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2 Simple Ways to Record 3DS Gameplay

By Tony Moton

April 07, 2018

Want to record your new 3DS gameplay easily with high quality?

Want to share your excellent skills on 3DS gameplay with your friends?

A tool that can record makes it possible to fulfill all your needs. And recording 3DS gameplay is the most common way we can use now.

But don't know how to record?

Then go ahead to read our tutorial below. This article will perfectly show you how to record 3DS gameplay with ease.

Recording 3DS Gameplay


Method 1. Best Way: Using A Capture Card

Step 1. Buy A 3DS Capture Card

Previously you need to buy a 3DS Capture Card, which mostly used by game lovers to recording various gameplay and can upload on the internet. And then you can install it to your game console.

Capture Card

Step 2. Install Software from 3DS Capture Card

There is a 3DS viewer software on the capture card. As long as you install this software, you can let your console connect to PC with a mini USB port for streaming your gameplay.

Step 3. Download TuneFab Screen Recorder

Now you can download and install a screen recorder to begin recording. Here we strongly recommend the TuneFab Screen Recorder. It is a professional and reliable video/audio recorder that everyone can easily handle it. If you want to know more about the using tutorial, read the step-by-step guide.

Main Interface

Step 4. Recording Process

As everything is well prepared, right now just start recording. Open 3DS viewer software to start recording or streaming, at the same time, open TuneFab Screen Recorder. After the record finished, just save the gameplay video, and you can share it with your friends freely. Get the detailed steps now!

#1. Launch this program and choose the recording area by clicking the "V" button for choosing "Full screen" or "Custom".

Screen Display Settings

#2. Go and click on the "More Settings" button, and you can define the location of the output file and the file format on "Output" page. You can also adjust the "Hotkeys" by the way.

General Setting

#3. Now you can click on the big button "Rec" to start recording. When you want to stop, just use the hotkeys. The file will be saved after you confirm it.

Record Desktop Screen

Method 2. Super Easy: Recording 3DS Gameplay With A Camera

We consider the situation that if someone doesn't want to buy an expensive capture card and still want to record 3DS gameplay, so are there any methods? You can simply use your phone to make it. Let's see the tutorial below.

Step 1. Put your phone on the clamp and adjust it until you get the best-focused position on your 3DS Gameplay.

Step 2. Open your phone's camera, find the viewing angle that can take the full screen. And you had better close others running applications on your phone during recording. In case any new notifications interrupt you.

Step 3. Keep the environment around you stable and you can start recording the 3DS game video. If you want to stop recording, just turn off the phone camera. Keep in mind that save the recording video at the end.

Compared with method 1, to use a phone to record, the second method in a way is quite easy and quick. Because basically anyone owns a phone can finish the game play record. However, we should not ignore the annoying problems caused by this looks like a simple one. When you look back to the recording video, the most important factor of it, quality, may let you down. And you should be careful to adjust the position of the phone's camera because you need to make sure the best shooting angle.

Therefore, the first method is strongly recommended. It is more reliable and stable. Download the professional TuneFab Screen Recorder to help you record 3DS gameplay now! Enjoy your high-quality 3DS gameplay video!

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