test with the game Final Fantasy 14, the LoiLo Game Recorder showed the least performance loss compared to other recorders. From the test result, we noticed that chances of performance loss are still there but these are very minimal so that have less effect on your recordings files.

Minimal Performance Loss

Easy to Use

The LoiLo Game Recorder is a very simple and easy to use recorder that is totally free. So whenever you want to start recording the screen, you are only required to open the selected game, press the record button and all done. There are no extra options to waste your time.

LoiLo Game Recorder Interface

Pros & Cons of LoiLo Game Recorder


• Free

• High-resolution output with minimal performance loss

• Simple and easy to set up

• No time limited to the record


• No way to capture mouse

• No way to record audio separately onto a different track

• Only supports Windows 7 and 8 (not compatible with Vista, XP)

• Only supports one output format: AVI

Part 2. Perfect Alternative to LoiLo Game Recorder

If you want to find a tool with more powerful functions than LoiLo Game Recorder, TuneFab Screen Recorder is considered as one of the best alternatives out there, because it can effortlessly record computer screen on Windows , including online videos, games and webcam videos in high-quality output without sacrificing the performance. It is also possible to produce some video tutorials by yourself. Except for recording videos, you can also use TuneFab Screen Recorder to take screenshots when you want to keep some special information or moments during using the computer. With it, you can customize the output format, quality, and frame rate before recording. Possibly the best reason to use TuneFab Screen Recorder is plenty of input and output formats to support. The steps are listed below and you can download the software before you get started:

Step 1. Download and Launch TuneFab Screen Recorder

Click the button above to download the software. Follow the instruction of installation and then launch it, then main interface is like this:

Main Interface

Step 2. Choose "Video Recorder" to Record Games

Click "Video Recorder" and a new interface will be in sight, where there are 4 major options.

Video Recorder

Step 3. Choose Recording Area

Click the screen-like icon to bring up a second-level list. You can select "Full screen" to record the whole screen of your computer, or "Custom" to draw your recording area. If you choose "Fix region", then you can choose a specific area from several default regions.

Select Recording Area

Step 4. Adjust Audio Input

Enable the "System Sound" or you will lose the background music of LoiLo Games. If you want your voice captured at the same time, or record your comment into the video, you need to switch "Microphone" "ON". The volume of these two audio inputs are adjustable. Just drag the volume bar and you can adjust them to the appropriate level.

Adjust Audio Input


#1. You can also enable "Webcam" to capture the video of yourself while recording the games through the built-in camera.

#2. You can set Hotkeys to control the recording process, so that you can use the keyboard only while recording the game. Click the gear icon and then tap on the "Hotkeys" on the left side. In the "Hotkeys" tab, you can set the hotkeys to start/stop capturing, pause/resume recording and take a screenshot.

Change Shortcuts

Step 5. Set Output Format & Folder

#1. Click "More settings" > "Output" > "Video format", there are 7 formats for you to choose from, here we choose MP4 as an example.

Output Format

#2. You can select the output path by clicking the folder icon at the end of the "Location of output files" tab.

Step 6. Start Recording LoiLo Games

After finish all the necessary settings, click "REC" to record games.

Click Rec to Record


#1. Add Drawings or Text Click the pencil icon on the recording panel, you can make drawings or add text to the video with the pop-up marking tools.

#2. Take Snapshots Click the camera-like icon and you can capture the special moment of the video.

Edit Video LoiLo

Step 7. Preview the Video

When you stop recording, the preview window will appear. You can play the video for appreciation, if you are satisfied with it, then click "Save".

Preview LoiLo Video


All in all, it's not hard to find a reliable and powerful alternative for LoiLo Game Recorder to capture screen videos. TuneFab Screen Recorder would be the best one and it is really worth a try. It allows you to record video of any active element on your desktop screen in real time. And they're very loose when it comes to customization, letting you choose from several capturing options.

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