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How to Record Music at Home Easily

By Jennifer Mario

February 03, 2020

If you are a music enthusiast and sometimes write a wonderful song or create a piece of great beat, you might want to record it, keep it on your computer and then post it on your social media sites. Based on this situation, how to record music at home has become an important issue for the music producer. If you are a professional music producer, what you concern the most is to record your music with high quality in an effortless way.

To solve this problem and make recording music at home easily and perfect, an outstanding music recorder like TuneFab Screen Recorder introduced on this post will help you better on music recording at home. Now, let's go ahead and gain an in-depth knowledge of how to record music by using TuneFab Screen Recorder.


Part 1. TuneFab Screen Recorder: Best Music Recorder with High Quality

Once you own the professional music recorder at hand, it's easy and convenient for you to record songs at home. And TuneFab Screen Recorder is such an easy-operated music recorder for you to record music at anytime and anywhere. The experience of its multiple functions will give you lots of fun in recording music at home.

The advantages of TuneFab Screen Recorder are listed as below:

#1 Record Audio from different music and sound sources, like Spotify Music, YouTube Music, your voices, your sounds and more at ease.

#2 Allow recording music to various popular music formats, like MP3, WMA, M4A and more.

#3 Customize the recording quality from lowest to lossless. So you don't need to worry about the music quality.

#4 Check the music by listening to the playback of what you have recorded when the recording is completed.

Part 2. How to Record Music at Home with TuneFab Screen Recorder

To record music on computer at home professionally, you don't need to try various method to record your music via the complicated procedure anymore. With the step by step guide below, we will instruct you how to record music on computer with high quality at ease by using TuneFab Screen Recorder. So let's see how to make it now.

Step by Step Guide: Record Music on Computer at Home

Step 1. Run TuneFab Screen Recorder on Your Computer

Once you have downloaded and installed the music recorder software on your computer, launch it and then you will enter the main interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder.

Main Interface of TuneFab Screen Recorder

Step 2. Turn On Microphone on Music Recorder

Choose "Audio Recorder" and you will be navigated to the section of Audio Recorder. With Audio Recorder mode, you are allowed to record the sound from system and microphone.

In order to record your original music made by yourself, you need to turn on the Microphone by switching the button to "On" position.  Also, the volume of the music can be adjusted as you need via the volume bar to make this recorder for music serve well with excellent sound quality.

Turn On Microphone

Step 3. Preset the Parameters before Recording

To ensure your recorded music in the desired quality as you need, do not forget to set the output parameters before recording. You just need to click on the gear icon button, and then the Preferences Page will be popped up from the interface of the Screen Recorder.

On the "Preference" page, click on "Options" to set the music parameters for your recorded music. The related parameters like format, codec, quality and frame rate and more can be customized as per your requirement. Here we need to choose MP3 as the output format for recorded music. What's more, the audio quality can be adjusted as your will.

Choose the Output Format for Recorded Music

Step 4. Record Music By Clicking REC

After you have set the parameters for your music recording, you can set about  recording your music from microphone by clicking on the green button "REC" on the right side. Once the recording has been completed, you can stop your music recording by pressing on the Red icon button to finish the recording process.

Begin Recording

Step 5. Play Back Your Music and Save It on Your Computer

After stopping the music recording, you can play back your recorded music by pressing on the "Play" button and see if it meets your requirement. If so, click on the "Save" button from the right bottom corner to save your recorded music as the desired format.

Playback and Save your Recording

By following the above mentioned 5 steps, you will find it easy to complete your music recording at home on your computer with TuneFab Screen Recorder. Now why not have a try on this music recording software to begin an enjoyable experience in recording music at home with endless fun? Don't forget to share this post with your friends if you think this post can do a great favour to you.

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